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The Doors - Light My Fire

29 июля 1967 года песня группы The Doors «Light My Fire» возглавила американский хит-парад. Она продержалась на вершине рейтинга три недели. Но это еще не все. Rolling Stone поместил сингл на 35-е место в списке 500 величайших песен всех времен.

Ed Sullivan Show from the 60's
"Light My Fire" is a song by The Doors, which was recorded in August 1966 and released the first week of January 1967 on the Doors' debut album. Released as an edited single in April, it spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in late July, and one week on the Cash Box Top 100, nearly a year after its recording. It was their breakthrough hit, and is considered their signature song
Jim Morrison - lead vocals
Robby Krieger - Gibson SG electric guitar
Ray Manzarek - Vox Contine
"Light My Fire" - Single by The Doors from the album The Doors.
The song was largely written by Robby Krieger, and credited to the entire band.

Released: April 1967
Writer(s): The Doors
Producer: Paul A. Rothchild

Live 1968
Песня The Doors – Light My Fire в исполнении симфонического оркестра IP Orchestra в программе "Рок хиты" на концерте в Рязани 12.03.2016 г.

#IPOrchestra #рокхиты #TheDoors
Music video by The Doors performing Light My Fire . (C) 1967 Elektra Records , Rhino Entertainment. 2007 Remastered LP Version
Official Music Video , Widescreen, 5.1
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A rare promo video of Light My Fire (single version), more coming soon!
Light My Fire" was performed live by the Doors on The Ed Sullivan Show broadcast on September 17, 1967. The Doors were asked by producer Bob Precht, Sullivan's son-in-law, to change the line "girl, we couldn't get much higher", as the sponsors were uncomfortable with the possible reference to drug-taking. The band agreed to do so, and did a rehearsal using the amended lyrics, "girl, we couldn't get much better"; however, during the live performance, the band's lead singer Jim Morrison sang the original lyri
Evgeniy Melnikov performing “Light My Fire " by The Doors for Belarusian TV-show "Legends. Live" on ONT channel.

Produced by Mediacube Production. (Minsk, Belarus)

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Евгений Мельников исполнил кавер версию
The 1991 Oliver Stone film "The Doors" with Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Frank Whaley, Kevin Dillon, Michael Wincott, Michael Madsen, Billy Idol & Kathleen Quinlan. The song was later covered by Jose Feliciano.
You know that it would be untrue,
You know that I would be a liar,
If I was to say to you,
Girl, we couldn't get much higher.

Come on, baby, light my fire,
Come on, baby, light my fire.
Try to set the night on fire.

The time to hesitate is through,
No time to wallow in the mire,
Try now, we can only lose,
And our love become a funeral pyre.

Come on, baby, light my fire,
Come on, baby, light my fire.
Try to set the night on fire. Yeah!

You know that it would be untrue,
You know that I would be a liar,
Загадочные, мистические, иносказательные тексты песен и яркий образ вокалиста Джима Моррисона, сделали её едва ли не самой знаменитой и равно же противоречивой группой своего времени. На закрытии концерта в нью-орлеанском «Пакгаузе» 12 декабря 1970 «Light My Fire» стала последней песней, сыгранной группой вчетвером, и последней песней Моррисона, исполненной им со сцены.
The Doors - Light My Fire (Music Video)
The Doors from the United States of America

The Doors - Light My Fire

La canción más representativa de "The Doors" y uno de sus mayores éxitos dentro de los muchos que tienen: "Light My Fire", esta vez realizada por "Sweet Little Band" especialmente para que la escuchen bebes (pero también puede ser apreciada por mayores).

The Doors and Eddie Vedder perform "Light My Fire" at the 1993 Hall of Fame Inductions.

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Хорошо, Манзарек в свои 72 ногами играет
Описание концерта у меня в заметках
«Light My Fire» (рус. Зажги мой огонь) — песня американской рок-группы The Doors, выпущенная на дебютном альбоме The Doors. Выпущенная в качестве сингла в апреле 1967 года, она провела три недели на первом месте в горячей сотне Биллборда. Песня была в большей степени написана Робби Кригером, но на альбоме в качестве автора выступала вся группа. Сингл был удостоен золотого статуса в 1967, после продажи одного миллиона копий. Живая версия была выпущена в 1983 на концертном альбоме Alive She Cried — первом из
«Light My Fire» («Зажги мой огонь») — песня The Doors (одноимённый дебютный альбом).
Tuve que cortarme las uñas para tocar el teclado, pero las dejé lo suficientemente largas para poder tocar la guitarra también. Aquellos que hayan intentado tocar el piano con las uñas largas sabrán a lo que me refiero... está cabrón.

Grabé un track adicional de voz para los coros, también, hay un bajo eléctrico de cuerdas durante toda la canción (me dio mucha hueva grabar video de eso). La parte difícil de este cover fue el track de la batería. No soy baterista y no poseo una batería, así que lo hice en v
The Doors - Light My Fire (Music Video)
Short version of Light My Fire for promo video. 1967
(The Doors cover)
Live in Los Angeles `93
The Doors - Light My Fire @ Hollywood Bowl, 1968
Партия Рея Манзарека.
Выступление в "Доме у моря" 07.01.2015
The Doors Jim Morrison Light My Fire Live
Запись с концерта 15 декабря 2012 года в большом зале ДК "Исток" г. Фрязино

The Doors cover

Тимур Гареев (DeFrag) - вокал
Дмитрий Ермаков - клавишные
Евгений Рыжов - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал
Денис Быканов - гитара
Николай Жарый - гитара
Дмитрий Лантух - барабаны

На фестивале "Белые ночи"
Ледовый дворец 26.06.2012
Clips from the movie Vanishing Point. Set to The Door's cult number
концерт в Ледовом 26.06.2012
Freedom The Doors Light My Fire Cover у Кораблику Луцьк 3-го березня 2013
The Doors - Fever

Everybody's got the fever.
That is something we all know.
Fever isn't such a new thing.
Fever started a long time ago.

The livin' is easy.
Fish are jumpin'.
The cotton is high.
Your daddy's rich.
Your momma's good lookin'.
Hush little baby
Don't you cry.

I went down to St. James Infirmary.
I saw my baby there.
Stretched out on a marble table.
So cold.
So white.
So pale.

FREEDOM наживо у Майдані. Луцьк 2012
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Para verdaderos Doorseros. The Doors Live Cleveland, Ohio ''Cleveland Public Auditorium'' 1968. Audio&video.

7:00 PM. es la hora programada para el inicio de The Doors.
Capacidad para 9,200 personas, todos los lugares fueron ocupados.
''The Blues Establishment '' Los teloneros.

En este dia Los Doors estaban programados para tocar en el ''Shaker Heights High School Football Field'' en la misma ciudad de Cleveland Ohio, pero rapidamente los promotores cancelaron ahi & trasladaron el concierto al ''Cleve
Запись с концерта 15 декабря 2012 года в большом зале ДК "Исток" г. Фрязино

The Doors cover

Тимур Гареев (DeFrag) - вокал
Дмитрий Ермаков - клавишные
Евгений Рыжов - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал
Денис Быканов - гитара
Дмитрий Лантух - барабаны
Light My Fire

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The following is a summary of the controversial moments of the 65 minutes Miami Concert 1969:

While the introduction repeated, now painfully patient in the background , Morrison rapped incoherently into the microphone. He eventually managed to sing a couple of verses but lost interest quickly, returning to his aimless sermon. "I'm not talking about no revolution. And I'm not talking about no demonstration. I'm talking about having a good time. I'm talking about having a good time this summer. Now y
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The Doors (Manzarek Krieger) - The Chrystal Ship (Saint-Petersburg, RU)
26//06/12 - Ice Palace/ vids by "Независимая Студия Мнения" - Nezastudimne

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Ray Manzarek / Robby Krieger Of
THE DOORS Vocals By Dave Brock
Live At Congress Theater Chicago
November 13,2011

CCD - Connor (Guitar And Vocals), Cabbar (Djembe), David (Bass And Vocals)
Morning Star Shack.
Arambol. Goa. India
Light My Fire - The DOORS. Cover version
Break On Through To The "The Doors Portal"

RECORDING DATE: 12/04/1967
LOCATION: CBS Television City (Stage 43) - CA
PRODUCTION: Van Bernard/Wintergood Productions
LENGTH: 6:10
HOST: Jonathan Winters

This show originally airs on CBS in New York and San Francisco at 10:00pm on December 27th, 1967. This is the national premiere of The Jonathan Winters Show, and is the band's last U.S. television performance for a yea

The Doors performing The Crystal Ship and Light My Fire Live on American Bandstand in 1967. Also includes a short interview done by Host Dick Clark.
The Moscow Doors tribute band aLAbamers pays respect to the Ringo Starr's birthday and performs unique version of Light My Fire with some exerpts from Beatles' songs. Thanks to all the audience for support!
JIM MORRISON, Erick, Light my fire, lightmyfire, the soft parade, morrison, jim, the doors, remix, infected, mushroom
группа FRUKTbl |
Alex Prokazov - guitar, vocal, harmonica
Dmitry "Orange" Orehov - harmonica
Video - Eugene Yashin
Фрагмент концерта в "Чайном дворике". Пенза. 7 июля 2016
CAPELLA Concert House Лиговский 50 к.16
Папочка намутил ламповую группку, для уютного общения. Веб-панки и панамки идут лесом.
Презентация альбома "Drugie vibracii", Бар ДК, Минск, 04.12.2014.
Операторская работа - Никита Кузьмин
Телепроект Легенды Live на ОНТ
Евгений Мельников - вокал
Alexander Kiss - гитара
Святослав Чернухо - ударные
Валерий Башков - бас
Дмитрий Хоменко - клавишные
The Doors
5 July 1968, Hollywood Bowl
Legendary concert
The Doors
"Light My Fire" Official Live Music Video.
Directed by Ray Manzarek.
Produced by Rick Schmidlin.
The Doors: Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 1968.
Line Up: Vocals- Jim Morrison,
Keys- Ray Manzarek,
Drums- John Densmore,
Guitars- Robby Krieger.

R.I.P. Ray Manzarek
R.I.P. Jim Morrison

The Doors - Collection [DVD]
Don't forget to watch in High Quality...

My first video.. a definitive attempt at the album version of Light My Fire by The Doors.

Transcribed by ear and played on the Yamaha Motif XS7..Enjoy! This song is an endurance test :p

Официальный клип The Doors - Light My Fire в HQ качестве.
Лучший канал о группе The Doors!!!
Подписывайтесь на канал - ставьте лайки.

Отрывок выступления the doors в Москве 7.07.2011 в Крокус Сити Холле.

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The Doors were founded by Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison in Los Angeles in 1965. They released their eponymous debut album, which contained their hit single Light My Fire, in 1967 and went on to be one of the most controversial and influential rock acts of the sixties. Jim Morrison's early death in Paris in 1971 only served to fuel their legend and both he and the band have continued to enjoy icon
Track list:
01. Light My Fire - [00:00]
02. Riders on the Storm - [07:06]
03. The End - [14:17]
04. Break On Through - [26:00]
05. L.A. Woman - [28:27]
06. People Are Strange - [36:26]
07. Roadhouse Blues - [38:38]
08. When the Music's Over - [42:41]
09. Touch Me - [53:37]
10. The Crystal Ship - [56:49]
11. Love Me Two Times - [59:23]
12. Hello, I Love You - [01:02:39]
13. Peace Frog - [01:04:54]
14. Love Her Madly - [01:07:44]
15. Alabama Song - [01:10:39]
16. Spanish Caravan - [01:13:57]
17. Five to One - [01:16:55]
18. The Soft Parade - [01:21:21]
19. Back Door Man - [01:29:56]
20. Soul Kitchen - [01:33:28]
21. Gloria - [01:37:01]
22. Love Street - [01:44:15]
23. Waiting for the Sun - [01:47:04]
24. Moonlight Drive - [01:51:02]
25. End of the Night - [01:54:02]