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Tate & Violet || Darkness

Watch in 720p________________please : )

I couldn't help myself. I finished this one before the TVD one I was working on cause I got so inspired. I started at like midnight yesterday and have been working on it all day. I'm a slow editor, takes me a million years to decide what clip to use. I'm not going to apologize for making some many ahs vids...I vid what I want to vid.

I'm so angry about last nights episode I had to channel my emotions into something productive. On the brightside? Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans.

Song: Whispers in the Dark - Skillet

These two couple just give me lots of feelings. I adore everything about them !! I'm in love for Tate and for Klaus !! I know I'm probably a little crazy to love so much these two characters! But I love them ! Their sides tortured is just so beautiful! It's a veritable obsession !! :o



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