THE NEW FLAG: Anti-Flag - This Is The New Sound, Anti-Flag "This is the New Sound", Anti-Flag-This is the new sound, Anti-Flag -- This Is The New Sound,

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The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Flags Over Texas New Ride Skyscreamer
The Tallest Swing In The World! Six Fl
The Texas SkyScreamer is now the park's tallest attraction at 400 feet and will hold a world record title as the tallest tower swing ride in the world. Up to twenty four riders sit in open air swings while spinning in a 124 foot circle at speeds up to 35 mph. At its 40 story peak guests have the ultimate view of the Arlington Dallas and Fort Worth.

Промо видео нового альбома группы Grave Flag.
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
Интересный глюк с флагом и попавшим в него SMAW, плюс еще один маленький баг карты.

Fantastic performance as always, love these guys, so committed, long may they continue

The Prosecution and Chris#2 performing 'A New Sensation' at Alte Mälzerei Regensburg (27.05.2015)

präsentiert von OX Fanzine,, Slam Zine und Punkrock! Fanzine

24.07.2015 Frankfurt, Das Bett
25.07.2015 Köln, Artheater Getaddicted Party
31.07.2015 Porta Westfalica, Festivalkult U&D
01.08.2015 Elend, Rocken am Brocken Festival
02.08.2015 Warmbronn, Open Air
07.08.2015 Villmar, Tells Bells
08.08.2015 Stühlingen-Weizen, Querbeat Open Air
The flags of the Four Directions are renewed in every house and temple on the occasion of the new year. The same day we meet a young Tulku, from Mexico.
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History of Menri monastery

Конкурс "Апрельский калейдоскоп". аппаратура в здании лажа. человек отвечающий за звук лажа.в итоге и звук лажа.(<br/><br/>
《우리는 만리마기수》

로동당이 펼친 만리마의 시대
질풍같이 내달리자 새 승리에로
자기 힘을 믿고 만난 헤쳐가는
우리들은 만리마기수

The Workers’ Party spreads out the era of Mallima
Let us blaze like a gust of wind towards new victories
One’s strength is in believing that all obstacles shall be overcome
We are the flag bearer of Mallima

Новый клип Anti-Flag
Песня This Is The New Sound
Альбом The General Strike

Американских панк-рокеров Anti-Flag пытают участники детского телешоу "Улица Сезам" в клипе на песню This Is The New Sound с альбома 2012 года The General Strike.
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The Flashback at Six Flags New England. Opening Weekend 4/11/10
Starburst Summer Concert Series, Six Flags America, MD.
July 17, 2010.

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Bitte um Hinweise auf den Songtitel!
Phil Schnieder - May 1995

Schnieder was found dead in his apartment in January 1996 after speaking out about the alien agenda. Yes, he was murdered by the Air Force.
HE YA ALL!!!!!!
free download a full new song ! preview from the new EKTOMORF album " BLACK FLAG " ( in store in Europe the 31 of august 2012 )
the song called " THE CROSS "
Just follow the link below, register and enter the code "MG52K2V".

Play it loud enjoy!

What's it like entering the mind of a madman? Tiffany Smith finds out in this exclusive new DC All Access clip, as she rides the brand new Joker coaster now open at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and talks to its President, John Fitzgerald. Buckle up, it's going to be one crazy ride...

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Six Flags St. Louis, The Coaster Capital of Missouri, in partnership with Samsung Electronics America, opens its first virtual reality coaster. The New Revolution Virtual Reality (VR) Coaster on Ninja features state-of-the-art technology that will forever change the way people ride roller coasters.
Probably one of my favorite Rocket songs.
Front row, pretty awesome.
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed! I love France fries.
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Anti Flag - At The Barbary Philadelphia, PA (March 6, 2012)

Credit for the video goes to HOPESELLER MEDIA

The band's first two songs from their set:

- Project For A New American Century
- Fuck Police Brutality

For more info of the tour the guys visit:

Unlike the BM invert clones at other Six Flags parks, this Batman coaster is a BM floorless model.
Watch in high quality.

so the new rocket is designed for campers which makes it lame. Its designed for campers because it only explodes after a set distance, so campers will sit at the 200ft set distance shooting the rocket which explodes on impact then.
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Six Flags opened the latest of the park chain's Virtual Reality coaster transformations this weekend. This time it's St. Louis that's offering the alien invasion VR experience for Ninja, the park's 27-year-old Vekoma MK-1200 custom looper.
Six Flags St. Louis is located near St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri.

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One hundred years ago, SLSNZ started out as a small organisation on suburban beaches in Christchurch and Wellington. Today it is one of the country's most honoured and respected volunteer organisations, saving the lives of thousands of beach-goers every year.

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Anti-Flag give us the low down on their new disc The General Strike, their partnership with Amnesty International for the "This Is The New Sound" video, and the labor movement martyr who inspired their track "1915."

Watch the full "This Is The New Sound" video on Amnesty International's channel:

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"Апрельский калейдоскоп"
18.04.2014 г.
"A New Sensation" feat. Chris#2 (Anti-Flag) from the new Album "Words With Destiny"
Release Date: 27.02.15 - bereits jetzt vorbestellen!


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That alarm clock ringin’ in your ear,

Radio playing sports report cheer,

But you got nothing to cheer or shout about,

Just a nine to five in a lousy town.

Your morning begins,
With you thinkin’ of the cold of the street blown’ in your face.

Your morning begins with you thinkin’:
“One more day in this job and I’m gonna scream!”

So stand up
And step out,

Step out to the new sound.

“Hello!” to the manager, “Hello!” to the boss.
A video letter for my high school classmate who I've lost in touch with. 2012 / Vietnam / HDV / Color / Sound / 16:9 / 01'44"

This is Anti-Flag performing the song This Is The New Sound live at Coachella 2014 weekend 2. They put on an awesome show, I loved this song because they had a massive circle pit lol. The band is hilarious and keeps the energy high the whole set.
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Official Video for the single, This Is The New Sound from Anti-Flag's brand new album, The General Strike.

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Anti-Flag live show at Kosmonavt club St.Petersburg, Russia.
Не очень добрый шалом,однако.Thousands of Jews Burning the Israeli Flag in Brooklyn, New York
Anti-Flag, playing @ W2 (Den Bosch, the Netherlands). Supporting bands: The Flatliners Antillectual. Monday 20 August, 2012. FULL GIG footage. HD Quality video w/ good sound. ENJOY!

PROD BY. MIzzy Beatz

Starring Denzel Washington lmao



(NEW) Ace Hood & MGK - "Help Is On The Way" - **2013** (HQ) ***BLACK FLAG***
(NEW) Ace Hood & MGK - "Help Is On The Way" - **2013** (HQ) ***BLACK FLAG***
(NEW) Ace Hood & MGK - "Help Is On The Way" - **2013** (HQ) ***BLACK FLAG***
(NEW) Ace Hood & MGK - "Help Is On The Way" -
“Letting my freak flag fly on #MTVScream's vine account right meow... Get into it. Jokes aside, watch the new ep of #Scream tonight 10/9c directed by…”
This BM floorless coaster was renamed from Batman - The Dark Knight to Batman: The Ride for 2008 due to the proposed new The Dark Knight coaster that was supposed to be built here as well as Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey Six Flags Great America in Illinois.
Watch in high definition.

Anti Flag - This is the new sound + The Press Corpse @ MJC Ô Totem (Lyon), le 16/06/13.
Photos :

Anti-Flag is an American punk rock band formed in 1988. The band is well known for its left-wing political views, focusing on anti-war activism, imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and various sociopolitical sentiments. The line-up includes singer/guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic, who founded the band; later members are guitarist Chris Head, and singer/bassist Chris Barker who replaced Jamie "Cock" Towns, who had replaced original bassist Andy Flag in 1997 following his departure one year
Chris 2 of Anti-Flag in a Stripped Down Session for Punks in Vegas.

Find out more about Anti-Flag:

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Fitzgerald's - Upstairs
Balcony View
Anti-Flag koncert a Szigeten 2012, 4. 5. szám.
Anti-Flag concert at Sziget Festival 2012., track nr. 4 5.
Recorded on November 30, 2013 using a Flip Video camera. FAT Tour 2013 @ The Fonda in Hollywood, CA.

six flags over texas new roller coaster The Texas Giant, front seat ride