The Broken Tower: Разрушенная башня (2011) | The Broken Tower, The Broken Tower / Разрушенная башня (2012), Тизер Разрушенная башня / The Broken Tower, The

The Broken Tower

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Крейн — сын известного леденцового фабриканта, яркий талант, страдавший от одиночества, в 1932 году спрыгнул с парохода, на котором плыл из Мексики. Самоубийству предшествовал затяжной период депрессии, связанной с собственными литературными неудачами, гомосексуальными наклонностями и пристрастием к спиртному. Тело 33-летнего Крейна так и не было найдено.
from writer/director James Franco
"The Broken Tower" based on the true life story of poet Hart Crane.
Directed, written and produced by James Franco

From Focus World and director/star James Franco, a film about visionary poet Hart Crane,...
James Franco, writer-director of "The Broken Tower," talks about Hart Crane, and reveals what led him to make a movie about the legendary American poet of the 1920's, a movie as unconventional as the life and career of Crane himself.

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Paul Mariani introduces James Franco and the film inspired by the book "The Brown Tower" about poet Art Crane
Peering out over a small town, from within a thin wood-line which was once a manicured front lawn, sits the broken and battered remains of an old hotel. When it first opened in 1927, none could have foretold the state that this old place would eventually decay to. During its prime it operated for several decades servicing patrons of the town's then-famous bath houses. Though once tremendously popular, these baths eventually fell to the wayside, and along with them, this hotel. Now the tower is home to nothi
Продолжение увлекательного психологического триллера в жанре "hidden object" от Mad Head Games и Большой рыбы.
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Со съемочной площадки "Разрушенной башни" в Мексике