The Beginning of Order - StormWolf (Eurobeat) смотреть онлайн

The Beginning of Order - StormWolf (Eurobeat)

Finally a new song :D
This one's another one for toastbeard, this week's theme was "The End of Equestria"
Another eurobeat style song, this one was inspired by eurobeat brony, and even borrowed his chord progs at some point. Not my best one though...

I KNOW THE VOCALS AREN'T THAT GOOD- I don't have a decent microphone and I was kinda rushed (finished the entire thing in 2 days excluding the lyrics)

Song composed and vocals done by me, StormWolf/Josh Loh :D
Ingenious lyrics and story concept created by Equinox/Larry McConnell!

Chaos, happiness, and misery are balanced in Equestria as it was many years ago, clouds cut between water and cotton candy, and days pass at changing rates. Nothing is constant just like it was meant to be and Discord maintains that intention. An ambitious white alicorn sees the chaos as destruction, and uses it as an excuse to take the world for herself. The world becomes a place of order and c