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Tarifa 2012

music: Mr. Fantastic-El Toro, Eric Clapton-Cocaine (No Big Deal Remix), Pretty Lights-We Must Go On camera: Tomano, Martina Prášilová, EM, Ben Van der Steen edit: Vojta Trojan graphics: Matej Trojan
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Produced by EL Embalse Filmmakers. Directed by Alejandro Legido. DOP: Nacho Tundidor Irigoyen. Agency: Last Lap. Client: Halls, Mini.
Simon Wichtermann goes to Tarifa Spain to train after having some time off the water with his shoulder injury
Parque natural llanos de la peña. Tarifa, Cadiz. ENJOY!!!!

This episode is filmed from a few sessions in very light wind in Dakhla and Tarifa. I am about to go to Holland to compete in the PKRA there and have spent a couple of weeks in Tarifa preparing for it. Thanks to Naish Kiteboarding for making it all happen! Music is Helena Beat by Foster the People FIlming - Sam Van Olmen, Alex Lewis-Hughes, Forest Bakker and Sam Light.
Track del video : colombo ???? Nuevo Album Proximamente!!