Takashi Murakami - Ego [Qatar 2012]: VIP opening night with Takashi Murakami - EGO, Doha Qatar 2012.

Takashi Murakami - Ego [Qatar 2012]

VIP opening night with Takashi Murakami and guests. 9 Feb - 24 June.

For more info visit - http://www.facebook.com/QatarMuseumsAuthority http://www.facebook.com/QatarJapan2012 http://qatarjapan2012.com

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) is proud to announce a new major exhibition by Takashi Murakami, the artist's first solo exhibition in the Middle East. Murakami -- Ego will be on view from February 9 to June 24, 2012 in the Al-Riwaq exhibition hall, located on the grounds of the Museum of Islamic
Takashi Murakami - Ego [Qatar 2012]<br/><br/>
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