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Tate Langdon || psychopath


Here is an alternative American Horror Story universe between James Patrick March and Tate Langdon portrayed by Evan Peters.

Use headphones for a better sound. I hope you enjoy. (Please don't use any parts of this video for yours!)

ein kleines video über tate langdon aus american horror story
die musik ist von X-Fusion und das lied heißt Psychopath

ich hoffe das es euch gefällt

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HD PLEASE!(It's better option for your eyes)
I think this Tv Show is flawless, And, Tate is one of my favourite character from all seasons, so I've decided to make this video about his dark side or alter ego. But this video is also about his attempts to be the good person.
I also think( maybe I'm wrong) I'm getting better at this, So, maybe later, I will apload a new video, and I hope you wll like it)

a new Tate video! one that I hadn't planned, but okay!

I know a lot of people have asked me where my first two AHS videos have gone, and I deleted them in a fit of fear because I had heard that FX was out hunting and I didn't want to put my channel in jeopardy. I may have overreacted a little, lol.

But because I already have two strikes and a third one could always come, you should definitely subscribe to my backup!!!

So, I wanted to highli