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The Beatles - Doctor Robert

The Beatles "Doctor Robert" album "Revolver" 1966 / 2009

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The Beatles - "Doctor Robert" (Early Mono Mix)
An early mono mix of "Doctor Robert" which differs only subtly to that of the UK mono mix which appears on "Revolver." This particular mix made its first release on the U.S. LP "Yesterday...and Today." This particular version was mixed for mono on May 12, 1966 at Abbey Road Studios, and sent by courier to the Capitol Tower in L.A., where a mono lacquer for the album was cut the following day.
The "Yesterday...and Today" LP was released on June 20, 1966.
"Doctor Robert" is a song by The Beatles released on the album Revolver in the United Kingdom and on Yesterday and Today in the United States. The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was recorded in 7 takes on 17 April 1966 with vocals overdubbed 19 April. Lennon said that he was Doctor Robert: "I was the one who carried all the pills on tour ... in the early days"

Our cover version of this brilliant cut from 1966's Revolver. Doctor Robert is an obvious John Lennon piece, apparently with lyrics about himself, the band "doctor" who carried all the drugs and pills on tour. It has some very interesting guitar lines, and some beautiful layering of vocal harmony, particularly in the "well well well" section, which makes it one of the many standouts on the brilliantly game changing Revolver. To me it also has one of the most intriguing and confusing harmonic structures of a
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Альбом: Revolver (1966)
Доктор Роберт является песня The Beatles включены в альбом Revolver в Англии и LP Вчера и сегодня в Соединенных Штатах. Она была написана в первую очередь Джона Леннона и записывается на 7 выстрелов 17 апреля 1966 года изменения и голосовой дубляж Леннона 19 апреля.
Предположительно песня относится к доктор Роберт, который существовал в действительности, и что лечить своих пациентов с галлюциногенными наркотиками, это можно увидеть в текст песни.
Доктор Роберт был, вероятно, Робер