The Henry Miller Odyssey: The Henry Miller Odyssey (1969), The Henry Miller Odyssey (1974)

The Henry Miller Odyssey

Henry Miller makes me really want to LIVE, even if I fuck everything up.Amazing personality he was and still is.
I oughtn't need to say anything about this... an hour and a half of Miller and Paris, etc.
A film by Robert Snyder

"What are we here for if not to enjoy life eternal, solve what problems we can, bring light, peace, joy for our fellow man and leave this dear, fucked-up planet a little healthier than when we were born?"
- Henry Miller

This 90-minute color documentary shows the colossus of Big Sur at work, living in, and revisiting old haunts in Brooklyn and Paris. Miller generously reveals how he saw his era, his peers and himself. He recalls his painful youth and his struggle to survive as a wri