The Life of Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee | The Life of an Artist, Dragon The Bruce Lee Story - The Life of Great Legend Martial Artist- Lauren Holly, Jason Scott Lee,

The Life of Bruce Lee

OFFER SUPPORT: JOIN MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: ASK ME QUESTIONS: Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time. In term of his thinking and philosophy which shaped his actions and character, leading to memorable performances and a life that is now legend. This video explores the teachings of Bruce Lee. His films were the main access point for his philosophy but he also left behind journals and writings that
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Dragon The Bruce Lee Story - The Life of Great Legend Martial Artist - Lauren Holly, Jason Scott Lee, Robert Wagner.
A lionized account of the life of the martial arts superstar.
Документальный фильм о мастере боевых искусств Брюсе Ли, от его рождения в 1940 до его смерти в 1973, интервью актеров, исполняющих роль Брюса Ли и c семьей. Посвящен его сыну, Брэндону.

В ролях: Боб Бремер / Bob Bremer, Джекки Чан / Jackie Chan, Брюс Ли / Bruce Lee, Брендон Ли / Brandon Lee и другие
An extraordinary talent, martial arts master Bruce Lee became a worldwide icon. In this documentary, his life is told by those who knew him best - friends, family members, students and actors who knew him well. The footage you about to see reveals Bruce Lee's amazing agility, speed, coordination, discipline and his famous one-inch punch that sent Coburn flying across the room. This is his story of triumph and tragedy, a human being whom we regard as one of the greatest martial artists of all time.

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