TRIBAL FEST 9: Rachel Brice Tribal Fest 9 Sebastopol CA, *Rachel Brice Tribal Fest 9 Sebastopol CA=)*, Rachel Brice -Tribal Fest 9, Sebastopol CA, The Indigo


Рейчел Браис ( группа "Индиго". состав: Рейчел Брайс, Зое Якеш и Марди Лав). Стиль Трайбл.
From "le serpent rouge " Show. The Crow quills night owls and The indigo.
Vídeo original:
Solamente me he limitado a girarlo para que se pueda ver mejor.

Electric Vardo Live with DJ Amar Kush Arora of Surya Dub with dance performances by the Salzburg Cloister Trio (Rachel, Teresa Bonnie of Tsingani), Josephine Riggs of Boom Boom Bollywood, Mirabelle (Sooz Rachael), Chuck Lenhard (Tribal Fest), Blackhoodygrrl, bHop moves by Christine, Verbatim MC Badger.

Video by Layla and Jeffe.
Featuring original Music by Maduro Beats Antique.

Sunday afternoon, May 17 2009 at tribal Fest #9
Zafira Dance Co. Performs Tribal fest 09 in Sebastopol Ca.

Zafira Dance Company The Mezmer Society at Tribal Fest 9
Little Red Riding hood goes into the forest but things arent always what they seem. Tabu puts their own spin on this classic fairytale!

She is amazing...and I like so much of her face expressions....
Японские дивчины жгут под цыганскую музыку
Video Courtesy of True Love Sound

Mardi Love taught this choreography in the wednesday's workshop. Music: Besh O Drom by Fanfare Ciocarlia.
Go see the LSR show if you can, it's amazing

Our Robot Number, entitled: Once more, with no feeling.

We loved being at Tribal Fest. It was an awesome experience. We are grateful to Kajira and Chuck for putting on such a great event, and to all the amazing dancers and instructors that we were privliged to study with and observe.
The beautiful Mardi Love along with Windy City Alex, singer of the "Crow quill night Owls". They're touring with The indigo along with the Gallus Brothers.
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The Indigo Live at Tribal Fest 9!! From Le serpent rouge show.
Colleena Shakti wows the crowd at Tribal Fest 2009.
Zafira Dance Co. Performs Tribal fest 09 in Sebastopol Ca.

Zafira Dance Company at Tribal Fest 9 music: Cabaret Macabre by Raquy & the Cavemen