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Tha OutLawZ

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Клип из группы "♥♥♥ Gangsta Rap ♥♥♥"
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OST "Преступные Связи" 1996

Version: Movie

Quality: High (DVDRIP)

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Отличный клип(саундтрэк) к фильму ПРЕСТУПНЫЕ СВЯЗИ(Gang Related), 1996 г..
Саундтрэк к фильму - Преступные Связи (Gang Related, 1996).
Саундтрэк к фильму "Преступные Связи", 1996 г.

Это главная версия клипа! В клипе играет оригинальный клиповый трэк! не MP3 версия! Заметьте!
Саундтрэк к фильму "Преступные Связи", 1997г. MADE NIGGAZ существует несколько версий, здесь - оригинал! Вот только такой оригинал хрен , где достанешь нормального качества...
Саундтрэк к фильму "Преступные Связи". 1997г..
Explicit Uncensored Video Version..From The 1997 Soundtrack : Gang Related.

*There are 3 different video version for this track..there's the ''360° Camera'' version the ''Movie Version'' with clips from gang related in it than theres this ''OG Set Up Version''..THIS is the BEST version in my opinion !

there's a few videos just like this here on youtube only I made the audio louder better quality where the 2:48 mark is when the track kicks on..


Лучше этого клипа я не видел! Это кино!
"No man separates what we create..."
✪ West Coast Rap:
Niggaz Rap Group © 2009-2011
Exclusive By
Young Noble, E.D.I., Hussein Fatal, Young Buck, Macadoshis, Big Syke
unstoppable...untouchable...mothafuckin WORLD WIDE MOB FIGGAZ
Outlawz - Legendz In Tha Game (Music Video)
Jay Z & Lil Wayne Samples

Perfect Timing September 13th 2011 Preorder Now
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Após seu assassinato em setembro de 96, pouco mais de 2 meses depois, a Death Row lança o álbum "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory", o primeiro álbum após sua morte.

O CD conta com várias faixas com ar de vigança e morte em torno de Tupac. Nessa faixa "Bomb 1st, My 2nd Reply", no início da música num tom muito baixo Pac diz: "Suge shot me! [Suge atirou em mim!]". Segundo os fãs, este CD contém "pistas" de quem teria matado Tupac, direcionando a Suge Knight, presidente da Death Row na época.

O nome do
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One time, one time nigga one time! (Where?)

Runnin' from the police (Yeah I know what you mean)
No matter what I do, they got a nigga
still runnin' from the police
(Put them motherfuckin Nike's on tight and get ghost y'all)

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Young Noble (Outlawz)
"Do it from tha heart"
Directed by Jae Synth.

PRODUCED BY- Outkastunforgiving
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2Pac & Snoop Dogg - Live At The House Of Blues (Последний концерт Тупака Шакура, 1996г)
Tupac (Feat. Outlawz and K-Ci and Jojo)
1. Ambitions Az A Ridah
2. So Many Tears
3. Troublesome
4. Hit 'Em Up
5. Tatoo Tears
6. All About You
7. Never Call U Bitch Again
8. Freek'n You
9. How Do You Want It
Tha Dogg Pound (Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Daz & Nate Dogg)
10. Murder Was The Case
11. The Shiznit
12. If We All Gonna F**k
13. Next
14. Some Bomb Azz (Pu**y)
15. Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)
16. New York
17. Big Pimpin'
18. Do What I Feel
19. G'z And Hustlas
20. Who Am I (What's My Name)
21. Me In Your World
22. For My Nig**z and Bitches
23. Doggfather
24. Gin and Juice
Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Outlawz, Nate Dogg, K-Ci & Jojo
25. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Hussein Fatal - It's all about you - Tha Outlawz live in Moscow
Tha Outlawz - Killuminati 2K10 [HOT] [NEW 2010]

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2pac feat. Tha Outlawz - Hit 'Em Up (Dirty) (HQ) (1996)
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