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The Chiffons

Released on the 1963 album, "He's So Fine". A nice song by the girl group. Recorded earlier by the Tokens. Written by Philip Frederick Margo, XIV and Hank Medress.

Proving that some things get even better with age, here are Judy Craig and The Chiffons singing their 1963 hit, "One Fine Day". It's from the 2000 PBS special, "Doo Wop 51".
In 2001 The Chiffons performed their hit song
and sounded just as good as they did in 1963!
композитор Р.Мак
слова Р.Мак
Recorded Released in 1963

Песня, из-за которой Джорджа Харрисона обвинили в плагиате. После судебных процессов длительностью в несколько лет, у Джорджа отобрали 50% прав на его хит "My Sweet Lord".
Great cover of the "Little Eva" hit with that great "Girl Group" sound.

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Here's a re-orchestration of Chiffon from the Birdy the Mighty : Decode soundtrack. Curious as to what goes into making something like this? You can watch an archive of the stream to see how it as made @

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Released on the 1963 album, "One Fine Day". The Chiffons' version of the '50's hit by Dion and the Belmonts.

Our fantastic scarf stylist, Lauranne Plat, talks us through her favourite ways to tie a scarf.

Style 1: The Chiffon Knot, using Meg Mathews' skull chiffon scarf, designed exclusively for Liberty.

Meg Mathews online at
The Chiffons -He's So Fine
Song: -
English: Adolescence

Signal-P (music)
Orange (lyrics)

Vocaloid: Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ), Kaito (カイト)

Module: シフォンワンピース (Chiffon One-piece), オンザロック (On The Rocks)

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Luka & Kaito:

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The Chiffons - One fine day ( 1963 )
Canción de 1963 y puesto 5 en las listas de EE.UU.

One fine day
You'll look at me
And you will know
Our love was meant to be
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl

The arms I long for
Will open wide
And you'll be proud
To have me by your side
One fine day
You're gonna want me for your girl
Artist: The Chiffons

Track Title: He's So Fine


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Clair De Lune A Cappella at UC Irvine sings One Fine Day at Zot Cappella.

Soloist: Grace Han
Arranged by Rebecca Mesch
Choreographed by Rebecca Mesch