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Take It With A Kiss
Санкт-Петербург,08.02.2014,клуб Космонавт

Brighter than a thousand suns, Pistola Kicks light up the Devil's Arse, Peak Cavern in Derbyshire, September 2012 with brand new song 'A Heart Breaks'. Filmed by Helene Michaelides of Cuckoo Films and recorded by Dan Worrall in association with The Laundry Rooms.

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Продолжаю знакомить Вас со старыми, но интересными боями, на этот раз это
Seth Baczynsk...
A Música que aparece no Início do Episódio 8 da Temporada 3 de Prison Break

Este video es el sexto de 13 que acompañan al libro The Foley Grail: The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation de Vanessa Theme A...
This is our first home-and-self-made music video, from our song "Catch The Sun".

In the video (in order of appearance): Herbert "Bullet" Bean, Lucio Van Gelden, Ignatius "Ignition" Ray Curtis, Peter J Manuel, the sweet-cheeks choir (Elena, Patricia, Pi, Monica, Ana, Sabrina), Martin C Mellon, the tough guys (David Sierra, Xabilín). Camera girl: Tamara De La Fuente. Also helping us out: Guille (They Call Him Mr). Shooted at Patricia's grandpama's garage.

Catch The Sun (lyrics)
John Fogerty wrote that bayou song,
it was late at night.
Forty one years later
I'm driving this car,
I think I'm giving up.

I think I'll catch the sun.
I'm never coming back home.

Highway lines go by
I barely hear Graveyard Train in this old car.
I'll turn the volume up
you hated this song
I am leaving this town.

I think I'll catch the sun.
I'm never coming back home.

Like a Penthouse

Cuete Demecia Ft. Kober & The Krin - Caballero Con Pistola En Mano Remix | Video Oficial | HD
ну или My Brother The Gun...
da "La ragazza con la pistola" (1968)
di Mario Monicelli
SOGGETTO E SCENEGGIATURA Rodolfo Sonego e Luigi Magni
MUSICHE Peppino De Luca
Monica Vitti (Assunta Patanè)
Carlo Giuffrè (Vincenzo Macaluso)
Stanley Baker (Dr.Osbourne)
Anthony Booth (ragazzo di Sheffield)
Corin Redgrave (suicida per amore)
Stefano Satta Flores (cameriere al Capri Restaurant)
Dominic Allan (Mr Sullivan)
Deborah Stanford (Mrs Sullivan)
Ryan Potter vs. Seth Baczynski - RITC 73 AUG 6, 2005

Seth Baczynski (born October 26, 1981) is an American mixed martial artist who formerly compe...
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The Pistolas manuever their way around London in this video for their new single 'Take It With A Kiss'. Watch out for the special effects!!
The Pistolas live at The Proud Galleries in London, 2007. Filmed for BE
Copyright Garysh.TV & Garysh Productions
2007. Please contact us for more information.
Los Lobos Live At The Marin County Fair 2012. California - La Pistola Y el Corazon In concert . July 1.

The Pistolas playing 'Take It with a Kiss' live onstage at the Camden Barfly on the LOTW® Tour - Tuesday 3rd July '07.

IGotUrPistola becomes a One Man Army in a game of Lockout King of the Hill against Team Triggers Down as he racks up alot of Hill time while staying alive and then goes for a Killing Frenzy, almost a Running Riot as he slay's the other Team at Halo PAX Prime Showdown 2014 playing Halo 2 Anniversary!


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