The Bath Tub: "Girl Bathing in Doritos Tub" - Sexy Doritos Commercial Crash The Super Bowl 2014, BABY'S 1ST BATH, HE PEED IN THE TUB!, Pet duck in the bath

The Bath Tub

Girl Bathing in Doritos Tub Sexy Super Bowl Ad 2014

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Our baby's 1st bath and he peed on daddy so he had to rinse him off again.
My pet duck, Lizzie, swimming in the bathtub on a hot, summer day!!!
Apparently, bath tub plugs are funny!
We learned this song from SurLaLune Storytime:

Felt Pattern is from Sunflower Storytime:

One elephant in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock (clap twice)
Splash, splash (slap knees twice)
Come on in! (motion with both hands to come in)

(count up from 1-5)
Five elephants in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock (clap twice)
Splash, splash (slap knees twice)
It all fell in! (knock the fe
Sure loves Bath time and like the spiderman mask.
Send to anyone to cheer them up.
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This clip is from Season 8 Episode 12 "Extra Large Medium".


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Kaya in the bath singing Twinkle Twinkle
Kittens getting a bath and swimming.

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just laugh or smile, one video at a time.

Jade discovered that she could sing Oh Canada underwater. She is 8 years old and wants to discover life from every angle. What a goofy girl-she makes life worth getting up in the morning.
Tri is just now learning to stand. Today for the first time, he did so in the tub. This gives you a bit of sense of what it entails
This time, Selah is singing a REAL Chinese song that she learned at preschool while taking a bath. We heard he just belting it out from the other room so Sang Ju got the camera. :)
"The Scarlet" by Steel Pole Bath Tub
From the VHS "Fruits Aux Sept Liquers"

Liner Notes:
"Steel Pole Bath Tub toured Europe playing over 30 shows in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Denmark. jeff Smith went along, filmed most of the shows, came back to the US, stopped in New York, finally got home to Seattle where he sat on a couch, played with bears, drank tea + coffee, ate cookies, and listened to records. In early 1994 he got together with Paul Uusitalo and Darren Mor-x and
Emmy Rose is having a fun time in the big girl bath tub!!
Kitties jumping into the tub with their toys, and attacking the water
Tanmay baby taking a bath splashing in the tub
TJ Bremner sitting in the bath tub for the first time. He is too cute. He loves the bath seat we got him like his Biggest Sister Amanda His Momma he loves the water.....He is showing that off today in this 2 video set. He is 6 1/2 months old it is 07/30/2011... I LOVE MY LITTLE MAN his Big Sisters (the Crazy A's)....
ang magpinsan na pasaway on their bath time
Wrigley used his penguin and basketballs to play angry birds.

Coco was trying to get into his water bowl so I decided to try and see if he would like the tub...he LOVED it!!!

The Motorised Bath Tub. A group of students make an old bath tub motorised by using a scooter motor. The nippy vehicle is used for shopping outings. Filmed in 1960 in England.

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He loves to take baths but besides that he loves anything to do with the bath tub check this out.
Сегодня Ясминка открывает свою новую ванночку для Бэби Бона Тимки.
Ванночка оче ...
Corgi puppy in the bathroom exploring the tub.
Baby Alex learning to swim in the bath tub
Специально для группы ДЖОЗЕФ МОРГАН » JOSEPH MORGAN
MAAMA Breastfeeding one of the twins the bath tub | BREASTFEEDING TUTORIAL

Description: Welcome to Channel . We also provide Breast feeding, Hand expression Idea.
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Here is a super fun way to get your abs moving. This video gives you exercises to help awaken your abs to eventually accomplish the belly roll. Th...
Part 2 of my bath in skinny jeans and my sexy overknee boots.

Милоты вам!

Очаровательному мопсу по кличе Барри настало время как следует помыться. И он этому крайне раааад :3
Новая ванна для кукол Купаем играем с куклой Tub to Bathe the dolls playing with doll


Приветствуем вас на канале Mimi Lissa Мими Лисса -это канал девочки Алисы!
Алиса очень любит Май Литл Пони Лалалупси Машу и медведя конструктор Лего и еще множество других популярных детских игрушек, а еще Алиса очень любит КИНДЕРЫ !!!!!!
The movie scene when Mathayus (The Rock) gets entrenched in the bath tub with The Sorceress (Kelly Hu)

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Kaden thinks Christian broke his toe and then the colorful bath tub is revealed.
Barbara and Ethan of The Belle Brigade perform an acoustic version of their song "Losers" in a bath tub (where else would you expect them to do it?). You can purchase "Losers" on itunes here -

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filmed and edited by Claire Vogel
Gav and Dan reenact a scene from Inception... except in a back garden in South England. Watch in HD!

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