The Chicken Club: The Chicken Club Dance Now, Syntheticsax - Chicken (Live performance in the club), Alexandr Murenko Band - The Chicken 04.09.2012 (Club 44,

The Chicken Club

The Chicken Club Dance Now by Artem Viirta, chicken club music funny antidrug comedy mustache tgo0116 drugs drugs dance

This is a legitimate anti-drug music video (from the 80''s) conceived and created to let youngsters know that if they were confronted with the temptation to do drugs they could say "no" with confidence. Even if the person propositioning the child called them a "chicken" (as a last ditch effort to persuade the kid to change their mind) the youth could fire back with the completely unexpected answer, "That's right, I am a chicken and it's OK because there is this sweet music video that told me that it's cool

Video from live performance Syntheticsax Vova Bagagge

Ruslan Bolatov - Keyboards
Shirhan Agabeyli - Bass
Alexandr Murenko - Drums, Sound Design
Oleg Kolesnik - Live Sound
Sergey Dlikin - Camera Operator

Recorded Live on September 4, 2012, Club 44, Kiev.
follow up to duck sauce "barbra streisand" - strictly confidential - for internal use only!!!
Ok friends and fans! Here it is, the full HOW TO BUILD A CHICKEN TRACTOR video. This was our greatest video endeavor yet and took hours and hours to create.

We'll be adding the full materials list here in a bit. Nag us for it if you don't see it soon.

Special thanks to members of The Growing Club who support us in creating these videos, and to the volunteers who helped build the tractors (Russ, Corry, Zach, Kay, Tony, anyone we missed?)

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Shot live in The Compound Studio by Matt Wignall, here is another from The Neptune Blues Club. Marc Ford, Anthony Arvizu, John Bazz, Bill Barrett, Mike Malone and Stephen Hodges.
убедительные усы
Ruslan Bolatov - Keyboards
Shirhan Agabeyli - Bass
Alexandr Murenko - Drums
Fluffly chick will show you the nightlife in "Chick Paradis" Club. Chickens can party like no one else. See for yourself.

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