The Price of a Mile ( sabaton): Sabaton - The Price of a Mile, Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile -, Sabaton - The Price of a Mile, Sabaton - The Price Of A

The Price of a Mile ( sabaton)

Песня об одном из самых упорных и кровавых сражений Первой Мировой войны - Пашендайла, или битвы за Ипр.

Music: Sabaton - The Price of a Mile
Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front
Кадры из фильма "На Западном фронте без перемен" (1979) по одноимённому роману Э.М. Ремарка.
Солдатам Первой Мировой посвящается...
Песня о битве при Пашендейле
Про бойню при Пашендейле
SABATON: The Price Of A Mile (Плата за Милю)
Битва при Пашендейле (третья битва при Ипре) (11 июля — 10 ноября 1917 года) — одно из крупнейших сражений Первой мировой войны между союзными и германскими войсками. Сражение велось на территории Бельгии в районе деревни Пашендейль, близ города Ипра в Западной Фландрии.
Смонтировал свой клип.

Кадры из фильмов : "Боевой Конь", "Пашендаль : Последний бой"
It is a proshot, so with multiple camera's !!
For Belgium,
The Price Of A Mile !!!

At Graspop 2008!! Opening for + 30 000 people
Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile
Sabaton - Assassins Creed - The Price of a Mile
Не моя работа но иногда смотрю
[The art of war - 2008]

(the song is about the Battle of Passchendaele and the senseless slaughters of World War I;
cut-outs from "Assassin's creed")
"I died in hell - They called it Passchendaele"
Siegfried Sassoon in Memorial Tablet (Great War)

The Battle of Passchendaele was one of the major battles of the First World War, taking place between 31 July and 6 November 1917. In a series of operations, Entente troops under British command attacked the Imperial German Army near the town Ypres in Belgium.
Although inflicting irreplaceable casualties on the Germans, the Allies had captured a mere 5 miles (8 km) of new territory at a cost of 140,000 combat d
Sabaton - The Price of a Mile clip by ojda7

The Price Of A Mile, By Sabaton.
From The Album: The Art Of War
This video is dedicated to all the soldiers of World War 1
The lyrics on this one is about the madness and senseless waste of life that took place in the trenches of WW1 on the western front.

Битва при Пашендейле (третья битва при Ипре), 11 июля — 10 ноября 1917 года.
жесть пробирающая до пят...
Про битву у городка Пашендаль (Passendale) за 6 миль земли,унёсшую около полумиллиона жизней.
Одна из самых любимых песен у Sabaton.
Пашендаль - место одного из крупнейших сражений Первой мировой... и едва ли не самого жестокого.
Throw your soldiers into positions once there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight.

Dedicated to the Ukrainian soldiers, defenders of the Ukrainian "Thermopylae" - Donetsk Airport.

Бросьте своих солдат на позиции с которых нет спасения, и они предпочтут смерть бегству.

Посвящается украинским военным, ценой своих жизней защищавших украинские "фермопилы" - Донецкий Аэропорт.
С наилучшими пожеланиями, из Израиля.
The Battle of Passchendaele was a campaign of the First World War, taking place between July and November 1917. Much of the fighting took place in unusually wet weather, which turned parts of the battlefield into a sea of mud churned by shell-fire. Cyril Falls in "The Great War 1914-1918", estimated that 240,000 British, 8,525 French and 260,000 German soldiers were killed.

Live Version:

Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile

A Very Long Engagement (2004)
Vídeo original:

Música: The Price of a Mile
Bada: Sabaton
Álbum: The Art of War
Ano: 2008

Eterno Amor
Nada De Novo no Front
Lendas da Paixão
A Batalha de Passchendaele
O Último Batalhão
Cavalo de Guerra
Wykorzystany film: Passchendaele - Trzecia Bitwa. Film, jak i piosenka opowiadają o Trzeciej bitwie pod Ypres, lub też nazwanej bitwą pod Passchendaele w lipcu 1917 roku, podczas I Wojny Światowej w Belgii. UWAGA!!! W filmie występują brutalne sceny!!!/Used movie: Passchendaele
Честно стырил, клип не мой.
Ein kleiner Tribut für unsere deutschen Truppen!

Musik: Sabaton - The Price of a Mile
Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile live @ Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 (Pro Shot)


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Music: Sabaton - The Price of a Mile
Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front

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Sabaton - The Price of a Mile (Live at Rock the City Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 02.07.2011)

It's my tribute to soldiers who fought in "muddy campaign" in 1917
Видео из фильма Passchendaele (Пашендаль: Последний бой)
So... This is My 17th vid. This is not an AMV , cause I have no materials for that. I tried this too :P
Well... I guess this film , called "Passchendaele" perfectly fits with this song. This vid was made for the soldiers who died in the First World War. R.I.P , brothers!

Hear the sound of a machinegun
Hear it echo in the night
Mortals firing rains the scene
Scars the fields
that once were green

It's a stalemate at the frontline
where the soldiers rest in
таланты лицея live @ПТЛ '15

Антон Куцевич - гитара;
Катя Белобровко - бас-гитара;
Антон Багданас - синтезатор (струнные);
Дима Александров - синтезатор (ударные)
Cryovile vocal cover of The Price of a Mile by Sabaton performed by Laura Sasiadek
Video: Canon 70d, Adobe After Effects
Audio: Ableton, Rode K2
With my recent completion of an essay leaving me with a bit of free time I decided to put together a new tribute, this time for the Imperial Guard’s Death Korps of Krieg, featuring Sabaton’s stirring song about the horrors of the First World War “The Price of a Mile”. I had a hard time choosing between this song and “Angels Calling” also by Sabaton and also about WW1, however, I decided to go with this as “Angels Calling” was more about the horrors of war from the perspective of an individual but “The Price

The original song is full of emotion, and it inspired me to make a piano version of it. I improvised the guitar solo part.
My music blog:

Video: Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 1 & 2 intro + other ;P
Music: Sabaton - The Price of a Mile

Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile (Live)
Global East Rock Festival Kyiv Open Air 2010