Synapses: [Hatsune Miku] Nounai Synapse no Hangyaku [VOSTFR + Romaji Karaoké], [Subs+Lyrics] Intracerebral Synapse Rebellion [Hatsune Miku], Neuron Synapse and


La vérité je suis tombée sur cette chanson et... je l'ai trouvé tellement entraînante que...voilà. Eh oui il y a une partie dénuée de karaoké parce que sinon c'était RIP mes oreilles et mon encodeur xD

▌E X P L I C A T I O N S▐

Cette chanson était assez dure à retranscrire.

"mensonges nihilistes" J'ai voulu garder le terme "nihiliste" mais j'imagine que la plus part d'entre vous ne savent pas ce que ça veut dire..."Le nihilisme (du latin nihil, « rien ») est un point de vue philosophique d'après lequel l
It's cause, it's cause I love you~!

Translated by: Cysote

The Japanese Lyrics, Romaji, and Translation w/Notes can be found here:

Original Nico Broadcast:

Original Title: 脳内シナプスの叛逆

Vocaloid: Hastune Miku
Music, Lyrics: Sizimi mylist/37023416 @sizimirock
Illust, Movie: Koniro (紺色) mylist/23372828 @kon7iro
Bass: H.J. Freaks mylist/8070550 @hjfreaks
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Razer|Vain shows you the newest features in Synapse 2.0 for the Razer Naga - Keymapping, unlimited profiles and import/export features.

Get IMBA with the new Razer Naga:<br/><br/>
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здесь собраны лучшие AMV. Присоединяйтесь к нам, соберем коллекцию вместе^^
Приятного просмотра)

Аниме: Меланхолия Харухи Судзумии
Музыка: DJ Fresh feat. RaVaughn – The Feeling (South Central Remix) | Dubstep Release
► Created by ~ Kisanzi
► Anime ~ The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
► Song ~ DJ Fresh feat. RaVaughn - The Feeling (South Central Remix)
Презентационное видео о Synapse - веб сервисе для поиска бизнес-клиентов в интернете.
Razer Synapse 2.0 - World's First Cloud-Based Storage for Personalized Gaming Settings
Кроссовки женские Salomon: Synapse W

Снежный Лис - ваш верный друг и эксперт в выборе одежды и снаряжения для активного отдыха и спорта.<br/><br/> - Самое полезное медицинское сообщество вконтакте.
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Salk scientists computationally reconstructed brain tissue in the hippocampus to study the sizes of connections (synapses). The larger the synapse, the more likely the neuron will send a signal to a neighboring neuron. The team found that there are actually 26 discrete sizes that can change over a span of a few minutes, meaning that the brain has a far great capacity at storing information than previous thought.
Trout fishing with rod Favorite Synapse SYS662UL 1-5g and Berkley Powerbait Nymph & Powerbait Honey Worms
Frozen Synapse iPad will be released on Thursday 16th May
It will have cross-play between: PC, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android
You can play on the same account and do turns on different devices!

【初音ミク】 脳内シナプスの叛逆【オリジナル曲】
【初音ミク】 脳内シナプスの叛逆【オリジナル曲】
To better help understand what Frozen Synapse Prime is all about, we've created a video that runs through the basics of combat.

Here’s a quick look at how the simultaneous-turn-based combat system works in Prime:

1. Players on two separate teams plot paths and issue orders to their squad members, creating a plan on a turn-by-turn basis. You have the option of simulating the plan before you commit to it.

2. Both teams then commit their plans for each turn; we call this ‘Priming’ a turn.
Игра выходит до конца месяца на PS Vita.
Frozen Synapse Prime's release date confirmed and new trailer unveiled.
Check out the launch trailer for Frozen Synapse Prime, coming to PS Vita from 23rd September 2014!
Релизный трейлер Frozen Synapse Prime для PS Vita
Дата выхода 23 ментября 2014 года

Mat Zo – Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix) live at #ABGT150, Sydney
From the Cannondale SAVE Technology to the newly introduced Power Pyramid, this bike is truly class changer in the world of endurance road bikes. Don't believe us? Just ask Peter Sagan the winner of Gent Wevelgem.
MPFI scientists optimized a spatiotemporally controlled method that induces and visualizes the formation of inhibitory and excitatory synapses in cortical neurons in vitro and in vivo.
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"Клипы по аниме[AMV] / серии по аниме"
► Created by ~ Kisanzi
► Anime ~ The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
► Song ~ DJ Fresh feat. RaVaughn - The Feeling (South Central Remix)
Лучшие AMV клипы, аниме, предоставляет Паблик страница - The ❤World with Japan, 日本、Мир с Японией ! Обязательно подписывайтесь -

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No copyright intended
Any Claim:<br/><br/>
Deus Ex
The Synapse (Wan Chai, Hong Kong Streets)
From Chuunibyou demo Koi ga shitai!
Shit gets serious.
🎬 Frozen Synapse Prime: Launch Trailer | PS Vita

#Games #PlayStation #AllTrailers
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lo giuro su dio ho sudato come un cane per montarlo per cui ENJOY !!!!

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The Synapse NoDrone resonator system is a set of fabricated components that you can use on any exhaust system to reduce or eliminate problems with exhaust drone and resonance.

From a DVD that comes with the illustrated medical atlas, The Human Brain, DK Publishing UK.

Beepo - Color Blind EP released by Monochrome Recordings
Monochrome Recordings
Razer, технологический лидер в области игровых пользовательских интерфейсов, предлагает Вам совершенно новые возможности для устройств игровой периферии, благодаря Razer Synapse 2.0, первому в мире применению облаков для хранения персональных настроек для различных устройств Razer. Это позволяет использовать настройки для игр в любое время и в любом месте.

Для получения дополнительной информации о Razer Synapse 2.0 beta, посетите сайт
Короткое видео о веб-сервисе по поиску тендеров на электронных торговых площадках. Сайт проекта:
Educational video describing the transmission of impulses across neurons / synapse.
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The winner of Cycling Plus' Bike of the Year 2014 returns to the fray for 2015, and this time it has disc brakes.
Self-choreographed solo performed in December 2013 at the Railyard Performance Center.

"...Ugh, I almost forgot that I dyed my hair black for that tour.
So, this was Half Moon Bay, CA. Alex Pasternak's (sic?) lovely house by the ocean. We also did, if my failing memory serves me correctly, Burning Fight by Inside Out and Master Of Puppets by Metallica. Probably about 2/3 through the summer of 1999 tour. That's Don from Usurp Synapse on bass, Colin on the stage right guitar and Billy (who usually sang) on drums.
The history of the world and the future to come, in the blink of an eye. Production: Super77 Executive Producer: Rainer Ziehm Producer: Jonas Amoss Project Coordinator: Sara Santillan Creative Director: Sean Conner 3D modeling and 3D animation: Andrew Mark Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, Chavilah Bennett Sound Design: Andrea Damiano, Ryan Peoples
The history of the world and the future to come, in the blink of an eye. Executive Producer: Rainer Ziehm Producer: Jonas Amoss Project Coordinator: Sara Santillan Director: S77 Creative Director: Sean Conner 3D modeling and 3D animation: Andrew Mark Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, Chavilah Bennett Sound Design: Andrea Damiano, Ryan Peoples
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quick renders of something organic I was building while testing trapcodeTAO
Album/CD: LINEA ASPERA – Linea Aspera
Released: Sep 2012
Linea Aspera -- Linea Aspera (Vinyl, LP, Album) - DE-031
лавка тут -
блог -
We took a field trip to the Benaroya Hall lobby to catch some footage of Seattle Symphony’s [untitled] series concert on February 13, 2015!

Here’s Jacob Druckman’s Valentine for Solo Double Bass & Synapse for Tape, performed by Joseph Kaufman.

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█▓▒░ Ikirukoto o shien (生きることを支援) [Japan,J-Rock]
GABA’s effect is to reduce neural activity by allowing chloride ions to enter the post-synaptic neuron. These ions have a negative electrical charge, which helps to make the neuron less excitable. This physiological effect is amplified when alcohol binds to the GABA receptor, probably because it enables the ion channel to stay open longer and thus let more Cl- ions into the cell.
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Artwork by Sakura Ai
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Sign up at The course Synapses, Neurons and Brains by Idan Segev from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platform.
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Music: Noisia - Shellshock (feat Foreign Beggars)
Official Page:
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Sound programming and sound demo by kevin schroeder.
Many cinematic factory patches (*KS presets) are complete and ready to use sequences with a lot of versatile possibilities.

Музон офигенный
Usurp Synapse - @ Munoz Boxing Gym, Bakersfield, Ca.
Last song of the set.
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Synapse Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Sci-Fi Trailer HD

An addicted memory dealer is chased relentlessly by federal narcotics agents bent on keeping the secrets he has locked in his mind hidden.

"Synapse trailer" Synapse "Synapse movie" memory dealer narc narcotics feds agents secrets m
The new Stealth soundtrack from the Corpus added with update 14.5 Cryotic front. Really nice track.

Composed by Keith Power
Join Chris and Phil in the SA studio's as they take a "First Look' at Synapse's latest synth offering 'DUNE 2' and its a good'un.
3rd February 2001 @ Fuck Fest, Reflections New Bedford, MA

zAllex - Synapse [ Full Album 2013 ]


0:02 Dystopia

5:16 Timeless

9:56 Levitate

15:07 Refuge

18:26 Tamashi

23:55 Ascend

28:23 Firefly

33:30 Atlas

39:25 Sirens

43:57 Echoes

48:29 Shrine

51:53 Shade

55:02 Rain

Thanks for listening and for your support!

In Warframe, the Synapse is an infested based clan tech rifle that fires a continuous beam of electricity.
1996 MOCCA, MOC 1843.3

Simulation of 262144 neurons (Izhikevich model) with 8 million synapses done by SpikeFun demo simulator (v0.35) including AMPA, NMDA and GABA receptor kinetics, axonal propagation delay as well as short and long term synaptic plasticity.

This video demonstrates network view (to enable network view start SpikeFun with /wireframe command line parameter)

More details about SpikeFun:

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Linea Aspera - Synapse (Live @ Grauzone Festival 2013)
It isn't just boost and turbos at Synapse. We put together a photoshoot for the poster that we did for this year's SEMA show starring Sophi Berglund. Here's a little bit of footage with this Hot Import Nights model.
Зеркальная накладка... фап-фап-фап
Just posting some bug(?) I found in synapse-audio dune synth. Those first notes is causing volume burst or something.
Кроссовки женские Salomon: Synapse

Снежный Лис - ваш верный друг и эксперт в выборе одежды и снаряжения для активного отдыха и спорта.<br/><br/>
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Representing Italy's finest, Antillas and Dankann rock steady with a new weapon of choice. Having caught the p
New preset bank programmed by Rob Lee for the Synapse Audio Dune 2 synthesiser
Russia, Chelyabinsk, 2013.
VK group:
🎬 Frozen Synapse Prime: Advanced Tactics | PS Vita

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Alcohol also binds directly to the receptors for acetylcholine, serotonin, GABA, and the NMDA receptors for glutamate.
The neuron’s activity would thus be further diminished, thus explaining the sedative effect of alcohol. This effect is accentuated because alcohol also reduces glutamate’s excitatory effect on NMDA receptors.
However, chronic consumption of alcohol gradually makes the NMDA receptors hypersensitive to glutamate while desensitizing the GABAergic receptors.

Читерский форум
Моя тема
Сайт чита
Тема чита на d3
Скоро приедит кодер и допилит функции необходимые для хорошей легитной игры , ждите обзора там всё будет! pSilent вернулся товарищи поздравляю, ебошит как в старые добрые Юнити отдыхает , !!!!с любым ФОВ НА ДЕМКЕ не тряски !!!!!Изи )) С ЛЮБЫМ ФОВ ЭКРАН В
Велосипед дооснащён системой съёма параметров заезда (геолокационный трек, скорость, каденс, ЧСС и мощность). Запись осуществлояется на GPS-навигаторы Polar V650 и Gamin Edge 1000. Оборудован подсумками и держателями, обеспечивающими запас воды, питания, электропитания, фото-видеоаппаратуры, запчатей и инструментов.
Track from SYNAPSES album 'Devoutness.'

'Devoutness,' the new album from Italy's SYNAPSES, is out now on Cimmerian Shade Recordings. An excellent mix of modern technical death metal with an old school mindset and appeal, the band's sophomore full-length is available on digital and CD formats. Stream and/or purchase the album in its entirety at

The CD version can be ordered at
Самые свежие игровые новости в сообществе

• All damage in the video is raw, not affected by any kind of buffs or debuffs.
• Synapse is an Infested continuous electricity damage rifle that was released in Update 10.
Amprex is a Corpus chain lightning rifle that was released in Update 13.1.0.
• The voice in the video isn't mine, it's made via Text-to-Speech engine. Simple enough due to bad built-in laptop mic and generally lack of good accent, that was my best option.

Favorite Synapse 4-16 и щука на 4 кг!!!
Сегодня дружной компанией с троих человек, Миша( герой сегодняшней рыбалки ), Я ( Юра Вознюк), и Андрей Ткаченко, поехали снова целенаправленно ловить щуку, на "Дикую Реку ".
Казалось-бы, малая река шириной не более 5-6 метров, но есть еще такие "Крокодилы" было поймано около 10 щук, на резину ( джиг) Keitech Easy Shiner 3" , Jackall I Shad Tail 2.8", Keitech Easy Shiner 2".Jackall Squad Minnow 80SP.
А также на твитчинг - щука 1.200 покусилась Jackall Squad
Synapse Essentials Mix 002
Download (LIMITED TIME):
Check out Rockin Radio (Podcast) on iTunes:

Welcome to Synapse Essentials Mix! With each episode we try to bring you the best essential new tunes for you to hear. Most of the tracks you hear on this show will be, if not already, available on Synapse. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to smash that subscribe button for the greatest new tracks!

Frozen Synapse - OST MiX


Welcome to Markov Geist
The Plan
A Functioning God
Посмотрите на Synapse 2.0 и его возможности. Razer Synapse 2.0 это наше новое программное обеспечение, которое синхронизирует все ваши профили в облаке, что позволяет получать вам все свои профили всегда и везде. Synapse 2.0 это единой конфигуратор, который поддерживает Naga, Naga Hex, Blade, и серию SWTOR, а также все будущие продукты Razer.
Sora no Otoshimono Forte Original Soundtrack
Track 03 : Synapse no Sekai
Artist : Various
Как установить Synapse на (Delphi EX)
Сылка на библиотеку :
SYNAPSE Échange fraternel de l’univers personnel de l’autre. A fraternal exchange on the personal universe of the other. Dancers and Choreography: Charlotte Sans & Baptiste Sans Choreography: Alexandra Duprat Guionie As part of the D&R Assosiation, PESSAC (France) Special thanks to Sarah Paillou Direction and Color correcting: Léonard Héliot Editing: Jerome Humblot Sound: Florent Tury Music : Emilie Simon « To The Dancers on The Ice » Shot with a Canon 5D mark iii
Official preview of the track "Global Awakening" by Synapse, taken from Enzyme 40 - A Gathering of Styles part 04.
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Synapse is an interactive experience commissioned by Muntpunt in Brussels (Europe/Belgium) Muntpunt is a new kind of library where experience and connecting community's are just as important as books. This work is driven by movement of the people passing by and influencing a self contained particle system and sounds translating connection and encounter. Partners: Heaven Can Wait, Beam-Inc, Feniks and Muntpunt Brussels http
A man becomes separated from his family during the zombie outbreak, now he must fight his way through both the infected and civilian-killing militias to find them.

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For Behind-the-Scenes an
Control interface for 3DS Max.
Небольшой краш-тест Favorite Synapse SYST-702ML. Выбиваемся из зацепа. Хоть спиннинг и выдержал, настоятельно не рекомендуем освобождаться от зацепов таким способом.

Just mindblowing level by Oly!

Level Info:

Name: Synapse
Creator: Olympic
ID: 19203530
Difficulty: Hard 5* (?)

My social links:
VK -

Synapse Audio The Legend overview
TechnicalDeathMetal on VK.COM:
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Small Q & A by Ruffneck with Synapse & Sei2ure for their Tainted Audio 8 release.

A very deep and serious interview to show we mean business!


Connect with the Tainted Audio crew here:

Official Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Soundcloud :
Merchandise :
United States
The asynchronous multiplayer aspect of Frozen Synapse Prime allows you to have several games on the go at once, against friends and opponents around the world. The game alerts you when a turn has been made in one of your matches, and players can track and manage their matches via their Active Matches area.

There’s a variety of online modes to choose from; from classic deathmatch style of play to protecting VIPs, rescuing hostages, infiltrating and controlling areas of the map, collecting items to sco
Coordinated Feeding Behavior in Trichoplax, an Animal without Synapses. Carolyn L. Smith et al (2015), PLoS ONE

Trichoplax is a small disk-shaped marine metazoan that adheres to substrates and locomotes by ciliary gliding. Despite having only six cell types and lacking synapses Trichoplax coordinates a complex sequence of behaviors culminating in external digestion of algae. We combine live cell imaging with electron microscopy to show how this is accomplished

Катушку Favorite Sapphire, а также любые спиннинги торговой марки Favorite вы можете приобрести в магазине
Образовательные видео в паблике
Собственность ۞ Vocaloid (Вокалоид) ۞
Factory Sounds 【CINEMATIC】
Eli MC - Le Bruit de mes Synapses - Clip
Prod : Goomar
Réalisation : Ben Maker
Extrait de l'album TRACE D'OPIUM
JUIN 2015
Goloka Records

The 2014 Cannondale Synapse is the perfect blend of Race Geometry and Comfort Geometry. All-Day epic rides and not-so-smooth roads are a dream on the Synapse. Peter Sagan, Ted King and a host of Cannondalers pay tribute to the Synapse - a bike that has captured a few podiums and a classic win. Not bad for its first month of racing. Check with your local Cannondale dealer to schedule a test ride.<br/><br/>
🎬 Frozen Synapse Prime Basics: Multiplayer | PS Vita

#Games #PlayStation #AllTrailers
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Мой второй бой
За видео спасибо 抹茶 (matcha)
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Music: Audiomachine - Frozen Synapse
Авторы клипа: Rosalie Raven, Lady May-Creyl & SELENA171092
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Watch the full #ABGT150 set:
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Closing out #ABGT150 with a classic. The 2011 Arty remix of Mat Zo's 'Synapse Dynamics'.

Live Dates:
Команда Synapse и визуализация закупаемых государством товаров и услуг.
We take a look at a near-final version of Frozen Synapse on tablets...


Ежедневные видео-новости из мира компьютерных игр. Сегодня в выпуске: Сделай звук погромче (Volume), Элитная документалка (Elite: Dangerous), Командный бой (World of Tanks), Заморозка теперь и на ПК (Frozen Synapse Prime), Укрепляем ретро (Fortified), Спящие проснутся (Among The Sleep).
Exclusive footage of the upcoming PlayStation Vita strategy game.

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Defeat after perfect performance in "Dark Charge"
I lost near to 1 second, it was absolutely disappointing(
New Mexico Dance Coalition presented its annual Choreographer's Workshop April 4 2014. 17 new works were presented at the Rail yard performance space in Santa Fe NM.

The show was produced by Jasmine Quinsier who also performed in one of the numbers.

The video was recorded by Bruce McIntosh and Kismet Coons and was edited by Bruce McIntosh |||

guitar tracks for the upcoming BOREWORM ep "ENTOMOPHOBIA", the song is the preproduction demo of "synapse". look for the new cd to be released later this year!
Powerful sample workstation for VST & AU - free!
With the "Zampler" Beat brings a professional sample workstation for Windows and OS X on the market that can easily keep up in terms of sound and features with the major operators.
FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT. ( free sound Libaries )

Zampler Beat (Synapse Audio)
Electro- Auvic - Synapse [edmSpotlight]