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The Filaments

Hrishikesh's little lo-fi video animation for the instrumental track "A Brittle Filament," from the album This Too Will Pass (Dangerbird Records, 2007).

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Elytra Filament Pavilion has been created by experimental German architect Achim Menges with Moritz Dörstelmann, structural engineer Jan Knippers and climate engineer Thomas Auer. Menges and Knippers are leaders of research institutes at the University of Stuttgart that are pioneering the integration of biomimicry, robotic fabrication and new materials research in architecture. This installation emerges from their ongoing research projects and is their first-ever major commission in the UK. The pavil
The Filaments filmed at London Camden Underworld 22 August 2011 - awesome, and there's a new album in the works
Music Video for "Adecco Calling" by The Filaments. From the album "Land of Lions."

Morning breaks, another day of slaving like a mug.
Six pounds and eight pence for every hour that they deprive me of.
From factory floor to the warehouse and back feeling grateful,
For anything that comes my way eight honest hours graft.
Contracted for a day or two, a Lilliputian task.
You'll work like a dog, taking pride in the job if you're able. Though unlikely.

Best not to dwell when them agency girls

THE FILAMENTS - FullSet [1080p] Paris - 01/11/2013
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Music Video for "Tables Turn" by The Filaments. From the album "Land of Lions."

Well its kicking off down on Mare Street,
A mile down the road.
Tonight the rule of law around these parts disowned.
Unsure my feelings, but clear of the street- its a long way down for me.
See shutters dropping as the high street vacates.
Look from the window or mob up and wait?
With power ebbing, amidst glass and concrete,
Its a rough night to walk out on the beat.

Red tops dissec
#3 ~Russ's Home Brewed Filament Extruder: The Break Down V1

Although The basic principal of the extruder is not m idea, this build was engineered in my head as I constructing it... It's all custom to this extruder...

The first person and the credit should go to this guy:
#10 ~Russ's Filament Extruder: Testing "The Puller" & Some Conclusions Thus Far...

in this video Russ tests his "puller" and gives some conclusions on his testing thus far.

and there will be more on this project soon...
Behind all those leaves, roots, and petals is an intelligent bio-machine of starch, nutrients, and water. Take over a flower's seedling to help it grow and reproduce before winter approaches. Carefully gather and manage three key resources needed to create flowers and fruits. You'll never look at these organisms the same way again!

This game is designed to be used in inclusive science classrooms that have a diverse range of students (e.g., average and above average students, students with high incid
A long filament in the south east of the solar disc erupted today creating an Earth directed CME, seen first at 13:54 UT by COR2 on STEREO Ahead and at 14:10 UT on STEREO-B with a calculated speed of 533 km/s (no LASCO data yet). An arrival and corresponding geomagnetic storm at Earth can be expected on November 26.

As a juror, you will hear the closing arguments for each side in a case. Your goal is to find agreement amongst all of your fellow jurors to decide the case. Evidence about the case is provided to you by the defendant and the prosecution. As you discuss the case with other jurors, more evidence will appear on the table in front of you. At the end of each day, all jurors will vote on the case. If jurors disagree, you will weight the evidence and move on to the next day. If all the jurors agree, the cas
Helium Filaments

Found around the Moon, these will look like small piles of canisters with some glowing and shining yellow. Opening these “Helium Coils” will give you the Helium Filaments.
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How to find Helium Filaments? Let's ride on the Moon
How to find Helium Filaments? Let's ride on the Moon
How to find Helium Filaments? Let's ride on the Moon
Golden Chest Locations | Dead Ghosts Locations | Spinmetal Leaves Location мы вас цепляем,не сомневайтесь!!!! )
Filament and Prints under the Microscope - Part 2

Part 1 here:

Black Book: Filament and Filigree / The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Black Book: Filament and Filigree / The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim / TESV
Черная книга: Филамент и филигрань
Black Book: Filament and Filigree
Дополнение: The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.
THE FILAMENTS [1080p] PARIS - 11/02/2012
MAJOR Filament Eruption and CME, 'CANYON OF FIRE' Opens on the SUN

Fragments of the exploding filament formed the core of a CME that raced away from the sun at approximately 900 km/s (2 million mph): Most of the CME will miss Earth, but a glancing blow cannot yet be ruled out.

'CANYON OF FIRE' OPENS ON THE SUN: A filament of magnetism stretching halfway across the sun erupted during the late hours of April 4th (22:00-23:00 UT). The eruption split the sun's atmosphere, hurling a CME into space and creati
На Солнце вновь появилось странное образование - темная полоса длиной 700 тыс. км. Такие образования, внешне напоминающие трещину, называются волокнами, или филаментами, и представляют собой гигантские протуберанцы.

Produce your own filament at a fraction of the cost of buying retail plastic with the Noztek Pro. Makes 1Kg in 3/4 hours.
The Filament crew rolled through the TWS park recently and handled biz for our latest Afternoon in the Park. These dudes are full of style and diversity. Watch Garrett Hill, Billy Marks, Kevin Romar, Moose, Jacob Walder, Rafael Perez, and Ben Nordberg get down right here. Also, be sure to check out Moose and the crew in the upcoming em a href="" We Are Blood /a /em premiere as well!

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This video shows the movement of the gas filaments within the Veil Nebula in comparing the observations made in 2015 with observations from 1997. The expansion of the gas in comparison to the background stars are clearly visible.
НИШ ФМН г. Костанай
An extruder and hotend made specifically for flexible filaments - but could it be over-optimized for regular use?

Test part

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The Filaments - Mafia / Men of The Law
The Vic Inn, Derby
New Blood Records: 2002 U.K "Skull & Trombones" Album
Genre: Hardcore Ska Punk, Ska Core, Street Punk
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Hometown: Chelmsford, Essex U.K
Members: Jon - Guitar/Vocals
Mike - Guitar/Vocals
Iain - Trumpet
Pete Saxoph
si no se muestran los subtitulos activenlos XD XD XD

Beautiful Filament Eruption with CME at the North-West of the Sun between May 11 and May 12, 2013. The CME (Coronal Mass ejection) is clearly visible on the images of spacecraft SOHO :
These pictures are from NASA, and were taken from the AIA instrument of the satellite SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), with a wavelengths of 304, and 335 Angstroms.

One of the UK’s leading bioplastics developers, Biome Bioplastics, has launched a new material for the 3D printing industry. Made from plant starches, Biome3D is a biodegradable plastic that combines easy processing and fast print speeds with a superior print finish.