The Craic: Hold The Penny - Craic, CRAIC - Hold The Penny, Security Guard Spoils The Craic, Highlander Celtic Rock Band - the Craiced Fiddle, Joe Bethancourt:

The Craic

Hold The Penny
Amongst The Mischief & Malarkey
Directed by: Zebulon Thomas
Co-Directed by: Tom Crane
A Zebulon Thomas Films Production
Hold The Penny Audio Produced and Engineered by Ryan Foltz

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HIGHLANDER Celtic Rock Band Australia, Title - 'the Craiced Fiddle" Written and Recorded by Highlander C.R.B.A. at RESTPARK STUDIO. Awesome Celtic Soundtrack. "Awesome Celtic Band".
Joe Bethancourt, Heather Alexander, Avalon Rising, Leslie Fish and several others in what has become a legendary Celtic jam session at the LA World Science Fiction Convention
Sung by Paddy Reilly. From the album "Further Along"
RTÉ Radio 1's Colm Flynn soaks up the atmosphere in sunny Sligo at this year's Fleadh Cheoil.

Fleadh Cheoil 2014 came west this year and Sligo t...
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surprise, surprise!

well, this is a very bittersweet upload ...
because well, this will be my last cut the craic...

i'm kinda gonna...
A video demonstrating fire poi photography and the results in can produce
It's really easy to do! 20 sec shutter, f10 aperture 100 iso!

Dancing Irish Taxi Driver in The Street! - Having the Craic (from another angle)

Awesome taxi driver in Ireland.
This is one example of 'having da craic' in Ireland.
Its not about how you do it,its just doing it that matters. The weather in Ireland at the moment is beautiful and everyone is in great form going about their business including the, usually moaning taxi drivers. After 3 summers of rain,its now time to let loose.The beaches are packed,the BBQ's are smoking and everyone is havin da c
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well, the first ot4 cut the craic, with a few zayn clips but he will always be a part of them so how hehe :) I hope you guys enjoyed...
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Jamie Nod invites iLLCamille to drop by Knocksville and talk why her mom specifically wanted her to be born in Compton, Baby Daddy Big K.R.I.T, and her relationship to TDE.

Ill Camille

Craic Haus - Siren of the Sea and South Australia live at House of Blues March 10, 2013.
Rockapaddy II

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Been a long time since I made one of these c:
I don't know how many more of these I'm making but I know I'm not gonna stop any time soon haha, but until the next one, hope you enjoy the newest edition :)

and if you share the video anywhere can you use #cutthecraic so i can see your lovely reactions and such c:

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Sorry this video got delayed but thank you all for your condolences about my friend. Many have asked about if I will still make these videos because there is four people in the band now, and the answer is YES! Despite everything happening, i love making these videos for you guys and we still have 4 amazing boys to support.

Until next cut the craic {where there will be those 4 boys on the intro} I hope you enjoy this one and have a good day :D

Hope this was worth the wait! What's your favo
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Just a few hours past march 24th, but this still counts as my birthday gift for me and you guys! ENJOY! :D

Update: A few hours later, the fandom got the news that Zayn has left One Direction.. this is honestly the most heart breaking day of my life, and i hope that this video can at least make you smile or maybe cry to let out the emotions, but i just wanna thank you all for the support you've given me for this channel through my love for these five boys.. I don't know what will happen

The official music video for Johnny Brady & Max T. Barnes' new single, "The Craic".

See what happens when a security guard stops an impromptu gig in Dublin.

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