The Pretty Reckless - You: рок-группа The Pretty Reckless - You клип, The Pretty Reckless - You (Explicit Version), The Pretty Reckless – You Make Me Wanna

The Pretty Reckless - You

рок-группа The Pretty Reckless - You клип
The Pretty Reckless - "Take Me Down"
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В эротических сценах клипа снималась актриса Кэйтлин О'Коннор.
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You don't want me, no
You don't need me
Like I want you, oh
Like I need you

And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life

You can't see me, no
Like I see you
I can't have you, no
Like you have me

And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life

You can't feel me, no
Like I feel you
I can't steal you, no
Like you stole me

And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life
The Pretty Reckless - You (2012)
The Pretty Reckless - You Папарации не дремлют.САМАЯ СКАНДАЛЬНАЯ ГРУППА О ЗВЕЗДАХ!
Автобусный тур из Рязани на концерт группы The Pretty Reckless 13 февраля в Москве от RockBus Ryazan
This is The Pretty Reckless doing their Since You're Gone song at Summerfest in Milwaukee Wi on June 27th 2014
20 сентября - Хантингтон, Нью-Йорк | Paramount
The Pretty Reckless @ St. Andrews Hall, 11/10/16
Song: Since You're Gone
Участница отборочного тура конкурса #ПОЁМВСЕТИ от одноименной группы ВКонтакте – Кристина Григорян
Страница конкурса #ПОЁМВСЕТИ -
Страница Кристины -
10/03/16 Divan du monde, Paris
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Performed on Radio 1's Live Lounge 23/8/10.
I don't have to leave anymore
Cause what I haves right here
Spend the nights and days before

I am yours now
So I don't ever have to leave
I am yours now
I am yours now

But if you stand there and watch me burn
But it's alright because I like the way it hurts
But if you stand there and make me cry
I don't mind because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

Well I don't have to live anymore
Cause all I haves right here
The Pretty Reckless - Since You're Gone Live at River City Rockfest San Antonio Texas USA
The Pretty Reckless - Since You're Gone Live Performance Concert 25 May 2015
The Pretty Reckless - Since You're Gone
The Pretty Reckless 2016 Tour
10/20/16 Live from Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK
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Дрянная девчонка / My Sassy Girl
27.06.2015 День молодёжи г. Оленегорск
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The Show Night of Etrois' Burlesque Show Course, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A 6 week dance class learning a new routine every course.

The track is Why'd you bring a shotgun? by The Pretty Reckless and the choreo is copywrite Etrois.

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The Pretty Reckless, le groupe de rock de la Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen interprète Since You're Gone pour Le Live, l'émission musicale du Figaro.
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Нормального минуса не нашла, вчера понравилась песенка решила спеть)))
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Фестиваль "Лучший кавер Донбасса 2015"
Let me introduce you bright and fascinating star Lina Litvinova! Applause!!! Девушка поразила всех своей песней! Смотреть всем! Нереальный вокал!
Видео от "Клипы с переводом"
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Concert Nation Presents - The Pretty Reckless @ Fort Rock - JetBlue Park - Ft.Myers, Fl - April 26, 2014.
New song of The pretty reckless - Only You
выучила за 5 мин, строго не судить)

The Pretty Reckless performing "Why'd You Bring A Shotgun To The Party?" at Revolution Live on September 21 2014 on the Going To Hell Tour
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Clare Galterio gets all the details about The Pretty Reckless from their front-woman Taylor Momsen. Tune in to see if she answers your questions on an all-new "You & A" today at 4p ET!

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Участники отборочного тура конкурса #ПОЁМВСЕТИ от одноимённой группы ВКонтакте – группа "Coast arrived"
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Страницы Тани, Максима и Владимира ВК -
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Since you hide, since you steal
Since you hate everything I feel
Since you cheat, since you lie
Since you don't wanna try things I wanna try

anime: Naruto
music: The Pretty Reckless – You Make Me Wanna Die
Не судите строго, первое выступление, очень волновалась:) И да, сразу извиняюсь за качество=)Интересно ваше мнение
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