T.I. Feat. Mary J. Blige: T.I. feat. Mary J Blige - Remember me, T.I. feat Mary J Blige - Remember Me, Remember Me - T.I. feat Mary J Blige, T.I. - Remember Me

T.I. Feat. Mary J. Blige

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Don’t forget to remember me
Don’t forget (get get) to remember me
I’ll be back, so remember me
Please keep me in your mind
If we ever have to part
Don’t forget to remember me

Ey the king modern day Martin Luther, Malcomn X
I’m officially the freshest don’t dare forget
I’m gone, momentarily don’t bury me yet
Like Ali got I got title back prepare for dat
When the world needed tip
Ask where he was at
But when he need something back
Fade to black talk s*** behind his back
You a hater for that
офигенный клип...
Один с любимых клипов