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The Invisible - Wings
Taken from The Invisible's sophomore album 'Rispah', released 11 June 2012 on Ninja Tune.

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The Invisible - Wings Promo. By Mark Joe.
His story is shining example of pursuing one’s passion, no matter what the circumstances are. And because of his constant pursuit, Vijayan, -owner of a small nondescript tea-stall in Kochi, has traveled almost every tourist destination in India, as well as toured 17 nations—France, UK, Austria, America and Egypt feature in that list. The power of his dreams, the strength of his will and the passion in his single-minded pursuits have let his spirit spread it’s invisible wings and soar into the air, in spite of his social and economic conditions. Even with the tea-stall being the only source of his income, it never deterred him from travelling.