The Art Institutes: Design: AIRBORNE HURRAY! © ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Fashion Design BA 2013 (1 year students), Design students at NASA's Mirco-g NExT

The Art Institutes: Design

*art direction: Matthijs Boelee and Lenn Cox
*camera & edit : Maurice van Brummelen (Plaatsmaken)
*light: Ivonne Zijp

AIRBORNE is a design project related to Experimental Design within the first course-year. On the basis of spatial experiment students get acquainted with the various stages of a design process, from idea to execution. AIRBORNE is based on the work of minimal artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Sol Lewitt, and with the aim to create volumes and silhouettes through movement.
Art Institute of Seattle industrial students test their prototype in the simulated microgravity environment of the NASA Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL).

Micro-g NExT challenges student teams to design, build, and test a tool or device that addresses an authentic, current space exploration problem.

Faculty and students at the Art Institute of Seattle describe the school's two degree programs in Industrial Design.
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