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The Page Turner

Переворачиватель страницы газеты. ДЛЯ САМЫХ ЛЕНИВЫХ!
u kogo-to mnogo wremeni))))))))))))
А что в своей жизни сделали Вы?
Цепочка механизмов для выполнения одной цели - перевернуть страницу газеты.
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Joseph Herscher takes a sip of his coffee, pulling string thereby tipping paintings. Balls roll down paintings, lighting burner to boil water causing books to tip. Vase and computer get knocked off the table, releasing tape to open front page of newspaper.
the dresden dolls (usa) "lonesome organist rapes page-turner" CD "no, virginia" (roadrunner)
The AirTurn Automatic Page Turner is designed to work with a wide variety of footswitches and pedals. In this episode, we look at two Boss footswitches, the compact FS-5U and the FS-6 dual footswitch model, and how to set them up to connect with the AirTurn page turning transmitter for hands free forwards and backwards page turns.

For more information on the AirTurn automatic page turner, please visit

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Involved in a car accident a few years ago, Ariane Fouchécourt, a top pianist, can no longer perform without having a stage fright. When young woman Mélanie Prouvost enters her life and acts as her page turner, Ariane feels comforted.

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Glossaryck's summoned by the commission while Star's tempted to peek at a forbidden chapter of her spell book. Vox shares his brief thoughts on the episode!

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The Dresden Dolls performed at Roundhouse (London) on November 2006.
Live at the Roundhouse DVD (2007)