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The New Age

Будущее нельзя увидеть, его можно создать. | Дата: 4 июня, 2040 год |
Program used: Sony Vegas 10
Song used: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
by Damir Nurmahanov :)
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Song: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Program: Sony Vegas 10
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
"Radioactive", исполнитель: Imagine Dragons (Google Play • iTunes)
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I'm a fan of dark fairytales and I can't wait till this comes out next year.
Looks good so far.

I wanted to make a video for it using this song cause I haven't used it yet and been wanting to and been waiitng for the right fandom to come along and walah :)
» ..this is it, the apocalypse;.. «
I haven't vidded OUaT in over 6 months, but the new episode
inspired me .. I was planning on using this song for a TVD
vid, but it looks better with OUaT + I have no inspiration
to vid TVD, I hope when the new episode gets out I will
be able to vid it .. I really like how this turned out...
Enjoy !! :)
SONG: at the beginning of the video
► program; Sony Veg
Международная федерация (ITTF) объявила о начале новой эры в настольном теннисе, подарив всем любителям НТ забавное видео к Новому году.
Song - Audiomachine -- Tower of London
So the Next-Generation of gaming is finally upon us. Sony went on to unviel the Playstaion 4 at the Playstation Meeting (as expected). I believe this thing has potential to become the best home console for the 8th generation of gaming.

I made this short trailer for the Playstation 4.

Confirmed PS4 Games (Used in this video):
Killzone Shadow Fall
inFamous Second Son
Deep Down
Watch Dogs
The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
Agni's Philoso
Agent Carter/Agents Of Shield - SkyeWard
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♫: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Mix of LeBron James, 2 Time NBA Champion and 4 Time MVP. All content owned by rightful owners. Entertainment purpose only.





this amv toke me most of the day omg 5h DX xxx
but worth it :D xxx
“2nd April: Videos of Justin asking the crowd their age in Salk Lake City, Utah #PurposeUtah”
“Defy gravity with the new Bonvivant Illuminator Age Cover Masks- featuring 700 nano fibers and a surprising essence ❤️ It's all about the sheet! Full…”
Свежие новости из мира комиксов и многое другое связанное с ними
"Defeated by the beast" is a new track from the upcoming album "Under the Concrete Sun" by Concrete Age

This track is now available on a Bandcamp:

CONCRETE AGE (Ethnic/Death/Thrash Metal) (UK)
Phone: +447400666575
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CM Punk teams with the legendary New Age Outlaws to face The Shield in the main event of SmackDown.

Beyond family, beyond tradition, beyond battle… The legends of past and future collide. The perfect STORM is coming!

Naruto Ultimate Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4 will be released on February 5th, 2016.

For the first time ever, Kaguya, Naruto (Six Paths), Sasuke (Rinnegan), Madara (Six Paths), Obito (Ten Tails Jinchuriki) will join the colorful and thrilling battle! Speaking of exclusives: the next generation of ninja, embodied by Boruto and Sarada, will be available as exclusive pre-order bonus characters!
Beyond family, beyond tradition, beyond battle… The legends of past and future collide. The perfect STORM is coming!

Naruto Ultimate Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4 will be released on February 5th, 2016.

For the first time ever, Kaguya, Naruto (Six Paths), Sasuke (Rinnegan), Madara (Six Paths), Obito (Ten Tails Jinchuriki) will join the colorful and thrilling battle! Speaking of exclusives: the next generation of ninja, embodied by Boruto and Sarada, will be available as exclusive pre-order bonus characters!

Entrez dans Puma The Quest, participez, retrouvez les vidéos des danseurs, votez et choisissez les 20 meilleurs qui affronteront Salah et son jury le 9 mars à Paris. Il n'en restera que 5, et ils seront révélés aux yeux de tous lors de la finale du Juste Debout le 10 mars à Bercy.

Puma The Quest commence par un battle à grande échelle : les participants - tous les streetdancers français de plus de 16 ans - font d'abord étalage de leur talent en envoyant une vidéo de leur meilleure performance de dan
This is the new teaser for Grenade's Team Film "The Boned Age" In stores This Fall.... From the same maniacal minds that brought you Night of the Living Shred and Smell the Glove comes Grenade Entertainments latest straight to video release. It’s the swinging 70’s, a time when music and partying reign king. Come on a hellacious ride as two radical buds Joe & Hubbs have

Ну вот и он!Огрооомное спасибо Веже и всем,кто мерз с нами в тот день




**1080p for best quality**

Multifandom vid using clips from 28 different films. All clips used are from public domain trailers.

Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Program Used: Final Cut Pro 7

Films List: 360, After, Alex Cross, A Lonely Place For Dying, Amazing Spiderman, Assassins Bullet, Awakening, Bourne Legacy, Cold Light Of Day, Cosmopolis, Dredd, Dark Knight Rises, Expendables 2, Freelancers, Imposter, Iron Sky, Lockout, Looper, Premium Rush, Raid Redemption, Rampart, Re
Производство студии "Videozone" Видеограф Роман Харитонов #videozone
Творческая мастерская Романа Харитонова http://дарювидео.рф Съемка, монтаж- Роман Харитонов #дарювидео
Taken from their album, Consign To Oblivion. Enjoy!!!

Left 4 Dead tribute music video.

Song: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

My first animating and SFM experience. Started the video on September 2013, expecting to do a short video that would give me experience, but couldn't achieve completion until one year later.

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Created using the Source® Filmmaker. © Valve 2014.
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Song: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Program: Sony Vegas 10
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair

Всех приветствую на нашем канале. Рады представить вашему взору 63 выпуск еженедельного новостного видеодайджеста Coop-News. О самых интересных новостях прошедшей недели сейчас поведаем мы.

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Subaru (Canada) continues to be funny by pokiing fun at the competition. Commerciual for 2006 model year
В этом выпуске:
The Witcher 3
The Walking Dead
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Alice Otherlands
Wasteland 2

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720p HD

GOD FREAKING DAMN IT I PITCHED IT 457349084 times i hope it just will work out DX Or else i have to delete this sh** again.

so after all the pv's released i want to edit an amv
(once again i uploaded a TG video. Love this animanga)

Sorry this is supposedly not a lazily edited video
and it looks rushed too DX (It's just i was in a very bad mood)
Anyways when i posted my last TG video, the pv was released (The 3rd one, i considered the preview as 2nd)
anyways going through that, i tried my best on
SPOILERS SPOILERS! MAJOR RISE OF THE GUARDIANS SPOILERS! If you haven't seen the movie, get out of here and come back once you have!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :)

Gah, I promise I will edit with something more besides Rise of the Guardians... Some day.....

For now... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR 200 SUBSCRIBERS! Only 100 more to go and I'll be back the way I was in my last accound :'D You have no idea how much it means to me! Of cour
See the Bolshoi Ballet perform THE GOLDEN AGE exclusively in cinemas on Sunday, October 16! Tickets on sale in over 500 cinemas throughout North America, visit - подпишись
»..i feel it in my bones; enough to make my system blow..«

Watch in HD :D.
Fandom: Teen Wolf;; TW.
Character(s): General.
Description: New fandom. Again. Hart of Dixie. Then Fringe. Now Teen Wolf. I'm probably going to watch Breaking Bad or Castle. I've been watching other shows
song: imagine dragons - radioactive
Tuning: Drop C
Strings: D'Addario 11-56

Stuff I use:
- Ibanez Roadcore (RC320) with EMG 81/85 active pickups
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface
- Cubase LE 6
- VST plugins: Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3, FabFilter Pro-Q 2
WARNING: Spoilers for season 6 episode 10
Watch in 1080p

"The King in the North!" scene was great! The only thing missing was Ghost sitting at Jon's side. It would have been great to see a shot of the two of them when Manderly called Jon the "White Wolf". Lyanna Mormont was in rare form again as she called out some of the other Houses for refusing "the call". I loved it that his mother's namesake was the first one to declare him King. I hope we see more of her in S7.

► My other Game of Thrones vi
16 novembre 2012
The Rasmus live @ New Age-Roncade (TV)


Vídeo tipo promoção ao mandato do Bruno de Carvalho que comecei a fazer quando ele ganhou as eleições, mas deixei de lado por causa das férias e depois trabalhos da faculdade. Entretanto acabei agora... Vejam, ponham gosto se gostarem e partilhem! :)


P.S.: Sim, eu sei que os agradecimentos serem quase do

|Лучшее о Дине Эмброузе|
We Are Anonymous.
We Are The Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
From us no imonov.
We do not recognize the Statute of limitations.
We don't negotiate.
We don't make truces.
We have no periods of aggression.
We do not give explanations.
We will save you from the illusion of impunity.
Wait for us, we go...
Фан-видео Welcome to the new age
Специально для русскоязычного сайта сериала:

The Circle Ends Here @ LiveXplosion - New Age Club
7 Gennaio 2012 Metalcore / Hardcore Night

Harringtones feat Steve Cradock - Official video clip - This is The New Age -
Diary Skyeward
March 20, 2008
TSB Bank Arena
Wellington, New Zealand

Go With The Flow
Feel God Hit Of The Summer
Do It Again
3s & 7s
Misfit Love
Burn The Witch
Turnin On The Screw
Make It Wit Chu
Little Sister
Sick Sick Sick
No One Knows
Song For The Dead
Правообладатель -
This film explores the eerie world of ego-maniacal gurus and their Western counterparts, known as "New Agers". In a series of exclusive, candid interviews, you will share the thoughts of the Hindu "Master", and witness the blind devotion and unquestioning obedience of his disciples.

Gods of the New Age takes you from the rebellion against the values and morals of Christian belief seen in the early sixties and the mindless devotion toward the gurus who began to be worshiped as gods by their followers, to to

Footage: The Fades

Пока все любители белок, мамонта, ленивца и саблезубого тигра ждут июля 2016-ого, можно заценить ещё один прекрасный трейлер этого очаровательного мультфильма.

На сей раз, как и в первом ролике, история основывается вокруг крысобелки Скрэта.
The Walls We Weaken – “Witchhammer (New Age)” – from EP "Until My Darkness Goes" – available now:
iTunes -
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We are experimental metalcore band from Moscow, Russia.
Stay SICK, we love you.

JOIN US: (if you are Russian one)
Feels Like Coming of Age, Foster the People, Firefly Music Festival, The Woodlands, Dover, Delaware, June 23rd, 2013, not sure this is the title

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Just randomly decided to do this. Yep.

Song: 'Radioactive' - Imagine Dragons. - сайт WDA
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Check this short video for a detailed preview of all new armor, weapons and schematics obtainable in Dragon Age Inquisition The Descent DLC. Max settings. Full HD 1080p.

To see them in cutscenes, watch this:


Want more Dragon Age: Inquisition? Check the playlists down below:

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition -
Clearly, King Arthur had stew on his head because he was reading
Blake Lively, Lindsey Vonn, Anthony Ingruber, Amanda Crew, and Lee Toland Krieger all explain what age they wouldn’t mind living forever at ‘The Age of Adaline’ premiere.

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The debut track is available in stores & on Bandcamp now:

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Daniel Bryan teams with The Usos to face the trio of Kane & The New Age Outlaws on SmackDown.
New Age Rebellion at the Next Big Thing tour live at The Gothic Theater in Denver Colorado on 2/19/12 covering Blink 182

A video i made about Luis Suarez.
The video title & music has to do with the fact that its not sure if Suarez will stay at LFC or move to a different club, it kinda fits in.

Want to see more?

Scorpius Kun:

HD makes a huuuge difference.

Oh, my darlings... I am so, so sorry I haven't uploaded my promised video, since I found out Merlin's ending I simply haven't been in the mood to make happy vids. :/ And I want it to be perfect but I can't do that when I'm stuck like this. *shoots herself* I'm not sure I'm going to finish it because I feel too depressed right now lol. Thank you, BBC!

Alright, so I know I already used this song but I felt like I wanted to make a longer version, and I had lots of in
Our sons of the future successors of the earth are here, and they feel now.
06.07.2014. Fall in Dreams и друзья.А-клуб
Vorführung der neuen Alien Baitrocket!

Erhältlich unter - современная ловля карпа
По словам Мэнсона, съемки частично проходили в пригороде Берлина.

Help the Russian symphonic metal masters record a new metal opera and tour Europe again!
Reptilians in stone. Oslo, Norway. Ask yourselves why these sculptures are venerated.

Love is Your ultimate weapon in this life, Anything else that needs to be done God will handle.

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The Spoils of the Qunari content pack adds new items to your Inquisition, inspired by the style of Par Vollen! Bring the Qun to Skyhold with several options that represent your dedication to discipline, from a massive warrior throne to various sculptures honoring the Qunari people. The Spoils of the Qunari content pack also includes two sets of unique armor as loot, including an Arishok armor set, as well as schematics to craft new pieces for your party members. Ride across Thedas atop an armored war mount
1) Матрица(The Matrix)
2) Обитель Зла(Resident Evil)
3) Морской бой(Battleship)
4) Властелин колец(The Lord of the Rings)
5) 2012
6) Послезавтра(The Day After Tomorrow)
7) Трансформеры(Transformers)
8) Мстители(The Avengers)
9) Звёздные воины(Star Wars)
10) Я робот(I Robot)
11) Годзилла(Godzilla)
12) Битва Титанов(Clash of the Titans)
13) Тёмный рыцарь(The Dark Knight)
14) Воина миров(War of the Worlds)
15) Гнев Титанов(Wrath of the Titans)
Короткий ролик о нашем первом шоу, проходившем 20.06.15 на площадке клуба MochiBitva.
The actor reveals more on his role as he ultimate villain and why he seems to like playing the "bad guy."
The Golden State Warriors are THE BIGGEST surprise of the NBA this season. Led by Steph Curry and David Lee, the Warriors have began what is one of the best starts to a season in franchise history. Enjoy these highlights from the NEW AGE WARRIORS!

Музыка: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

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Запилил Предпоследний Герой
The Underachievers present a new musical video offering of off their most recent project The Lords Of Flatbush.

Download Lords of Flatbush mixtape on Dat Piff and Live Mixtapes.

The Underachievers are currently working on their first studio album, THE CELLAR DOOR.

Song Produced by: Eric Arc Elliot @ericarcelliot
Video Treatment and Director: Marlon Dash @issa_gold
VIdeo Filmer and Editor: ThisisButta @butatheproducer

Follow The Underachievers on twitter for all updates
Luis Suarez - Welcome To the New Age | FC Barcelona 2014/2015

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Imagine Dragons - Nothing Lеft To Say

IGNORE TAGS: Games on La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, Span
Видео сделано пабликом - #MyPRW
Оценка от #MyPRW - [4/10]
Подписывайтесь -
Dance Moms | Мамы в танце || Official Page

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Романтические песни под гитару в лаунж-баре PINA COLADA -Welcome to the New Age в исполнении очаровательной Владлены!!!
Rehearsal footage – recorded LIVE in the „Phantom Records“, London (UK), January 2016.
The 2016 album 'Under the Concrete Sun'

Official website:
Facebook page:
Phantom records:
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Subscribe here for more official Table Tennis highlights:

Check out the cool short video introducing the new age of table tennis as seen at the GAC Group 2014 World Tour Grand Finals in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Revamped Character Creation menu in the upcoming Jade Dynasty/Zhu Xian expansion

Новое окно создания персонажей с двумя классами нововведённой расы.
Варианты кастомизации qian ji и ying zhao
Мое первое видно про L.A Lakers
Кому не лень пройдите по ссылки и подпишитесь)

"welcome to the new age.." <br> <br>Yeaaaah! the Host Trailer here and and is my new vid with this fandom! <br>So! Enjoy! <br> <br>Watch in HD. <br>PerfectSambuca.
Loki forever
Loki is captured by Fury when he discovers that she's a vampire, and kept prisoner. Tony, knowing what she is and disagreeing with shields reasoning, breaks her out and takes her back to the mansion. It doesn't take Fury long to find her, but Tony refuses to let him take her, leading to the director threatening the engineer. Loki, tired of hiding and not wanting to put her lover in danger, takes matters into her own hands and goes after everyone at shield.<br/><br/>
КОСМОС Radioactive|Welcome to the new age
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Hollie and Rob talk us through Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on PS4

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First bit of footage with my new "Zoe 3D FPV" 2010 setup using test props from GemFan. Haven't tuned it out yet- looking forward to getting it smoother! The Hype is real- so far other pilots that have tested these motors with KISS 24's in 3D are in love with the smoother transitions and bombastic power!

Xcalibur Frame from Bullit Drones //
KISS Flight Controller & 24 amp ESC's //
"Zoe" 2010-2300kv Motors from BeeRotor //
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Yea you got it in your system again, got the feeling you've been craving since you ever began you got one shot left, one vein left till your sitting in your back seat wondering if you'd be be better off dead better off laying in a ditch in the end cause you got nothing left you're over your head and you just might end up
but if you do we'll still be here stuck in despair, we'll still be here in despair

720p Please
"Be ready to say goodbye"

This obviously is a fan made, contains a few scenes from the official promo. FINALLY!
I'm not happy with this video, not at all... I think it's really bad -_- sorry, hope you enjoy it guys!


Philosophy of life .... If I don't like a video, I just stop it .. never in my life I pressed the "Dislike" button. Why? I know that these people worked hard on their videos and I respect that. So .... if you dont like the
Manchester United - The New Age

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