Teamkiller: Pharah/TeamKill/Overwatch/2016, TeamKill, TEAMKILL #4, wallbang / teamkill, Teamkill..., FAIL teamkill.....(CS:GO), best teamkill, TeamKill.


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Подписка на группу и донат - дело добровольное, но я благодарен любой помощи, ведь именно благодаря ВАМ я продолжаю заниматься этим делом и пытаюсь радовать вас каждый день:
sorry stavi :D {3

Original -
5 kills and 1 behind the scenes
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Volskaya defence team kill.
27-12-16, ILIOS. klaidiq
почти сальтуху намутил
So funny moment from match mousesports - envyus. DEVIL knives Happy, ninja defuse by denis
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► CS:GO - The holy MLG AWP! FaZe
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epic player
Вот жёстко :DDDDDDDDD
Team Kill Promo clip
by Instant
and assistant SocceRHD
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I have no why youtube squeezed the video from the usual 16:9 ratio.

Had to fetch this up with a replay.
Basically, an enemy manages to kill 3 of his teammates with a single HE.
Me playing as Snivy with terrible Bizon aim. How else am I gonna react to 5 freakin' CTs?
DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig 2016

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Reinhardt with love
H1Z1 Tournament. Teamkill by Hoowy
inboxes team (TA) killed by Hoowy
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лестница на б никак не хотел появляться, даже после 5-минутного ожидания прогрузки демки
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Denis ninja defuse and Knife TEAMKILL
NiP Maikelele teamkills NiP Get_RiGhT in the Grand Final of DreamHack Winter 2014.
This was a hilarious moment on the stream. I was "roflmao'ing" after watching this, it was so entertaining to watch.
Great final by the way.

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Final map on overpass and a teamkill secures the round for NIP.
Командное убийство за гендзи.
Связка Заря + Гендзи
27-12-16, ILIOS. klaidiq
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» Just happened in matchmaking a few hours ago. :D


Enjoy the might of troll warlord!
Hope i inspire you to play the troll!

P.S. In the newer versions, trade the power treads for the phase boots so nothing stops the maniac!
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Feint - The Journey ft. Veela
me playing teemo when i get ganked by lee sin, he safeguarded his olaf but after that it looked like he killed the olaf on his own team with a basic attack or something like that?

Живая запись моей игры на картах aim_ak-colt и aim_headshot
Записывал не правильно, в следующий раз будет лучше :)
Track list:
1) Feed Me - One Click Headshot
2) Krftkds - Hey Lets Go ( Original Mix)
Fnatic's player Dennis had a problem with his PC(look at the ingame chat) and they wanted to restart the round so Elige decided to shoot his mates for fun, after that,they restartet the round but Liquid won 16:13 and are now heading to the Grand Final against SK-Gaming.
I don't know if the casters ignored the chat or just can't see the ingame chat.
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Tons of C4 and running over my own teammates xD I'll expand on the possibilities of trolling and try and get reactions once the full game is out. The people in game chat are generally really focused or don't talk much, but hopefully I can find some people who will rage at me soon enough ;] Until then, thank Mike for being such a good sport and putting up with my she
Это видео сделал Tiberian39:

Типичный xMisterBean :D

Domination 2 - ace
Развлекалово на доп задании.

Охлаждение строптивых.
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Pros do occasionally really cool teamkills aswell :D
Hope you enjoy :)

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Tahm Kench is the most fun I've had with League of Legends in a long time, definitely not my last video with him.

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Lisa got f*cked edit music: "Zelda on Crack"

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war in libia, 2011.
Fighting in Sirte/

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esse clan so tem LIXU!
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Also over in the UK the pros showed off their excellent teamkilling styles :P
Hope you enjoy :
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Игрок Heretic тимкилит нарочно. Дальше он еще других убивал своих.