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Sync or Swim

"Men who swim" The song from the feature film "Allt flyter","The Swimsuit issue"/ "Männer im wasser" documentary "Men who swim", "sync or swim", "zinkende mannen" preformed by the original swimmers that inspired the film.
Lars Kumlin sjunger/vocals Stockholm Konstsim Herr körar/chorus swimming/simmar i videon. Låten förekommer även i Måns Herngrens film "Allt Flyter".
Musik Text: Lars Kumlin
Producent: Pål Svenre
Video: Bodén Co
Regi: Gary Fabbri
Foto: Johannes Alsén, Ulf Fransson, Dylan Williams
Klippning: Johannes Alsén
France sound
Woody woodpecker and Wally, Meany TV 2000!
(Pica Pau), (Pajaro Loco), (Picchiarello), (Вуди Вудпеккер дятел)!

1 Set Zero 00:00
2 Hot & Cold 04:02
3 Larruping Shuftly 08:19
4 Auntie Meat 08:45
5 My First Ride In A Metro 10:21
6 Sampled & Held 13:36
7 Sync Or Swim 17:33
8 E Scapes 19:52
Vogue's Fiona Golfar took the plunge and joined the British synchronised swimming team for the Sync or Swim feature in the June issue. Go behind the scenes and see Henry Bourne's shoot take shape - and Golfar's childhood dream realised.