Tape Recorder: Hammock - Tape Recorder, Hammock - Tape Recorder (Official Video), JAIN on Instagram: “With @yodeliceofficiel #spooklandrecords

Tape Recorder

From the album "Departure Songs"
Directed by David Altobelli.
“With @yodeliceofficiel
#spooklandrecords #spooklandstudio #tape #studer #recording #allmydays”
“олдскул надо писать по олдскульному #hypnotunez #swing #rockabilly #ukrabilly #record #studio #oldschool #tape #akai”
Music by Hammock. From the upcoming album "Departure Songs" (October 2012) Director: David Altobelli Producer: Sarah Park, Ryan Kohler DP: Larkin Seiple VFX: Paul Santagada

AES Oral History - Fred Pfost of Ampex tells the story of demonstrating the first professional video tape recorder - for more go to: http://www.aes.org

Go to "The Crazy Days of the People's Army"
"Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения"
we need your money to support the remastering process, it's a lot of work to be done. We should be most grateful if you support the historical project, otherwise the tapes can vanish, they're going down year after year. These tapes were recorded in an illegal punk studio in Leningrad back in the 1982-1986.
People's Army was one of the very first punk bands in the USSR.
Check out:
Катушечный магнитофон Сатурн 202с-2.
This is a scene from Monty Pyhtons flying Circus. Very funny.

Летающий цирк Монти Пайтон - человек с магнитфоном в носу
This is my Arvin portable reel-to-reel tape recorder in mint condition It is a rim-drive machine and quality isn't the best...

A group singing, and it is said the extra angelic choir(including the solo) singing with them in harmony- became audible when they played the recording back; Here is a copy of that recording.
This clip can be found elsewhere, But the quality was not good, So here, a remastered version so that many can listen for themselves and know more

A good source that explains the origin of this video in depth is here:
Ghost Angels Singing EVP 1987 Kansas City
In this video review Michael shows us the UAD Oxide Tape Recorder Plug-in from Universal Audio.
Sanyo MR 151 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. 5" Reels. 3 Speed Capstan Drive. Year 1969?
Notes: Upright Stereo Recorder.
Music video by Hammock performing Tape Recorder. Hammock Music
Побалуй себя визуальным волшебством, подпишись на эмоции — vk.com/takein
This is my recent addition to my small collection of tape recorders, similar in many ways to my Studer A807. It's the last of the Revoxs made. Great machine!!

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Made in October 2005 Year in Ukraine.
Unpacking and check function.
The reference to a photo in the device:
Кассетный портативный магнитофон третьего класса "Электроника-324". Обзор проделанного ремонта, функций и демонстрация работы.

Спасибо за аппарат участнику сайта "Дару-дар" LYBLYRIBOK (Наталья).

Portatible cassette recorder "Electronics-324". Demonstration and review.

Музыка/Music: Mo-Do - Super Gut
Waldorf Nave has a 4 track tape recorder in which you can cut,copy,trim,move,and stretch for precise editing as well as snapping the audio file into the ruler grid for easy editing and looping.

One of very few machines, which are more difficult to find in Silver, rather then Black
The Revox A77 Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorder From 1969!

an amazing piece of equipment. the heads and pinchroller need replacement, they are used a whole lot, so they are kind of worn out. the record head doesnt work good anymore, so i used a tape recorded on the AKAI GX-4000D tape recorder.
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Teaser of upcoming release at 13.01.2017
Artist: Raven Said
Title: Seven Deadly Tapes (EP)
Year: 2017

--All rights go to Sega.--

One day, I was browsing all of my old VHS tapes and I stumbled upon some recordable tapes.
Anyway, back in the day of the 90's, I somehow managed to record some gameplay of Sonic the Hedgehog, which was my favourite game at the time (and still is).
I could've had a longer video, but the tape was too damaged and you could not recognise the rest of the clip.
AudioDope03 Out Now!
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After a long time we present proudly the third issue of AUDIØDOPE,
again with producers from different areas around Europe!
The Producers
MonoMassive, DaNoel, Lukito, J.Lamotta すずめ, Maniac, MecsTreem, 4di, Karen Sky Vitti, Bluestaeb, Beamic, B-Side, Francois Boulanger, Chief Chiko, Gibmafuffi, Freddy

Катушечный магнитофон Дайна (Эльфа-29). Выпущена в 1973-м году в г. Вильнюсе.
Oscar & Dani Herrera are here in Portland this weekend recording the vocals for the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album, These fleeting moments. We completed two tracks today, "One promised love" and the Spanish version of the first part of "The vastness of life." They're both sounding great! The album will be Kickstarted and then released in the spring.


The recording of this album is supported by the patrons at https://www.patreon.com/Blacktapeforabluegirl

holly said she g
Didn't bring camera, had to use my phone :/
#vaporwave #aesthetics #shabbychic #evening #windows95 #msk #moscow #music #vhs #tapes #recorder #video #audio #player #sony #walkman #panasonic #stereo #осень #october #autumn #fall #leaves #trees #city #feetfetish #shoefetish 📼💾💽📠☎️📟📀
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майн готт, 44-ый год! экспериментальная стерео-запись да ещё и на магнитную плёнку.
if you were around in the year 2000, u know that britney released a vhs movie with nsync at mcdonalds and this is her part of the vhs tape.

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Recording Date: February 9th - 1969
Studio: Elektra Sound Studios
Location: 962 N. La Cienega Blvd. - Los Angeles, CA
Sound Engineer: John Haeny

Commonly known as 'The Lost Paris Tapes', the actual date and location for this recording was revealed in July 2013 by Sound Engineer John Haeny who used his diaries to make note of the exact details. Originally s
Put your stereotypes about 8 track sound quality in the trash and listen to this sweet sounding Pioneer model from the mid 1970's. This is the best sounding 8 track deck I have ever had the pleasure to service and bring back to glory! Enjoy!
Das ist eine Telefunken M10 Studiobandmaschine. DIese wurde 1960 gebaut, ist 54Kg schwer und sehr massiv (Studiotechnik). Der allgemeine Zustand ist gut. Ich musste einige Elko's und Kondensatoren wechseln. Mechanisch ist diese Tip-Top, ausser der Kapstan antriebsgummiring ist vom Alter her spröde und rissig. Der Tisch wo diese steht ist nicht original.

Обзор катушечного транзисторного стереофонического магнитофона Комета 212-1 производства Новосибирского радиозавода, год начала выпуска- 1983. 1я часть ролика (неожиданно кончилось место на карте памяти, поэтому смотрите также и 2-ю часть, логическое завершение). Краткий обзор конструкции и основных функций. Комета-212 является наследником технических решений, впервые примененных в ламповом магнитофоне Комета-МГ201 1965 года выпуска, поэтому конструктив лентопротяжного механизма Кометы-212 во многом архайче

Let's Rock!
Задолбали видео с этими ZX-9 и попснёй )))))
Даешь рок!!!
All infos about the release:

All infos about my concerts, Dj-sets, photographys, videos and other Bloodygrave projects here on YT and via:
This was recorded at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge on 27th January 1972, at a concert featuring Hawkwind, Pink Fairies and a scratch band with Syd Barrett. Other musicians in the Last Minute Put Together Boogie band included Fred Frith (Henry Cow) on guitar and Twink (Pink Fairies) on drums.

выпускной 741-й группы ПТКИСумГУ`09
Магнитофон АСТРА МК-111С-1 (СССР, начало выпуска- 1989 год, ленинградский завод "Техприбор", редкая модель с удивительными характеристиками) из нашей коллекции после выполненного своими руками ...ммм... моддинга!! :)) Данный экземпляр достался нам в плачевном внешнем состоянии, и вот внезапно возникла мысль- а как будет выглядеть сей почётный аппарат в цвете "золотой металлик"??... Вообще-то мы не сторонники изменять "исторический внешний вид" коллекционируемой аппаратуры, но... в общем не судите строго..
1987 года выпуска. работает как часы.на днях сделал переходник со старого телефона LG в магнитофон.

Катушечный магнитофон Маяк-203. Выпущен в г.Киеве в 1977-м году.

Portatible tape recorder. Кассетный переносной магнитофон Электроника-324. 1986 год. На кассете Okay - O.K.
Hi, today I am making a recording on a Sony Super Metal Master cassette tape. I am very happy with the result. I didn't use Dolby noise reduction and the recording came out extremely clean. I noticed a little bit more of head room expansion as a result, higher vocals and a tiny brighter; no harsh, just right. The Sony Super Metal Master is an excellent tape and for me is one of the best cassette tapes ever built. Thank you for watching and stay tune for more tests.

Soviet vacuum tube reel to reel tape recorder AIDAS
Советский ламповый катушечный магнитофон "Айдас" (Он же "Эльфа-20")
Звучит композиция Messer Chups feat. Lydia Kavina "Model" (Kraftwerk cover)

An installation for used cassette players which looks on their obsolescence not as an ending, but as an opportunity to reconsider their functional potential. Superseded as playback devices, they become instruments in their own right. Replacing the prerecorded content of each tape with a microphone gives us the chance to listen instead to the rhythmic and resonant properties of these once ubiquitous plastic shells. Binatone Galaxy brings the framework within which a generation purchased their favourite recor
Ламповый катушечный магнитофон "Астра-4". Обзор и демонстрация работы.

Tube tape recorder "Astra-4". Demonstration and review.
WEBSITE - http://www.ridediriddim.com/
FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/RideDiRiddim
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/#!/RideDiRiddim
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/#!/DjRobryder
1 - Lady Saw - No Sucker
2 - Mr Lexx - Spread Out
3 - Gyptian - All Night
4 - Lady Saw - Mr Short Cummings
5 - Kiprich - Thief A Fuck
6 - Natalie Storm - Mi Too Good
7 - Dejavu - Bend Over
8 - Capleton - Charge
9 - Black Dan - Come Wine
This mashine made in 1986 year in USSR,(Ukraine,Kiev City).
2 speed 9\19(3\7),4 Track(a\b) Head,Amlifier mode,Autostop,1-way internal speakers,2x10(2x2 int.spk)maximum power output,max 7" reel.
9.53 cm\sec: 63-12500 Hz,
19.05 cm\sec: 40-18000 Hz.
Weight: 15 Kg
Music: Sandra - 1988 Intro A Secret Land
Tube Voice of Music 722/168 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Video

Off of their new split with Studying
Катушечный магнитофон Орбита 106. Изготовлен в Ленинграде в 1984-м году.

DancehallReggaePromotion [http://dancehallreggaepromotion.blogspot.com] presents:

SeXXX Tape Riddim Mix [FULL] [Mar 2012] [Truckback Records] by Ganjah Guerilla. Please promote our channel and help us to spread Reggae Music ova di whole planet!!

This is one of my first pro reel to reels, its all valved and sounds great when it is tuned up, ithas been sitting in the loft for about a year and I thought it would be a good idea to get it out.

Завершён финальный этап ремонта магнитофона - настроена запись.
The final stage of repairing this tape recorder completed - recording is adjusted.
On this video we demonstrate the famous Studer A80 1/4inch Tape Master Recorder.
This vintage unit has been an industry standard for several decades and it can be heard on countless records from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Here at Doctor Mix we use it for both mixing and mastering, and it's available when the "Tape Master" option is selected on any of our packages.

If you want the Studer A80 on your music then please order your Mixing & Mastering service at www.doctormix.com

3 Speed 4.76\9.53\19.05 sm\sec(1\3\7 ips)
4 Track Stereo Mode
1 Motor
2 Heads (Universal and Erase)
Power Out:Max 8 Watt(Internal Speaker 3 Watt Max)
4.76 - 63-6500 Hz
9.53 - 63-12500 Hz
19.05 - 40-18000 Hz
Weight: 12.5 Kg.
Made in 1981 Year.
If anyone knows the music that is played before the singing starts - please let me know.

This tape recorder was made in 1974 (or so it says on the erase head). It uses two 6N2P tubes (similar to 12AX7), one 6P14P (EL84) and one 6E3P tube (level meter). The rectifier is selenium type. The tape recorder has a single speed of 9.5cm/s and is mono (half track).
The 6P14P tube is used both for output and recording, so there is no sound when this machine is recording. Level meter works only in record mode. The re
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Beatport - http://lwx.so/KS1E

New release from SoHo Beats Recordings.

Video Encoded by Label Worx - http://www.label-worx.com
Демонстрация работы катушечного магнитофона "Днепр-5", 1955 года выпуска.
Использована катушка с лентой "ТИП-1, 1956 г.". Исполняет Doris Day - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Decide for yourself in this audio shootout! Does analog tape sound better than direct to digital recording?

I'm trying to decide if I want to record to analog tape and then transfer the recording into the digital realm vs. an all digital recording. I set up a test, using a Teac A3440 4-track reel deck. I set things things up to record the same performance, feeding the audio into the Teac and computer at the same time. I came away feeling that one sounded better than the other. Watch, listen and see what yo
a friend of mine had this recorder in his basement, 5 years later we did a swap as the recorder was something he didnt have time for. The recorder is very complex compared to the A810, the repairs took longer than thought but finally I have repaired this recorder.
Макнитофон 2 класса "Комета-212-1С". 1984 год. Запись - Silent Circle - "Anywhere Tonight".
T. Hardy Morris performing "Audition Tapes" at Capricorn Recording Studios, Macon, GA.

Preorder debut album "Audition Tapes" (in stores July 30th) at http://t.hardymorris.com/merch

Inspired by The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation's annual "Places In Peril" list musician T. Hardy Morris and filmmaker Jason Thrasher traveled to historic sites in Georgia threatened by demolition and neglect to film live performance videos of each song on his debut solo album, "Audi
Super Dope Local Lexington,KY
There is 4 full tracks of nothing but raw dope

Rare, unedited, complete tapes of Gould recording Brahms.

"Recorded in 1982 in New York City, the following tapes constitute the entire Brahms Rhapsodies sessions. These were to be Gould's last piano recordings."

From Library and Archives Canada, the Glenn Gould Archive.

Complete tapes of Glenn Gould testing various pianos [From Library and Archives Canada]
Cop some beats from Beats For Sale Vol. 4 Here:




I'll be dropping a new music video this week, "From the Field to the Bull", will have some merch available soon, and have my Restless EP coming out in February. Stay tuned my brothas, I appreciate the support.

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - the mega 4-track tape cartridge, the recording format that survived for 8 years. 1960s - The early 'cassette tape' by RCA Victor.
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The compilation tape that started it all. Now fully streaming on NRW Records.

For many years the music scene has been hungering for something that will fill a longing void. You have now stumbled across that sound ......the sound of the future.......the RetroWave sound.


Now here it is, a very rare Basie album which was never released an CD, just on LP and on limited numbers of reel to reel tapes. Now this from a reel to reel tape from November of 1967. I tried to remove some high frequency hiss from it without bothering the high frequency harmonics. it's always a big challenge especially when there's a significantly wide range of tape hiss, oh Boy. But it seems it worked after all. It's doesn't sound like a master tape, but it's quite enjoyable I think. Have a nice time
reel tape recorder магнитофон катушечный астра мк-110С-1
Рассказ о нашей коллекции радиоаппаратуры с фото: www.nashehobby.narod.ru

SOLD this on Ebay...

http://www.TheHauntingOfSunshineGirl.com EVP recording of ghost voices. This is the same footage that I shot in my last video, Entry #10 of the Oregon Coast road trip. But in that last video I thought I may have heard some voices. So I took out parts of the video that I heard things and added what I thought I heard. See if you hear the same thing as me.<br/><br/>
What Labguy did on his spring break series, first video. John Turner demonstrates the 1969 RCA TR-60 quadruplex broadcast video tape recorder that he has restored to operation.

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Stream Here:
Демонстрация работы катушечного магнитофона "Иней-303", 1977 и 1979 года выпуска.
Использована демонстрационная катушка с лентой прилагавшаяся к магнитофону "ТИП-А4407-6Б, 1977 г.в.
"Monument" song by Röyksopp and Robyn.
Need a little repair.
Album: Rivers and Streams
Artist: Lubomyr Melnyk
Label: Erased Tapes Records
Released: 2015
1) Introduction To Track Number Two (00:00 - 01:33)
2) The Persistent Lack Of Self-Esteem (01:33 - 10:06)
3) Reel To Reel, End To End (10:06 - 17:14)
4) Mainstream Portable Music Device's Electromagnetic Field (17:14 - 23:40)
5) Various On-Site Testimonies (23:40 - 28:34)
6) The Sweet Smell Of Failure (28:34 - 36:12)
7) Incomprehensible Recording Of A Red Wall And A Painting With Two Birds (36:12 - 45:31)
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записи НО сделанные у Алекса дома
песня Рубль с альбома "Бит Заел" 1983
Go to "The Crazy Days of the People's Army"
"Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения"
we need your money to support the remastering process, it's a lot of work to be done. We should be most grateful if you support the historical project, otherwise the tapes can vanish, they're going down year after year. These tapes were recorded in an illegal punk studio in Leningrad back in the 1982-1986.
People's Army was one of the very first punk bands in the USSR.
Check out:
Ставь лайк если тоже надоело!
сумасшедшие дни народного ополчения

народное ополчение
Война 1986
four tape recorder techniques for minimal techno:
1) a tape loop system (1 recorder, top right)
2) long delay (2 recorders: top left and middle right)
3) reverse delay (bottom middle)
4) tape feedback/tape saturation on system 1, 2 and 3

The tascam 8 track is not doing anything here.. except being a rather expensive table for two other recorders,

btw. the video in the second part doesn't really match the music, the camera fell so I couldn't use the original.. I wasn't doing all t
Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения
Ремастеринг старых и редких записей ленинградского панка
Hear b-side "Theatrics - We Got A Love":
Оцифровка со своей видеокассеты
The video clip is from my own video cassette
This basically put almost every machine in my studio in operation,
Everything is controlled by a doepfer a100 system + some home-brew modules, in combination with some self made step sequencers build
Go to "The Crazy Days of the People's Army"
"Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения"
we need your money to support the remastering process, it's a lot of work to be done. We should be most grateful if you support the historical project, otherwise the tapes can vanish, they're going down year after year. These tapes were recorded in an illegal punk studio in Leningrad back in the 1982-1986.
People's Army was one of the very first punk bands in the USSR.
Check out:
Go to "The Crazy Days of the People's Army"
"Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения"
we need your money to support the remastering process, it's a lot of work to be done. We should be most grateful if you support the historical project, otherwise the tapes can vanish, they're going down year after year. These tapes were recorded in an illegal punk studio in Leningrad back in the 1982-1986.
People's Army was one of the very first punk bands in the USSR.
Check out:
Reloop Tape: USB Mixtape Recorder

Tape your mix with this easy USB mixset audio recorder.

In Stores Now!


Японская музыка
This is a detailed look at the Hotline Miami tape recorder I made for my Jacket cosplay. It has over 36 different lines from the Payday 2 DLC and its VERY loud.
"Сумасшедшие Дни Народного Ополчения"
a registration of an installation at rood|noot.
including an automated violin, toy piano and zither.. and lots of tape recorders
repairing old (late 50's and 60's) tape recorders can be pretty hard, every mechanical part is mounted and connected with springs, levers and there...
Опубликовано: 14 окт. 2016 г.
Про демо-записи, альбом Mayhem и немного другого (rus subs) + ремонт Нивы)
История Black Metal. Немного поговорим, в этот раз - о демо-записях, альбоме Mayhem и про запись "From the Dephs of Darkness". А так же немного смешных случаев из жизни и несколько "остроумных" комментариев.

Хороший Балалаечник. Зачем - узнаете :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Vc54BEPQU
A short demonstration of editing capabilities of a Studer A820 with 1/2" tape. Check out my site for a complete review of this machine : http://www...
Nothing like that warm tape sound without all the extra hassle!
At Clear Track Productions Studio A recording to two inch tape using CLASP, by Endless Analog.
#vaporwave #aesthetics #shabbychic #evening #windows95 #msk #moscow #music #vhs #tapes #recorder #video #audio #player #sony #walkman #panasonic #stereo #осень #october #autumn #fall #leaves #trees #city #feetfetish #shoefetish 📼💾💽📠☎️📟📀
Once Upon A Time 6x03 Belle Rumple & the Tape Recordings "The Other Shoe" Season 6 Episode 3 HD
Idea from KD7NHM, in the near future he's selling his better, louder and sexier versions which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watc...
Teaser: Eli Rises – Nothing Holds Us Still (mix and mastering review) [Tape Machine Records]


"Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K+ with composite and joystick mod (see link below for how to)
and a Nivico reel to reel tape recorder. The tape was used and it is very old, maybe over 50 years but the game is loading fine".
Jesus asked me to say the end part :/ Anyway, world record beating rox and epeeee....c with a miss
The 70's were when REAL electronics were made....Not the ugly digital crap they sell now.

Live recording from the second installment of NIGHT BASS on February 27th at Sound Nightclub with AC Slater (Trouble & Bass, Party Like Us), Taiki and Nulight (Black Butter Records), Blaise James (OWSLA), Justin Jay (dirtybird), and Bones (Gotta Dance Dirty).

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2 inch tape recorder.
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Space Concert in Moscow 1983/Концерт в Москве 1983 год [VHS TAPE RECORD]

Tape loop experiments with my Tascam 4 track recorder (part of my larger setup - The Suitcase of Drone). Each one of the 4 tracks on the cassette has a different note in E which forms a E major chord (with added 9th). I adjust each track to create a droning, evolving, ambient soundscape.

The 4 track is also run through a Mooer Spark Echo/Reverb pedal.

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Литовский ламповый катушечный магнитофон 1967 года выпуска АЙДАС-9м (AIDAS 9M), он же- Эльфа-66. Работа кинематического механизма В качестве утраченных пассиков с успехом применяются отрезки детской скакалки, сваренные встык. "Айдас" в переводе с литовского- значит "Эхо"...
Part 2 in our "How to" series about recording with tape. Before you do the record alignment in this video, make sure to do a repro alignment using your MRL (see the repro alignment video). This video is kind of long, but I decided to leave in a lot of extra footage to provide as much info and guidance as possible.

Things you'll need to complete this exercise are an MRL, a tone generator (we like the neutrik minirator for it's portability and ease of use), and the overbias amount recommended by your the ta
Candid revelations heard in tapes recorded decades ago by the iconic first lady. For more information, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Jacqueline_Kennedy/jacqueline-kennedy-reveals-jfk-feared-lbj-presidency/story?id=14477930
Back in the day, audiophiles listened to music on tape, but they were hard to change. Here's an orphaned tape format RCA was eager to sell you: 4 tracks of bliss in one easy-to -load, huge cartridge
Here are a few recordings of my Tascam Portastudio 424. I showcase how the Pitch Control and the Tape Speed switch (which slows down the motor even more) interact with each other. The piece used is a fragment of one of my project's tracks: Arafúra - Mendelian

I didn't use any noise removal, which I normally do with Waves Z-Noise, so it's a little noisy.

I showcase the speeds in this order:
- Tape Speed Switch: NORMAL | No Pitch change
- Tape Speed Switch: SLOW | No Pitch change
- Tape Speed Switch:

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Piece for tape recorder (1956).

Cover image: photo by Eileen Quinlain (part.)


Симпатичный отечественный кассетник 4-го класса- малогабаритный Протон -402 производства Харьковского завода. Неплохо задуман (для своих лет), хорошо и качественно собран в не лишенном изящества корпусе из добротной коричневой пластмассы со вставками из анодированного алюминия. Краткий обзор и демонстрация в работе.
Blood Sugar Sex Magik [Session Tape] - Warner Bros. Records 1991

Esta grabación circuló entre los "coleccionistas" por algunos años antes de que finalmente se filtrara en 2006 por el Foro Stadium Arcadium.
Es un doblaje del cassette interno hecho parcialmente a través de las sesiones, al parecer por los ejecutivos de Warner Bros., o por un miembro del personal/equipo de sonido (o el mismo Rick Rubin) para llevar a casa. Contiene mezclas muy ásperas de cada canción realizadas en las sesiones.
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Functions of play and record with a tape head. How to make a rudimentary tape head. A recording tape head can be used as a magnetometer or magnetoscope to detect magnetic fields.
ARANCINO is a live jam recorded in Catania. Inspired by "CAFFETTINO" but with more guests and a typical speciality from the sicilian cuisine: arancina. Logo by Luca Lemonade (https://www.behance.net/lemonadesart) ARANCINO guests in order of appearance: _ Beat Soup (https://www.facebook.com/beatsoupmusic) _ Turbo Tape (http://turbotaperecordings.bandcamp.com/music) _ Dusty (https://soundcloud.com/dstymusic) _ Dave Damn (https://soundcloud.com/dave-damn) info: https://www.facebook.com/beatsoupmu
Японская музыка
Recording cassettes TDK AR-X on the tape deck Teac V-970x

This was the original description:

On October 6, 1974 Mouzon booked rehearsal time at Glen Holly Studios in Los Angeles, and convened there with Tommy on guitar, Rocke Grace on keyboards and Stanley Sheldon on bass. They recorded the material but it was all wiped except for one tape that Tommy took with him. That material contained "The Real Thing," which was released as a bonus track on the 1993 CD release of Mi
An audio recording made on November 18, 1978, at the Peoples Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana immediately preceding and during the mass suicide and murder of over 900 members of the cult.
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
two little sad tape recorders playing their loops ad infinitum, having a sad conversation on the mantelpiece
(just like playing two William Basinski albums at the same time)
*SXSW Festival (Official Selection) 2014* *Best Music Videos on NOISEY (Official Selection) 2013* *BBC Music Video Festival (Official Selection) 2013* Produced by. COMPULSORY. Label. Tape Club Records Commissioner. William Evans Directed by. Chris Toumazou Director of Photography. Robert White Editor. Kiran Mandla Special Thanks to: Alistair Cameron, Mary Hoffman and all the crew @ HOTCAM www.hotcam.tv Jerry Deeney @ Fuji Motion Picutre Nigel Horn @ idailies http://www.i-dailies.co.uk/
Radio Record Birthday MSK 2012
David Guetta feat. Taped Rai - Just One Last Time (Tiesto Remix)

Great sweet b-side of Theatrics - I Got Cha (Where I Want You) single, rare, only on stock copies.
hear a-side: https://youtu.be/CIOkr5B-Zbw
Стационарный катушечный магнитофон 2-го класса "Астра-209-Стерео". Обзор и демонстрация работы. Чтобы пропустить речевую часть - переходите на 10:02.

Reel-to-reel tape recorder "Astra-209-Stereo". Demonstration and review. Go to 10:02 to skip text.

Музыка/Music: Alan Ross -- Valentino Mon Amour