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The Police - Roxanne

The Police - Roxanne
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Видеотека группы Клуб Тусовщиков 90-х Приколы,позитив,дискотеки!утрамбоваться
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Тот редкий случай, когда кавер-версия не хуже оригинала!
Кавер на lice - Roxanne
Исполняют: Milky Chance & Annen May Kantereit
AnnenMayKantereit & Milky Chance Очень крутой кавер! The Police - Roxanne
Исполняют: Milky Chance & Annen May Kantereit

про любов і жінок,як ніколи актуальна для жінок сьогодення
The Police - Roxanne live 1979
Нравится! Оч-чень!!!! Одно из первых выступлений.
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That moment when the cover better than the original , even if the original - Sting . Subscribe to the channel.

Roxanne by Police: Noa on vocals, guitar, bass and drums.
Thank you Micael for letting me play on your drums and for your help making the drums sound right.

The Police - Roxanne "Outlandos d'Amour 1978"
"Live in Concert" at Baseball Stadium "Tokyo Dome" 2008 Japan
Sting - Vocals, Bass
Andy Summers - Guitar
Stewart Copeland - Drums
The Police - Roxanne
Music video by The Police performing Roxanne. (C) 1978 AM Records Ltd.

You don't have to put on the red light
Не одевайся больше ты в свет красных фонарей,
Those days are over
Те времена прошли, нет и следа тех дней,
You don't have to sell your body to the night
Не продавай себя, забудь это скорей.
40-летие Woodstock'а в клубе Bodhi

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Оригинал видео (в 4k):
Roxanne — «The Police» / Christian Lalama (Cover)

The Police white Roxanne Live at the Grammys Awards 2007
Кате Гончаровой-в подарок
Hi everybody!!!

Ремикс на классику рока. Хит 1978 года первой группы Стинга, выпущенный как сингл к дебютному альбому Outlandos d'Amour. Выровнял акапеллу и партию гитары - записывались в те времена не всегда под метр. Надеюсь, эта работа понравится всем любителям винтажного саунда в адаптированном виде. Всем The Police, но только в музыке!



This is my a capella cover of the The Police's "Roxanne".
I created this video based on Sting's "All this time" concert version of the song.
All sounds you hear are my voice. I didn't use any instruments.
(On some parts I used an octaver on my voice.)

If you like my video you can give me a tip with the link at the bottom of this description.
In that way you can help me to make more videos like this. :)
Thanks a lot in
Royal Blood cover The Police's Roxanne in the Live Lounge for Fearne Cotton and BBC Radio 1
#coveroftheday Royal Blood - Roxanne
Дуэт Royal Blood сделал кавер на хит рок-группы The Police “Roxanne”. В среду (18 февраля) музыканты из Брайтона исполнили хит 1978 года в рамках проекта “Live Lounge” британской радиостанции “BBC Radio 1”.
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Arzel Family (Kilian et Erwan Arzel)

Our second Cover, Roxanne (The Police), we hope you'll like this one.
Don't hesitate to suscribe to our Channel, thanks for watching us.
The Police vs Lana Del Rey as imagined by Phil RetroSpector


лютая годнота
are you thanked, M.E. ? ;)
Film Director [Video Directed By] – Derek Burbidge
Performance with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers (The Police).

Part 2 of 4. 7th September 1979 on Veronica's Countdown in Voorburg, Holland.

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Originally performed by: The Police

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Ripped Out Guitar Hero. Begin At 0:07
понравилось видео ? вступай в группу и друзей приводи , здесь много интересного из мира музыки !!!
The Police - Roxanne (Hatfield Polytechnic 1979)
Очень нравится!

The Police - Roxanne (Live Pinkpop 1979)
The unforgettable reunion... Before the unbelievable confirmation of the World Tour in 2007...
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The Police Roxanne Live in Festival de Viña del Mar Chile 1982 - 2º Night
13 year old Christian Lalama & fam having some fun with The Police hit "Roxanne". Please subscribe!
The Police played at New Jersey, East Rutherford (Giants stadium), USA, 1986.06.15. This was "Conspiracy of hope tour", The Police reunited for three concerts. U2 also played here. Auditorium - 50 000 people.
The(very young)Police at Pinkpop 1979

The Police - Roxanne [LIVE] (720p) HD

L'album Heroes Of Today est disponible sur iTunes :

Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night
Roxanne, you don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light
Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light
Put on the red light, put on the red light
Put on the red light, put on the red light
Put on the red light, oh

I loved you since I knew ya
I wouldn't talk down to ya
I ha
Here I am playing a cover of Roxanne by The Police. I'm using a bunch of looping equipment and digital toys to present the song to you, hence why it takes a bit for me to start singing. Skip to around 2:14 if you want to avoid all of the looping preparation.
Bee Gees vs. The Police vs. Groove Armada - Roxanne Should Be Dancing - MashUp. Thanks for Dj Mic Tee. :-)
The Police - Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame 2003 - Roxanne
Hey guys this is our first cover as a band 'Leo' We have decided to cover an absolute classic Roxanne- The Police. Tom Montesi, Jae Curtis and Ilia Martini decided after a few years of playing and touring together in other musical projects to form something that is unique and we were all really proud of. After a few months of writing together we decided we wanted to share our sound with the public. We have put a lot of emphasis on releasing covers that have inspired us as musicians regardless of the popular
Avant la sortie de leur prochain CD, Stuff Session vous concocte une vidéo allégée, mais néanmoins chargée d'énergie.
Ils vous délivrent un cover bien funky de Roxanne (The Police).

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Crédits : Shot Da Sound

Dorian Migliore (Post Production Son)
Gordon Sumner, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers (1979)
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Video Mashup by DJ Eric ILL

Watch the video «The Police - Roxanne» uploaded by peakers on Dailymotion.
This is my Stewart Copeland Tribute - finally after so many people asked for it!

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My official website: http://girls-got-groo...

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This is my twist on Roxanne by The Police. I always forget about the Police until after sever months I will hear a one of their songs and remember "OH YEA! I love the Police" So I decided to cover this after messing around the piano and accordion a bit. I hope you enjoy. The lyrics are the same as the original.

- Rusty Cage

The Police playing in Bremen, Musikladen, Germany - FRG (Public TV) on 1979.01.18. The video's status can change, if the policies chosen by the content owners change.
Meet Sting and THE POLICE singing ROXANNE !
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CBGB Movie Clip # 10
THE POLICE "Roxanne"
In Theaters: October 11, 2013
Available on VOD: November 1, 2013
Available on DVD: December 31, 2013
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Garret's Guitar Lessons

Here's a great song for using triads for rhythm playing. The triads are:

Gm - Dm - Gm - F - Eb - Fsus4 - Gsus4

Eb - Fsus4 - Gsus4

The actual chords for these parts is determined by the bass note and the triad. Combining these parts give us these chords:

Gm - F6 - Ebmaj7 - Dm7 - Cm7 - Fsus4 - Gsus4

Cm7 - Fsus4 - Gsus4

The Chorus chords are:
C - Bb | Eb - F | F G |

I annotate lessons that talk more in depth about how these work, but this is
Title: Dirty Roxanne
Contains: The Police - Roxanne vs Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Mashup by MadMixMustang.


(Copyrights of all music and movie extracts are the property of the original artists concerned)

Who doesn't like the Police?! Here's our version of their song, "Roxanne." Thankfully not sung in the original key. Because Sting is a vocal beast.

V E R S U S (VS) – Musical Experiments
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THE POLICE - Roxanne

The Voice 2016 │ Kora Jamson - Roxanne (The Police) │ Blind Audition
Sting Concert Symphonicity Tour at Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania on September 17, 2010
31.08.2012 клуб Орешек, м.Донецьк
Фестиваль "Я Маю Власну Думку"
Doug Wamble, guitar
Roy Dunlap, piano
Jeff Hanley, bass

Steve Brickman

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Шоу "Голос" Германия 2011. Рюдигер Скозовски с песней "Roxanne". – The Voice of Germany 2011. Rüdiger Skoczowsky and song "Roxanne" by "The Police"

Rüdiger ist der Mann der hohen Töne. Xavier erkennt als Einziger sein Talent und holt sich den Gesangsstudent zu sich ins Team.
In The Voice of Germany werden nur echte Künstler, mit einzigartigen gesanglichen Fähigkeiten für eine nachhaltige Musiker-Karriere gesucht. In der ersten Phase können die Talente nur mit ihrer Stimme glänzen ...
The Voice of Germany

Mehr Auftritte findet ihr hier:

Im Herbst startet die vierte Staffel The Voice of Germany mit einer noch nie dagewesenen C
The Police - Roxanne "Outlandos d'Amour 1978"
"Live in Concert" at Baseball Stadium "Tokyo Dome" 2008 Japan
Sting - Vocals, Bass
Andy Summers - Guitar
Stewart Copeland - Drums
Brothers Moving performing their rendition of 'Roxanne' by The Police, live in Grand Canyon National Park, USA.

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Listen and download their first album.

Video by Karin Oleander & Ricardo Kuettel
All rights to use this video commercially reserved. © Brothers Moving, Karin Oleander

Music composed by Sting.
Brothers Moving performing "Roxanne" at "16 Tonn" club (Moscow, Russia) on November 26th, 2016.
You Voted so here it is Roxanne-The Police Cover by Elan Atias "From the Lion's Den" w/ White Elephant bandmate Sam Wright on guitar.
For more info
Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf [[x]]) with her husband Josh Sturm (guitar) and friend Tom Gascon (drums) covering The Police's song "Roxanne" on June 25th, 2015.
This 7-minute version of their first hit "Roxanne" was performed in front 70,000 people at their first major European festival. The stereo recording was synced up from a radio broadcast. Our archive hosts over 3 hours of Police footage including TV performances, concerts, interviews, and b-roll from their entire career.

Reelin' In The Years Productions houses the world's largest library of music footage, containing over 20,000 hours of material covering nearly every genre from the last 60 years. We have li

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Drums mixed by my multi talented singer Eric Emery at 'Emery recording studio'!
The Police "Roxanne" guitar lesson. Today we're using the Retro-Sonic Compressor and the Lovepedal Kalamazoo Gold overdrive to emulate this famous 'dry' guitar tone from Andy Summers. Using a staccato approach, "Roxanne" flows through a jazz influenced chord progression involving many minor 7th chords and Summer's seemingly favorite chord form, minor 7 suspended 4th. During live performances, The Police pump up the tempo and kick the chorus up with a heavier gui
Video Edit by MF

For promotion only!

Tracks used:
Scorpions - Still loving you
The Police - Roxanne
Picture © Larsen Sotelo //


Violinist/Celllist Christine Wu backs singer Kandace Lindsay in a live performance cover of The Police's Roxanne. March 13, 2013 at the WitZend in ...

Организатор российского тура:
Lacey Sturm covers the Police's "Roxanne" in front of a live audience at Carolina Rebellion 2016

Huge thank you to our friends at ZIPPO ENCORE for helping make this video possible!
A quick promo video to show the world our new band - The Polease.

All three members have been lifelong fans of the The Police and now they are finally together and are loving playing the music of that inspired them those years ago.

Harry (Sting - bass and vocals) and Tom (Andy - guitar and vocals) have known each other since their school days and last worked together with now legendary British producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Editors) on the Kubb project that was released by Mercury Records.

This 7-minute version of their first hit "Roxanne" was performed in front 70,000 people at their first major European festival. The stereo recording was synced up from a radio broadcast. Our archive hosts over 3 hours of Police footage including TV performances, concerts, interviews, and b-roll from their entire career.