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The Black Ryder - Sweet Come Down

The Black Ryder - Sweet Come Down (Official Video)
With auspicious sensual textured layers of melody and guitars, both Scott Von Ryper and chanteuse Miss Aimee Nash weave a densely rich tapestry of love, sex and death, mountains, oceans and astral travel.

They indicate the way to the heart of life, the centre of our humanity in ritual space, in crafted chords, in veiled waves of sonic tone and drone. Rich dangerous opiated swirling attacks on the third eye lysergic and lupine in equal measure. Once drawn in by this perfume its essence stays with the list
treat me like your mother's afterparty

feat. peter hayes of brmc on harmonica
шшикарный по-мне
joined by Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on harmonica, live in San Francisco, CA
The Black Ryder live at Popscene SF, 2 December 2010.
The Black Ryder plays Sweet Come Down in the cold dark room. From the "Buy the ticket, take the ride" album.
in 1080p!
The Black Ryder play "Sweet Come Down" at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on the eve of Austin Psych Fest 4.
Dir. Michael Spiccia / music The Black Ryder / Australia / 2009
Follow the path of destruction to

Appears courtesy of The Black Ryder
management: Original Matters
label: Anti Machine Machine - EMI
"Sweet Come Down" is from The Black Ryder's debut album "Buy the ticket, take the ride". Released through The Anti Machine Machine / EMI Music.

Producer: Michael Spiccia
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Steadicam: Andrew AJ Johnson
Production Manager/1st AD: Adam Wareham
Executive Producer: Craig Deeker
Editor: Mark Burnett
Colourist: Marcus Timpson
Make-up: Trista Fawkes - Rogers
VFX: Justin Bromley

The Black Ryder - Sweet Come Down (Live From Gary's Electric)
My cover of The Black Ryder's - Sweet come down. The most beautiful song i've ever heard.