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The Grumpy Cat

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Вот это ВИДЕО!
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Первое место в #топ10 самых популярных котеек в интернете
Котики-наши друзья!, The Original Grumpy Cat,
Знаменитый на весь мир "грустный" кот Грампи имеет все шансы стать настоящей кинозвездой. Вот так вот выглядит интернет звезда. очень забавный кот.
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Самые угарные кошки и коты
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Tard the Grumpy Cat \ Унылый Кот by MacroZ , унылый кот grumpy cat cat fuck орёт злой котэ милый
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A one-on-one with Grumpy cat about Starbucks coffee cake, windows, and sleep.
I don't own copyright thanks for watching.
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- Покажи-ка улыбку)
- Заткнись!
Очень смешной мульт про самую недовольную кошку в мире!!!!!))))))) ;3
Best Harlem Shake Ever. No Ads. Let me explain about the ad on the bottom that pops up. Originally this video had an extra 30 seconds at the ad telling people to subscribe to someone's channel. People were complaining about that in the comments. I took their video and cut the end out. I can't control the ad on the bottom. Whoever owns the song owns the monetizing rights. Any video with this song has to have that ad. I wish I could take that part away, but I don't even have the option to do it.
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(

Storyboard has a one-on-one with Grumpycat about Starbucks coffee cake, windows, and sleep.

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by Anton Ksenofontov



Ian Somerhalder at Mashable house SXSW 2013.

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Chizhik doing the Harlem Shake
Hi.I am, a Cat Chizhik.Here All My Cute And Funny Moments! My Channel
The best of Grumpy Cat. You've never seen such a hilarious smile before! Funny video!
Grumpy Cat Smiles For The First Time!
Photoshopped but still adorable...and wishful thinking Grumpy Cat Smiles For The First Time

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Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Ленивые котTard the Grumpy Catы в random style
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Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
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Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Meet 'Tardar Sauce,' the grumpy cat gone viral Twitter: #GrumpyCat<br><br>"We think she looks so grumpy you can't help but feel happy when you look at her," said Tardar Sauce's owner Bryan Bundesen. "She's like a stress reliever for everyone." Once Tardar Sauce's sour puss face hit the internet she received instant fame, and her scowl is now available on t-shirts and Christmas cards.<br><br>----- <br><br>Follow:<br>Video, Fine Bros Kids React, Grumpy Cat, Kids React, Kids React To Grumpy Cat, Kids React To
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Grumpy proves that cats can fly!
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Playing with Tard the Grumpy Cat

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Grumpy Cat dances to ‘Cake by the Ocean’ by DNCE!

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Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
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The world's grumpiest cat lands a movie deal. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports her feline frown is destined for the big screen. For more CNN videos, visit our site at
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Leila Brillson

de Leila Brillson - em 143 círculos do Google+ - Mais por Leila Brillson
06/12/2012 -- The Grumpy Cat stops by Refinery29 to talk, and we take video! ... A Next-Level-Rad Tube Necklace You Can Make In A Snap ...
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30/01/2013 -- Grumpy Cat: The ten photos that show a miserable mogg

Yes that's right. The great ol meme- GRUMPY CAT.
omg she is a adorble kitty :3 how da hell is she so un happy lookin :3" I WANT I WANT!

Aubrey Plaza stars in Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Watch the movie Saturday, November 29th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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The internet-famous ‘Grumpy Cat’ has just received a Russian rival for the most severe looking feline on the planet, after one Muscovite revealed her cat bares a striking resemblance to former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Tuesday.

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Breaking News: Meet 'Tardar Sauce,' the grumpy cat gone viral

Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Grumpy Cat Pancake - The World's Most Oddly Satisfying Cat Video

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The meme of the moment is not impressed with the Capitalist Tools at Forbes.

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Grumpy Cat, the making of.
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Private Milkshake sounds off right meow. Weighed no more than a postage stamp when he was born. Videoed Monday October 7 2012

The upcoming Grumpy Cat Christmas movie is apparently so ironic that even the queen of irony, Aubrey Plaza, can't seem to wrap her head around it.
Plaza, who voices Grumpy Cat in the Lifetime film, visited Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday to share her excitement about working on the Internet meme-turned-movie.
"It's not just for kids and cat lovers," Plaza said. "It's a gift to America."
Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever airs Nov. 29 on Lifetime.
Merry Christmas from Grumpy Cat Tard

Finally, a movie this holiday season that's Lloyd Approved.
Gena Miroshnichenko

Больше мемов о Недовольной Кошке, а также свежие новости и видео ищите в группе - #GrumpyCat
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Meet Britain’s saddest-looking feline. The two year-old pet is a Persian pedigree, who are not known for their cheery appearance. But with her drooping brows, doleful eyes and down-turned mouth she looks as if she is about to burst into tears at any moment. Despite her hangdog expression, owner Sophie Batt said Pixie was anything but woeful.
Everyone's favorite cat gets all dressed up in this celebrity-themed photo shoot. Check out the pics here:

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Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Nyan cat parody starring Grumpy cat!
It's Grumpy cats world... you're just living in it.
If it's the end of the world, might as well have a little fun.
I'm Simon Johnson, and this was a little project to distract me from my dissertation. It took roughly 50hours across 4 days to make... I know there's a couple mistakes, woops, but I wanted it all finished for 21/12/12 :P

We see Nyan cats, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and more!
Tard uses the Tardis to create the Mayan calendar, with a
Видео группы: "Любители очаровашки Grumpy Cat"(
Internet sensation Grumpy Cat (real name: "Tardar Sauce") met Anderson... and was less than impressed.'s Clarke Wolfe hit the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and caught up with Pete Holmes, Grumpy Cat, and more!

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