The Chief: 👑SON OF THE CHIEF👑, Советник президента / Mail to the Chief (2000) Канада, США, Chief Keef "Taking Breathes" (Behind The Scenes), Chief Keef

The Chief
Making of Halo The Master Chief Collection making of more on
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NewBeat substyle

A tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev from 1989, by Belgian NewBeat activists SACHER MUSAK.

In 1989, after their flash hit "Van Den Beat", SACHER MUSAK (Bob "Bobvan" Vanderbob+James Desaules) paid tribute to the last leader of the Soviet Union, the man who loosened Soviet hegemony over Eastern Europe, thus signalling the end of the Cold War.

This video became a huge underground hit in the Soviet Union at the time, where it circulated in the form of VHS tapes.
Songs on the album:
1. Run Up
3. Up N' Down
4. RED
5. No Choices
6. Blocka
7. Cocky
8. Instagram
9. Road Runner
10. Too Turnt
11. H.U.R.T
12. So Cold

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"Музыка, Клипы, Фильмы"
Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
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Sanctuary was announced as one of the re-mastered Halo 2: Anniversary maps included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Watch the action as four Halo pros battle it out in Team Slayer for the first time on the reimagined Sanctuary map.
Sanctuary was announced as one of the re-mastered Halo 2: Anniversary maps included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Watch the action as four Halo pros battle it out in Team Slayer for the first time on the re-imagined Sanctuary map.
NEW SINGLE from ricky and the boys, for more Kaiser Chiefs go to ---------
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (рус. Halo: Коллекция мастера-старшины) — ожидаемый сборник игр Halo с участием Джона-117 в качестве главного героя; в их число входят Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 и Halo 4. Помимо них, в сборнике будет присутствовать цифровое издание веб-сериала Halo: Nightfall, а также доступ к бета-версии мультиплеера Halo 5: Guardians. Выпуск сборника ожидается 11 ноября 2014 года исключительно для платформы Xbox
Подопечный Жинель Моне Jidena показал самые стильные похороны в мире. Так должны хоронить королей.
Playing live at T in the Park 2016. For more visit:
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Сборник выйдет осенью этого года на Xbox One.
The Lord Chief Rocka, number one Chief Rocka
Saints Row 4 - Hail to the Chief trailer.
Halo The Master Chief Collection Trailer
Location of Master Chief's helmet from Halo hidden in Destiny.
Halo The Master Chief Collection - Lockout Map Gameplay (Xbox One)

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Премьера! Jidenna - Long Live the Chief 2015/2016
Pro100 Y - only the premiere!
Watch some exclusive content with Jidenna inside the headquarters of Sony music in London for his private album playback for "Long Live The Chief". Epic records president Sylvia Rhone was on hand to address the Sony staff on her feelings towards Jidenna's anticipated debut album. Enjoy being a fly on the wall, Inside the label

Jidenna "100 Year Plan"
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Jidenna performing "Long Live The Chief" Live in Atlanta August 31 2015 @ The Tabernacle! The Wondaland Eephus Tour!
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World EDM Festival
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Обычный школьник Кенни, блуждая по сети, наткнулся в чате на парня, скрывающегося под псевдонимом Середнячок Джо. Джо крайне нуждался в советах по миллиону вопросов, а у нашего героя как раз был миллион ответов, которые он хотел бы сбыть любому желающему его слушать. Так было положено начало крепкой интернет-дружбы, имевшей, как выяснил наш герой позже, далеко идущие политические последствия. Ведь под именем Джо скрывался никто иной, как… президент США А. Торнтон Оскуд, который не преминул воспользоваться ц
Сэм и Билл решают похитить сына известного банкира, девятилетнего Энди Дорсбта и назначить за него выкуп. Но озорной и непослушный мальчишка думает, что участвует в безрассудном приключении и представляет себя Вождем Краснокожих, устрашающим индейским воином… со всеми вытекающими из зтого последствиями для бледнолицых воров.
Want to witness every easter egg known to Halo, without having to watch two hundred 360p videos, commentated by people with no idea what they're doing, while they film with their phones?
Me too. So I made this.
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Наконец-то, спустя столько времени, вот он, я осмелился сделать обзор на свою любимую серию игр, Halo.

The Halo Master Chief Collection это самая выгодная покупка на хвох, вы получаете сразу 5 игр разом, всем советую.
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Hear from Big Chief and the OKC crew about his devastating wreck on race night against Detroit.

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We get a sneak peek at the upcoming Xbox One Exclusive at Comic Con
Chief Keef Getting Turnt To His New Music With Young Chop
Chief Keef Getting Turnt To His New Music With Young Chop
Chief Keef Getting Turnt To His New Music With Young Chop

Jidenna performs Long Live the Chief.
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In a video, titled 'Destination: Moon', Paris-based Esa outlines its plans for humans to live on the rim of the South Pole-Aitken basin, which stretches across nearly a quarter of the moon.
In a video, titled 'Destination: Moon', Paris-based Esa outlines its plans for humans to live on the rim of the South Pole-Aitken basin, which stretches across nearly a quarter of the moon.
In a video, titled 'Destination: Moon', Paris-based Esa outlines its plans for humans to live on the rim of the South Pole-Aitken ba
The Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case just took another dramatic turn. Soma Banerjee even wrote a letter to the Chief Minister claiming Rahul Raj Singh was responsible for her untimely death. Now there is a new twist in the story. Rahul's father has now written to the Chief Minister claiming that his son is in depression over the death of his fiancee and therefore, the family should be spared from these allegations. What do you think is eventually going to happen in this case. Do tell us in the comment sectio
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection - видеоигра-сборник в жанре FPS, разработанная компанией 343 Industries для игровой консоли Xbox One. Игра включает в себя Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4

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Quick Beat I made on the SP1200 and S950!

Drums, Sample and Horns on the SP.
Bassline on the S950.

Are you a rapper interested in 90s Boom Bap Beats? Lease or buy an exclusive beat here: (DropBox Link)
Check out my SoundCloud Page: Chief Rugged

one love
Chief Rugged

Hiiigh Eye
Midnite Marauderz
Children of the Soul
Syntax Era

boom bap 12 bit akai s950 sp1200 emu hip hop beats 2016 beatmaking
Everyday I Love You Less and Less
Ruffians On Parade
Never Miss a Beat
The Factory Gates
Coming Home
I Predict a Riot
Meanwhile Up in Heaven
The Angry Mob
Misery Company
Oh My God
"The Chief": (21+8 Rx)
The chief is a workout that fools you into thinking it's just a few cycles...3 minutes of work, then a minute rest. What it really is is a test of your ability to pace yourself and know your own engine. Eric and Chris didn't agree about what the most painful movement was (air squats or push-ups) but they did agree they both went out too hot in the first 3-minute cycle - and paid for it.

See the full extended WOD un

This is the first ever guitar recording of Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso (by C. Saint-Saens), which is normally played by violin virtuosos. The album with The Commander-In-Chief and Craig Ogden is now available on iTunes & Amazon, T-Shirts, Watches,iPad
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"See You in Sochi!", episode 7, Alexander Ugarov, chief engineer at the Iceberg skating palace

Series of episodes "See you in Sochi" tell about the city life in anticipation of the Olympic Games on behalf of Sochi citizens.

"Увидимся в Сочи", серия 7, Угаров Александр, главный инженер ледового дворца спорта «Айсберг», предназначенного для соревнований по фигурному катанию и шорт-треку.

Серия роликов "Увидимся в Сочи" рассказывает о городе в преддверии Игр глазами его жителей.
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THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON tells the tale of Barney (Carlyle), a hapless barber, devoid of charm and 'patter' as his fellow barbering brethren mockingly remind him. Barney's mediocre, mundane life of plotting for a way up is about to be transformed, following a typically incompetent fit of pique, when he inadvertently stumbles into serial murder, and with it headlong into the trail of a grotesque series of killings gripping Glasgow. As he makes ham-fisted attempts to cove
Norwegian guitarist, The Commander In Chief performs "Evolution" in her trademark metal/classical crossover style live on the EMGtv stage. With the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H pickups at hand, she retains a tight bass response on her seven string guitar with balanced tone all the way up the neck.

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Ракурс в историю брейкинга в г.Рязани!

Дата образования танцевального коллектива Chief Rocka Crew - январь-февраль 2006г. Хотя танцоры, которые входили в ее состав, начали свою танцевальную карьеру годами ранее.
Этот коллектив можно сказать образовался из преданных своему делу танцоров, которые до того как вступить в ряды Chief Rocka танцевали в различных командах в городе и области.

В конце 90-х начале 2000-х в городе Рязани и в области насчитывалось около 15 коллективов, танцевавших в стиле Брейкинг. Но к сожаления уже в начале двухтысячных в городе осталось только две команды. Одна из них выступала под названием "Five Fingers", а другая собрала в своем составе уцелевших участников различных коллективов и выступала под различными названиями "Devil Craft, Power Limit Breakers, Силовой Предел, Беспредел".
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Big Chief drives the Crowmod for the first time!
Всё самое интересное в мире хип-хопа у нас:
Join Chief in his quest to kill aliens or whatever.

Майю Дулиттл, которая умеет говорить с животными так же как и ее отец, президент США назначает на специальное задание
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Tesla Model X towing and range test with the Bowlus Road Chief, the world's most advanced, aerodynamic travel trailer.
Special thanks to Mr. Jack Bowers for bring his Model X to test.
Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani captures the otherworldly landscape of Carrara's marble quarries in the Apuan Alps, Northwest Italy, as Il Capo (The Chief) guides his men through the extraction process in this excerpt by Yuri Ancarani .
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Clancy Brown discusses being War Chief of the Horde, and claims that the Warcraft Orcs are tougher, smarter and better looking than the Lord of the Rings Orcs.

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Abuzayd Vismuradov «Patriot» Security chief of Ramzan Kadyrov - Chechen special forces - Patriot of Chechnya - Начальник охраны Кадырова Начальник службы безопасности Рамзана Кадырова «Патриот» Абузайд Висмурадов -
'I'm still alive': Watch the Queen's brilliant response after Sinn Fein chief Martin McGuinness asks after her health.

'I'm still alive': Watch the Queen's brilliant response after Sinn Fein chief Martin McGuinness asks after her health.

The Queen offered Sinn Fein chief and former IRA member Martin McGuinness a brilliant response when he asked after her health.
The first female 7-string guitarist/singer/songwriter in metal
Пес N1 США — собака Президента, совершенно перестает слушаться хозяина и выходит из под контроля. И, только Мая, обладая уникальными способностями понимать язык животных, может предотвратить назревающий кризис.
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Bitch I'm in the stu
I'm working, I need to get a coupe
And a Rarri
And a Bugatti
Nigga go with a few bodies

She thought she was a thot but she's a dumb hoe
My niggas get them guns, coming through shooting like Rambo

Pull up in that red Beamer, they looking like I'm Dahmer
What I see, a bunch of hating niggas and a bunch of fouls
I pull up on her, skrr skrr skrr like it in my car
Kaiser Chiefs perform Ruby live at T in the Park 2014. Head over to for more from T.

#The_Commander_In_Chief #Craig_Ogden #Paganini #Caprice_24
Por Una Cabeza ( Tango from Scent Of A WomanSchindler's List) The Commander-In-Chief & Craig Ogden
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Here is my first watercolor process video. It's far from perfect (sorry for my big head poping and all the skecthbook moves) but it can give a glimpse of how I proceed regarding watercolor, and hopefully help some of you. At the very begining of the process I took a picture of the drawing that I put aside, because as I begin to paint, it tend to completely cover the drawing and it's sometimes very hard to figure out where the lines were at first. The picture on my phone is a guide all along the process. A
The original song "Chief of the Sea" by "The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats...