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The Parts of a Pony

Yay! Concept and lyrics and singing by me, instrumental by StormWolf/Josh Loh:

Got the image from Equestria Daily and I looked around the internet to try to find its origin so I could ask for permission. I searched all the names and stuff mentioned on the picture but couldn't find anything, so hope it's fine. Image originally found here:


Now colts and fillies of every pony kind
Here's a song about you from your front to your hind
Hairy, coaty, muscley, and boney,
These are the parts of the pony!

Now the poll is the name for the top of the head
Where the forelock grows, and then it's said
That the mane down the neck is known as the crest
But we'll finish off the head before we start with the rest

Well your ears they heard that your eyes, they saw
That a pony&