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System Of A Down - BYOB

Русские субтитры.
By Rifat Muniroff
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My guitar cover SOAD - BYOB
Tuning: C# G# C# F# A# D#

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System Of A Down - BYOB
everybody is going to the party, have a real good time
dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine

Эври бади Ис гоинг ту дэ пати, Хэв а рил гуд тайм, Дэнсинг ин дэ дэзэсэрт, Блоуинг ап дэ соншайн
Не для слабонервных
Yamaha Pacifica 112j (Entwistle DarkStar in bridge)
Sound Setup:
Left Channel: TSE808, LePou le456, LeCab (Guitar Hack Impulses)
Right Chanel: TSE X50
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
BYOB lesson by Agni Durden. Guitar TAB for BYOB available here:

Да потому, что нет лучшей школы, чем старая школа!
guitar- ibanez ict 700
marshall mg 50 DFX + tascam us-122mkII<br/><br/>
если кто спросит, попадать бендами и делать флажолеты щас не модно

This is my guitar cover of System of A Down's song "BYOB"

This is not as sexy of a party as I anticipated...

This is our cover of BYOB by system of a down the song was very fun to play and learn. I hope you guys enjoy the video, this song is much different then most the songs we play so it was an experience.

Check out our other covers and original music on our channel Thanks for watching!
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This is our cover of BYOB by system of a down the song was very fun to play and learn. I hope you guys enjoy the video, this song is much different then most the songs we play so it was an experience.

Check out our other covers and original music on our channel Thanks for
Вообще их не особо люблю,но чё-то видео прикололо)))))

Смотрите всё!!!=)))там лажа какая-то вышла на 3.50=))))
МЯСЦО: остаться в живых...
Now that's political punk rock!

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System Of A Down - Soldier Side + intro - PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel NJ Aug 4th 2012 (LIVE)<br/><br/>
Cover of BYOB by System of a Down

Guitar - Ibanez Art320
Amp - White Horse GT112 60w
Strings - Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky

All copyrights and credit go to system of a down.

I'm playing B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down.
GUITAR: Ibanez GAX30
Effects: Boss ME50 (distorsion: RAT)
Tuning C# G# C# F# A# D#
Кривовато. Видео можно и не смотреть, записывалось ради звука) Где-то поспешил, где-то тормознул. КТо найдёт на какой минуте зазвонил телефон - молодец :D<br/><br/>
Я бывший фанат SOAD, играю на репетиции одну из вечно зеленых песен группы
с первой попытки.. Октябрь 2007
Tutorial: Como tocar System of a Down en pìano con Synthesia

How to play BYOB of System of a Down in piano
A 8bit version of
BYOB - System Of a Down
my video for the amazing loooking killzone 2
song:byob-system of a down
rate and subscribe and cheers:)
thanks to SCEA for a great game
старый старый концерт
Самое крутое выступление в живую!
Смотрите интересные рок видео у нас в группе

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System Of A Down - BYOB @ Greenfield Interlaken 09 June 2011

My first version wasn't that good!
It had a lot of comments and had been favourited a few times so I thought I'd just update rather than completely replace! :)

Please let me know if this is any better!

Sorry I haven't posted vids in a while, I'll try do a load in one go.

System Of A Down performing "Soldier Side Intro" and "B.Y.O.B" in Yerevan, Armenia (23 april, 2015), for the Wake Up The Souls tour.
System Of A Down - Soldier Side Intro + BYOB (Live in Yerevan, 2015)
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Старый-новый Рок-Джем.
Группа мероприятия 17 января 2016 года:


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So I thought i'd start recording drum covers from my house with my electric kit since I've figured out how to work it all properly!

Recorded with Alesis DM10 Studio kit running through Cubase with the Addictive Drums VST.

Hope you enjoy! If you do, please check out my UK based prog rock/metal band Elephantom on the links above!
Ladies and Gentlement,
I just fucked up the song but i don't
care 'cause it was a challenge from one
of my friend so that's why I did it...
btw this song is very hard to play OMG...
ENJOY or NOT!/profile.php?id=100002396360402 - смотреть с YouTube
Tuning is in C#

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The X Factor Judges sing System Of A Down SOAD BYOB - a World Exclusive
-Double "V" Projection- is a virtual fun project consisting of two "V" - Valentin (Tarasov) from Moscow on drums Viaceslav (Svedov) from Cologne on bass. And today we are willing to introduce our brand new projection of System of a down song "B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bombs)" taken from their 2005 year album "Mezmerize".

as always - please feel free to post any comments and to press any "thumb" ;)
Música do show de System of a Down no Rock in Rio 2015.
Soldier Side como introdução a música BYOB como de costume dos shows de SOAD.

System o...
System of a Down makes their first trip to Brazil to play in Rio de Janeiro at the Rock In Rio 2011 festival.


A banda System of a Down faz sua primeira visita ao Brasil para tocar no Rock In Rio 2011. Na noite anterior em São Paulo o SOAD fez formalmente seu primeiro show no país e no sábado foi headliner no festival no Rio de Janeiro.

whats up everyone... check out my cover to one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands BYOB by system of a down... tuning is in drop Db... be sure to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE for more covers....


"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticis
System of a Down - BYOB Dubstep Remix

Me with Anton playing nice song in the base)) just experiment
we play that a first time) old song

Break Of Reality Plays BYOB(System Of A Down Cover) at Baruch Performing Arts Center on May 7th 2010.

Lineup(from left to right):

Martin Torch-Ishii - Cello
Patrick Laird - Cello
Ivan Trevino - Percussion
Philip Borter - Cello
These are the real lyrics, people! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


Playing at a Last Exit for the Lost presents show, this is Break of Reality's amazing cover of System of a Down. This was recorded July 31, 2009 at The Haunt, Ithaca, NY.

Билет на этот концерт мне подарили на День Рождения))))
All rights are by EinsPlus and System of a Down.
I do not own any Rights
Una piccola parte del concerto a Milano alla fiera di Rho.

Лучший день!!!!
Moscow Olympisky 21.06.2011
Prison Song , Soldier Side Intro , BYOB , I-E-A-I-A-I-O , Hypnotize
Трейлер-нарезка геймплея из Call of Duty 2 под System of a Down - BYOB с диска ЛКИ 01/2006
Все права на System of a Down - BYOB принадлежат правообладателю.

SOAD first time in Russia!!! It was awesome!

«Prison song», «Soldier side», «BYOB» and «Kill Rock 'n Roll»
Irvine 05/25/2011 from the PIT! Start of the show! Check out my other videos! Comment and Like below!
прикол вытворяет смешно до слез жесть жестко system is back возрождение hardcore хардкор мужик где мое радио чайки клюют стальных черепах
System of a Down Live at the Hollywood bowl 7/29/13

Music by: System of a Down - Aerials -
Suite-Pee -
Prison Song -
System of a Down opens a long-awaited reunion show in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena on a late-spring day in May 2011.

Link to playlist of this show (from start to finish, minus a few songs that I didn't capture):

Set list of this show as posted at setlistfm:

1.Prison Song Play Video
2.B.Y.O.B. Play Video
3.Know Play Video
4.Needles Play Video
5.Deer Dance Play Video
6.Attack Play Video
7.Radio/Video Play Video
8.Hypnotize Play Video
9.Question! Play Video
10.Suggestions Play Video
11.Psycho Play Video
12.Chop Suey! Play Video
13.Lonely Day Play Video
14.Soldier Side - Intro Play Video
15.Soldier Side Play Video
16.Kill Rock 'n Roll Play Video
17.Lost in Hollywood Play Video
18.Forest Play Video
19.Science Play Video
20.Holy Mountains Play Video
Смотреть до конца!!!
можно представить, ЧТО там творилось!!
me teaching how to play part of this great song by system of a down .please rate comment and subscribe

System of a Down - BYOB LIVE ROCK AM RING 2011

решил переиграть.
На 3:58 Дарон предложил всем "Соснуть хуйца")))))
system of a down byob
HD 1080p "Soldier side" (intro) & "B.Y.O.B."...Full concert on my channel.
Remix of BYOB by System of a Down

by YH Audioworx
Видео «МУЗЫКА»:
1. Toxicity
2. Spiders
3. Radio-Video
4. Chop Suey
5. Aerials
6. B.Y.O.B
8. Lonely Day
|. Toxicity (+ drums) - Live in Iceland
System of a Down (SOAD) - American rock band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian called Soil, and in 1995 accepted the current name. All the band members are of Armenian descent. Between 1998 and 2005, the band released five studio albums, each of which went platinum (the most successful - multiplatinum Toxicity), with a circulation of over 12 million copies. [2] In 2006, participants of System of a Down have decided to temporarily suspend the joint activities and to do solo proje
одна из тех песен, которая въедается в мозги
Home cover of group "System of a Down" (SOAD) BYOB. Acoustic guitar, djembe and voice.
At an early date other covers, SOAD and other, join our channel.

Thunder storm concerts are awesome!
System of a Down Live "BYOB" - Nikon At Jones Beach Theater 8/5/12

нехер было делать, вот налабал кавер небольшой.