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The Legendary Shack*Shakers

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The Legendary Shack Shakers "Iron Lung Umpa" on Fox Rox #197, 5-4-06

©2006 BCTV
Rebel Rev. Productions presents Th' Legendary Shack Shakers performing their song "Where's The Devil... When You Need Him". Shot May 15th 2010.
"This is Agridustrial"
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers DVD
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Shot by: Rev. Jay Leal Andrew Wilkins
Edited by: Rev. Jay Leal
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The Legendary Shack Shakers cd 2007 - Swampblood
Track 02- Old Spur Line

They don't do murder ballads, they do murder boogies.

The Shack*Shakers play fried country rock and roll my friends
The Legendary Shack Shakers are an American punk blues band. They are inspired by punk, Texas polka, Delta blues, rockabilly, gothic rock, and other traditional Southern music genres.
Alex's Bar in Long Beach, CA

Filmed, edited by ME (Jesse) obviously
Performing the song,Shakerag Holler,on New Years Eve at Southgate House in Newport ,Kentucky
A tribute to Diesel, Sodor's most Devilish engine. Footage is copyright of HiT, the song "Where's The Devil...When You Need Him" is by and copyright of "Th' Legendary Shack Shakers".<br/><br/>
The Legendary Shack Shakers "Cussin' in Tongues" on Fox Rox #197 5-4-06

©2006 BCTV

Hell or highwater, Baby Katy Gray.
Hell or highwater done washed her away.
Hell or highwater in the troublesome creek,
Like baby Moses in the reeds, can't ya see what I meen?
Ya gotta Row, ya gotta Wade, ya gotta give til it bleeds.
'Cause higher Hellwater is the last thing ya need.

Hell or highwater, Speedy's floatin' away.
1937 must be Jugdement Day.
Hell or highwater, Holstein on the porch,
And not enough sense to swim the hell on home.
Hell or highwater suckin' down the sink.
Just jiggle on
This is a video I made for a class using Th' Legendary Shack Shakers' song "Where's the Devil... When You Need Him?" I used various photos and pictures that I had, including pictures from Postal, HR Geiger and Odd Nerdrum.

Canción basada en el asesino Rod Ferrell, también llamado Vesago el vampiro.
He visto que hay pocos vídeos de esta canción con buena calidad de sonido (la mayoría son en vivo, por lo que se oye algo mal) y el único que he encontrado con buena calidad viene con imágenes de la película "Vampire Clan", y con todo respeto al que lo hizo, cuando quiero escuchar esta canción no me apetece escuchar al final de la misma el grito de terror de la pobre señora y los sucesivos golpes. Así que decidí hacer
The Legendary Shack Shakers
at Tawastia Stomp,
Hameenlinna, Finland, 25-03-2017
In vivid technicolor...your legendary shack shakers and some good ol' time religion. a milk product.