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The National - Exile, Vilify

Побалуй себя визуальным волшебством, подпишись на эмоции —
носки тоже умеют петь.
Американские рокеры The National записали песню для саундтрека компьютерной игры Portal 2, а компания Valve провела конкурс на лучший видеоряд для этой композиции. Вот и победитель.
Клип на песню "Exile Vilify" группы "The Nation" с русскими субтитрами
Just because it is the best Song in the world.
Клип на песню "Exile Vilify" группы "The Nation"
"Инкубационный период азбестовой болезни 48,5 лет. Если вам больше 30, то максимум, что вы пропустите, это пару партий в бридж, а наука продвинется на 300 лет вперед. Я ввел эти числа в калькулятор, и он показал веселую рожицу."

вообще-то, очень смешная игра
It takes your mind again
It takes your mind again
You've got suckers' luck
Have you given up?

Does it feel like a trial?
Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?

It takes your mind again
It takes your mind again
Oh, you meant so much
Have you given up?
An entry in Valve's music video contest for the newly released game Portal 2.
Contest details here:

'Exile Vilify' by the National

Music video produced by the Hyperacting Team

Starring James Cluster as Portal's 'Rat Man'
Writing / Directing / Costume and prop design / Editing- Timothy Reese
Production assistance / Dolly / Key grip / Slave monkey- Alex Reese

Special thanks to Golden Express (for providing costuming and locations)
and Valve (for being awesomely fantastic and making the best games in the history of the universe)

after 12 days work on this I have finally completed my competition entry for valve's music video competition
one of the first exile vilify music videos. (note upload date if anyone tries to steal this to claim as their own submission)


it takes your mind again
it takes your mind again

you got suckers luck
have you given up
does it feel like a trial
does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine

it takes your mind again
it takes your mind again

oh you meant so much
have you given up
does it feel like a trial
does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine
does it feel like a trial
now you're thinking too fast you're like marbles on glass

don't even try
don't even try

you got suckers luck
have you given up
does it feel like a trial
does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine
does it feel like a trial
did you fall far for the same emptiness's again

don't even try
don't even try

The last 50 seconds or so, the audio apparently cuts out and I have no idea about the reason of this, Sorry.
For now, if you need the audio play this video but with the official video in the background!

Midi and sheet music can be found here:

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Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
The National try and make a music video for their hit summer party anthem 'Exile Vilify' only to get bored and distracted... what are they like?!


Our love letter to The National:

We're all huge National fans and I'm personally a huge Valve fan so entering this competition was a no-brainer. The whole idea is all the evil genius of Adrian Banks. Huge thanks go out to Paul Gibson for letting us use his studio space and for filming everything and to Alex Stevenson who gave up his time to jump around and be a Dessner brother (as well as that fetching interviewer in the wig!)

Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed it!

Artist: The National
Album: Portal 2 OST
Track: Exile Vilify

Download MP3:
Piano: Roland FP7-F BK

Again, I really have to thank Sebastian Wolff for making sheet music for this! It's not exactly whats in the sheets scince I changed some parts I didn't quite like.

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Background shot:

Music from Video Game Soundtrack Portal 2
The National

A quick little remix I made.

Пятнадцатилетний мальчик из Канады, который увлекается рисованием, решил поучаствовать в конкурсе от компании «Valve». Суть конкурса заключалась в создании клипа к игре "Portal 2" на песню «The National - Exile Vilify». На данный момент это одна из лучших представленных работ на конкурсе.
Well, here is Exile Vilify by The Nationals. It took me some time to find, and I am currently learning this. Please note that at some bits the notes don't belong, I cannot fix this but 99% of this song is right, I also removed the Choir.
If you want the MIDI file, here it is:
I take no credit for this song.
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Keep on Chillin'!
Give it some time and let it load in 1080. Looks the best by far!
The last few weeks while filming this video around Alberta, were pretty stressful due to lousy weather and computer issues. But we prevailed just in time with our own swing on things. We sure hope you enjoy our interpretation and our film entry for The Portal 2 music video contest. The four of us really enjoy their music so it was a treat to create something in hopes that The National sees it! hah

Filmed and Edited by Dale Bailey an
This is our final submission for the Portal 2 Music Video contest.

We wanted to mix the hopeless theme of the song with the "Never gives up" attitude of Chell from the game.

Three bleak scenarios change dramatically when a sliver of hope is introduced from within the mysterious weighted storage cubes...

Directed and produced by Panos04 and merryamartyr.

Thanks for watching!

Check out for all the credits and details regarding this vide
*Exile Vilify by The National*

IndieMusicAddict, The meaning of Addiction

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Did you know that there was a Portal 2 music video contest going on right now? I didn't. No one told me. No one ever tells me anything. Anyway, this is my entry into the Portal 2 Music Video Contest which is to create a music video for the song Exile by the group The Vilify. I spent many time working on this and I hope you enjoy it too many.

Contest information here:

You've seen the hit motion picture. Now check out this exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Portal 2 Music Video PORTAL2NATIONALEXILE "Exile, Vilify" (The National) Contest Entry!

A Minecraft remake of "The National - Exile Vilify", made using only Minecraft sounds.

You can download and listen to this in high quality here:
It's finished! Good job team!! Thank you Valve for introducing us to The National. We all had a blast making this, and we hope you enjoy! Watch in 720p HD and full screen to have your own personal puppet show!
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
Life in a day of the Forever Alone guy.

Entry to Portal 2 "The National: Exile Vilify" Music Video contest

This was a lot of fun to make



Канал на YouTube:
► присоединяемся, будет весело!
Chell: Megan Gardner

Director: Adam Findley
Live Action Cinematographer: Adam Findley
In-Game Cinematographer: Scott Robertson
Costumer: Megan Gardner
Cube Creator: Megan Gardner
Cube Handlers: Scott Robertson & Adam Findley
Prop Master: Scott Roberson
Makeup Consultant: Michelle Poole
Boot Retriever: Scott Robertson
Drivers: Scott Robertson & Adam Findley
Editors: Scott Robertson, Megan Gardner & Adam Findley

Shot on location in California
Adam Findley:
The National's debut performance of Exile Vilify from the Portal 2 video game soundtrack.
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
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Смысл песни укладывается в пару строк, зато музыка прекрасна.

Имхо, лучше этого видеоряда только непобедимое "Chell In The Rain" ))
Unfortunately, I didn't won the contest.
But I was honoured for "Best Use of Green Screen", anyway. :D
I had so much ideas for my video but the song was just to short. :P
So here are 2 finished takes, which didn't made it into the video.

I love The National and I REALLY love Portal 2. I found out a few months ago that The National was working with Valve to make a song for Portal 2, but the first playthrough, I couldn't find where the game plays it, nor could I find it in the game files.

During the developer commentary, I found the location of it that I missed originally. It turns out that this one small room tells a sad but moving story. That's the kind of music The National creates, and the kind of game Valve designs. Pure quality
A video for the Portal 2 music video contest.
Filmed, Directed and Edited by C.F.Meister
Man and Sock Puppet - Ross Lawrence
More video's by C.F.Meister
Portal 2
Radio Easter Egg
Exile Vilify - The National

You can download the song here:

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This video wouldn't be made possible without the amazing talents of The National, and Valve's amazing game, Portal 2.