Symmetry: Scar Symmetry - Morphogenesis, OLD SCHOOL VS NEW SCHOOL BODYBUILDING l Mass VS Symmetry - YouTube_0_1431882553878, [HD] Scar Symmetry - Morphogenesis


O vídeo acima é do coletivo Everynone e levou o GP no Vimeo Awards 2012, concurso promovido pelo site de compartilhamento de vídeos. Made by Everynone in collaboration with WNYC | Radiolab

много [короткого КИНО] -

Короткометражный фильм "Симметрия" ("Symmetry"). Это плод сотрудничества студий Everynone и Radiolab. Авторы видео играют с различными объектами, лицами и смыслами, находя забавные связи между демонстрируемым на экране.
Old school bodybuilding vs new bodybuilding. Arnold schwarzeneger, phil heath jay cutler ronnie coleman and the all mr olimpia. Which one is good? Please leave a comments. Keep sherred ✌
What happened to bodybuilding?
“#Repost @jasonhugehuh
Mass, aesthetics, symmetry💯”
“In depth video review of our Super Symmetry · 115 GeV Compressor by greek ninja Chris Kollias​ on his Warwick​ Dolphin SN-TCS. Check our profile link to…”


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Симметрия в ATS (r) c группой Amaya-Tribe

2veinte having fun on free time - headphones recommended Creative direction: Pablo Gostanian Design, Compositing and Animation: Pablo Gostanian, Andrés Remazzina, Alex Gostanian, Martín Salfity, Daniel Cantor Morales, Sebastián García. Models: Martín Faragasso. Music Editing and Sound fx: Martin Salfity - Selected OneDotZero London Tour (wow-flutter 2011) - Selected for the 6th International Fest of Contemporary Animation & Media Artfestival of Moscow - Selected for the Short Fi
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Valentin Hirsch’s artbook “SYMMETRIES” on INDIEGOGO.

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Official site:


Concept & Design:
Georg Schober
Paul Troppmair

Music: Kommune Zwei

Video Artist: Alexander Hackl / redisgreen
A scene compilation illustrating cinematography techniques such as one-point perspective, symmetry and camera movement in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amélie.
► Watch all episodes from The Alex Megos Formula HERE:
In search of Alex Megos' formula for success, the final chapter in the 4-part series heads back to the Frankenjura, Alex’s home in Germany. In October 2015, he set a milestone by establishing the area’s hardest route to date, "Supernova" (9a+/9b). The Formula-Series finalizes the search in interviews with Alex’ Family and Coaches, leading to the conclusion that Alex is more than the sum of his characteristics.

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Scar Symmetry (27.02.14 @Moscow Rock house) - The Illusionist 1
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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Last year, Henrik approached me with this super cool lyrical concept, that was so complex and vast in scope that we realized it was a story that couldn't be told in just one album. So, the decision was made: instead of writing a new album, we started working on a trilogy of albums - the most ambitious project of our career.
Nathan demonstrates the One Series from Source Audio with his tune, "Symmetry."

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Progressive Metal

Страна: Италия
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We are happy to introduce our new channel playlist 'bitJOINT' with a warm and groovy atmospheric trip hop tune by producer Zencat.
Просто понравилось как сыграл , играл впервые, так что пару ошибок моно и простить) В серединке залагало пришлось на паузу ставить, без этго думаю было бы 99%)))
ЗЫ да я нуб)

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In Search Of Symmetry - Unbreakable / Unbreakable EP 2016

A short montage celebrating the cinematography techniques of Sherlock (BBC tv series) and their use of symmetry. © 2016, Celia Gómez
A short montage celebrating the cinematography techniques of Sherlock (BBC tv series) and their use of symmetry.

Vimeo Channel:
© 2016, Celia Gómez - информация об исполнителе / 2010 © Pompeya
Footage from rare soviet home videos. Palanga 1987. Behind the scenes. Unofficial Video.
Unofficial. Footage from rare soviet home videos. Palanga 1987. Behind the scenes.

Tags: pompeya power remix simple symmetry lipelis break dance soviet union ussr 80's documentary riga latvia moscow москва помпея брейк old school skool менты романтика пляж beach cheenese ep russia party
▪ Tilt (music, lyrics)
▪ MasatakaP (video)
▪ KagomeP (mastering)
From NicoNico
Original: sm24452865

Edit: I translated wrong the title xP The title is "Magical Symmetry", not "Musical Symmetry" I'm sorry xD

I found this song and I uploaded here so you can listen too c:
I am really sorry. It has a terrible quality D: It the first video I upload from NicoNico so it's normal to be like this. I'm sorry :(
And the video is AMAZING!! The song maches perfectly with the video :D (I wish I was good at MMD like this... XD) And btw I'm working on that MMD PV I said but I have bee
This expanded seventh video will help you master composition with the Law of Symmetry, a Gestalt Psychology principle which covers incredibly important techniques: Complex Balance, Gazing Direction, Breathing Room, Negative Space, Value Weight, Perspective Weight, and Magnetic Momentum.

Mastering composition is no easy task and many photographers, painters, sculptors, and other artists are finding themselves lost in the dark. Nothing to guide them…until now. This is a preview of a masterful video series ba
У каждого режиссёра есть свой стиль, свой почерк, по которому почти сразу можно понять, что это именно Этот режиссёр.

Один из таких режиссёров малоизвестный Уэс Андерсон. Его главная фишка в фильмах - симметричность важных сцен. Предлагаем вам крутую подборку сцен из его фильмов, где он использует этот приём. Любопытно!

Уэс Андерсон

Filmed by Adrian Perez & Tom Conway
Edited by Adrian Perez
Все барабаны и тарелки из этого видео новые и выставлены на продажу,а видео снято в рекламных целях в том числе.
Кому интересна покупа-обращайтесь ко мне
На видео представлены:

Drumcraft Series 8 Acrylic Progressive Kit - 139000
Drumcraft Lignum Oak 13x6 - 16000

Meinl Generation X Filter China 14" - 6000
Meinl Fx Hihat 8" - 8000
Meinl Fx Hihat 10" - 10000
Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Thin Crash 18" - 16000
Meinl Byzance Vinage Sand Ride 20" - 20000
Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash 16" - 13000
Meinl Generation X Electro Stack 8/10" - 8000

Оператор - Лада Румянцева.
Монтаж-Павел Лохнин.
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Trying the new symmetry support for project paint.
В этом видео вы увидите самые прекрасные и замечательные парки Алматы, приятного просмотра!

SCAR SYMMETRY's 'Cryonic Harvest' is taken from the album "THE SINGULARITY (PHASE I - NEOHUMANITY).
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Sculpting with clay can be difficult for newcomers, the part I find especially time consuming is getting the symmetry in my clay sculpts down really well! Well there is a ve
Фансаб-группа "SoulmateSubS" представляет...
Fairy Super Crystal Blue Out Now ~

Video by Sean Miller
watch in HD
WorkShop - Love Story
город Гомель. 3 августа

Организатор: Егор Ковалёв
Title Fight playing Symmetry in Virginia Beach, at skate high, on November 22nd, 2010.
All video shot and edited by Patrick Ard.


Harmonic patch using the new MakeNoise tELHARMONIC is a Multi-Voice, Multi-Algorithm synthesizer, and 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. The master clock is the Tiptop Circadian Rhythms. Clock output running into the Modcan Touch Sequencer. Channel output one running into one intellijel Dixie (V1) for the bassline. Dixie output running into a Mutable instruments Ripples filter (LP4), triangle waveform. Second channel output sequencing quantized 8 note sequence to the telharmonic oscillator, creating the firs
"Симметрия - это скучно!"
Именно эта цитата из рекламы Nissan Cube вспомнилась, когда мы увидели едущий впереди Jaguar. Такой роскошный, блестящий, но... с разными колёсами.

Да, вероятно просто на запасном колесе (замена колеса). Но как мило это выглядит! =) Милый котенок! ^^
Link da Creepypasta em Português:
Link de onde a música foi retirada:
Pessoa que escreveu originalmente:
I think I'm done. I'm probably also in the clear, for now... Anyways, this is a recording of off some guy's radio station who told me he would play an instrumental of the song onto it if I paid him a sum of money. I chose to pay and listen to it and he said it was for my ears only. Little did he know, I recorded it and I uploaded it
Sam Hitz vomits a board task to underlings Lefty and Micah.
Creature Sacred Symmetry boards available now.
Duggan Moran of Crossover Symmetry demonstrates his product at a Perfect Game tournament in Tucson, AZ on Sept. 26, 2009.

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Solo. Guitar cover by Dragon Shadow
Ну вот я и собрал все необходимые инструменты для записи своего демо. Потихоньку начинаю записывать свой первый EP. Проект one man band - SYMMETRY.
PropertyOfZack was on-sight to film Title Fight's fantastic set at Krazy Set for a brand new Live feature!!/propertyofzack

In order of appearance: Nemesis Delay, Lunar Phaser, Mercury Flanger, Gemini Chorus, AfterShock Distortion, Vertigo Tremolo, and Reflex Universal Expression Controller.

Huge thanks to Toontrack for sending me Superior Drummer 2.0 and the Metal Foundry (featured in this track)!!!

Check out the One Series from Source Audio here:

▼Nathan Navarro:
Title Fight performing "Symmetry" and "Loud and Clear" at Charm City Artspace in Baltimore, MD during the Praise "Lights Went Out" Record Release show on 5/23/14.

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An awesome solo from an amazing band. Very fun to play!
I also got the chance to practice my 5 string sweeping!
It's not 100% accurate because I played it without tabs.
I hope you'll enjoy!
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#poker #Фристайлпокер #покер - Log on to find full tabs, audio, video, and text for Part 1 of 2 of Guitar Messenger's Masterclass with Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry.
Моделирование процесса штамповки
Paul van Dyk - Symmetries - feat. Austin Leeds(Maarten de Jong Remix) (R)Evolution

Pre-order (R)Evolution : The Remixes now!

Last year, through his sixth artist album, electronic music legend Paul van Dyk changed up perceptions of the PvD sound, wholesale. Over the course o
Unnamed fest. Kharkov. august 2012
I plan six lectures on possible directions of modification/generalization of the probability theory, both concerning mathematical foundations and applications within and without pure mathematics. Specifically, I will address two issues.

1. Enhancement of stochastic symmetry by linearization and Hilbertization of set-theoretic categories.

2. Non-symmetric probability theory in heterogeneous environments of molecular biology and of linguistics.

I will start with a category theoretic view on probability
Жаль конечно что не лидер, но песня збс!
Я, канеш, не Михайлов, но думаю, что сыграл вполне достойно:)
Graduation project. This film has been written symmetrically: the second half is strictly like the first, but played backwards and mirrored. The second part doesn't act like a simple rewinding, but as the following of the first. It explores all sorts of symmetry: compositions, shapes, sounds and music, scenario, colors, actions, time... Written, directed & edited by Yann Pineill Music by Cliff Martinez & Joseph Haydn Starring Edouard Sanville, Daphné Sanville & Romane Pineill http://parachut
The Crossover Symmetry HIIT System is a professional grade rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system that is customized for Crossfit athletes. The HIIT System incorporates the latest scientific advancements and equipment innovations to give athletes a reliable tool that is proven to enhance shoulder health and performance. The HIIT System features four protocols: Activation, Recovery, Plyometric Training and the IRON SCAP workout. Medically designed by a leading physical therapist, the HIIT System ta
This is my attempt to play one of the coolest solos Per Nilsson -AWESOME guitar player :) I hope you'll enjoy it! Please subscribe, comment and rate!
Hey, if anyone would like a video guitar lesson on this solo please subscribe to my channel, thumb up and I'll post something :)))) Thanks everybody for watching and commenting :D Cheers from Ukraine:)

Gear: Schecter omen 7,Boss dd7 , Cubase 5, Sony vegas Pro 13, Soldano (Ollegator custom),Amp (oll
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A film about balance. Winner of the 2012 Vimeo Awards Grand Prize. Made in Collaboration with WNYC Radiolab. Made by Everynone
An intimate performance by LP in W Seattle's newly redesigned Living Room hosted by W Hotels Global Music Director, Michaelangelo L'Acqua.

Symmetry in the film "Shining" by Stanley Kubrick.

Song By A. Taylor:

Edited by Denis Pestov:
Hey guys, this is the first video in a little mini series I will be uploading to every now and then of quick tips and fixes for certain things in C4D and perhaps some other programs in the future!

In this episode we will look at how to make textures stick to objects when we use the Symmetry function in C4D!

Previews of work:

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My Website: http://foreverfraiche.
Забирайте Бесплатный курс по 3Ds Max здесь: - Курс о том как с «0» создать красивую картинку всего за 1.5 часа. P.S. даже если вы впервые открыли 3d max. моя страница вконтакте с кучей всяких полезностей
Inspired by: kogonada's 'Kubrick//One-Point Perspective' (a supercut of Stanley Kubrick's films). Just as Kubrick, Christopher Nolan strategically uses symmetry hence his AWESOME films.
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In this video I will show you how to use non-planar symmetry in Zbrush.
Всем привет, меня зовут Илья Изотов, и сегодня мы разберём модификатор Symmetry! - Курс о том как с «0» создать красивую картинку всего за 1.5 часа
P.S. даже если вы впервые открыли 3d max
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Here´s a MTV´s documentary aired in Japan in January of 2002. It basically covers the band in one of their first tours in Japan (during the Origin Of Symmetry tour) in December of 2001.
Больше новостей:
reg3n is a metal band from Argentina

Want a premier on Thall TV? Contact us:

Perhaps the most brutal split in 2016. Three continents, three different styles of death metal, one goal – blow your mind! Behold!

Nervous Impulse from Canada will amaze you with devastating wall of the hard sound; blast beats which comparable with machine-gun fire, and the crazy grind core dynamic of high-speed riffs. All songs will grab your balls and will not let them out til the last second.

One-man band Kraworath from Russia shows a whole new level of brutality, tracks will smash your ears with incre
SONG(музыка): Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Skrillex Remix) (Hallywood X Remake)
КОНФЕТТИ Московская 22 +7 938 441 06 01
классическая и современная хореография
- Warwick Dolphin SN-TCS
- Red Sound cables
- Super Symmetry · 115 GeV Compressor (
- Microtubes B7K · Analog Bass Preamp (
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Demo shot by Chris Kollias
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A Quick Tip : Using Symmetry Tool in Cinema 4D - C4D
The Tools:
Cinema 4D R17
FCS Tools Package for C4D :
by FieldCreators Studios
Contact Me:
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It is an absolute honor to host Richard Bass & Sunset Melodies again!
I love how sun-soaked ☼, lush and marvellous Richard's melodies are ♫ Out of this World! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for your support, friends! Take care :)

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Мы такие разные, но все-таки мы вместе :)
Изменение формы листа в 3dsMax с помощью Bend и Symmetry
#AskZBrush: "How do I use Radial Symmetry inside of ZBrush?"

Ask your questions through Twitter with the hashtag #AskZBrush. Our team of experts at Pixologic will answer through a short video.
These videos are not designed to be advanced tutorials, but rather to answer precise technical questions.

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SONG(музыка): Gangster (The BLVCK HVND)
хореографическая студия Конфетти ( Сочи)
Live Club Trezzo 04/11/2015

01) 00:00 The Iconoclast
02) 04:21 The Anomaly
03) 08:09 Chaosweaver
04) 11:38 Mind Machine
05) 15:31 Morphogenesis
06) 16:26 Neuromancers
07) 24:21 The Illusionist

Lars Palmqvist: vocals (clean)
Roberth Karlsson: vocals (growl)
Per Nilsson: guitars
Ben Ellis: guitars (tour member)
Andreas Silén: bass (tour member)
Henrik Ohlsson: drums
Добавьте кисть из Облака и создавайте красивые узоры.

#MediBang #Аниме #Рисование #Графический_редактор
84 минуты съёмок неба за 30 секунд.

увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
Demoing the Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry Compressor in various picking styles.
Recorded direct to interface.
Piano jazz tutorial on of the concepts of Tetrachords, Tritones, and the Circle of Fifths relating to the symmetry of musical tones. The cosmic nature of perfection of music derived from ancient Greek concepts.

Подписывайтесь и развивайтесь!
Pat Vollmer - Spontaneous Summertime Symmetry (27/July/2016)

Video Info:
‘Spontaneous Symmetry Violation’ (1992), Analog visuals ripped from VHS.

Audio Info:
Pat Vollmer - Some Are Set (27/July/2016)

Track List:
01.Kangding Ray - Ardent
02.Sendai - Inverse Array 1
03.Oliver Ho - Genuflect
04.In Aeternam Vale - V8
05.Rumah And Progression - Speak Spell
06.Lakker - Chain Of Combs
07.James Ruskin - 6teenth
08.Oliver Ho - The Serpent Devours Itself
09.Orphx - Aurora
10.Inigo Kennedy - NGC6543 (Cat's Eye)
Sad Krolik
Track 2 from the album/music dvd "This Binary Universe" by BT.

Dynamic symmetry is a natural design methodology and mathematical proportioning system, based on natural growth patterns found in plants.
Music: Unknown Artist (Tchaikovsky) - Swan Lake (Black Funk)
The official video for Trash Boat's cover of Symmetry by Title Fight from The Things You Wrote Me Sessions.

Trash Boat's debut full length album 'Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through' is out now!

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Fol ®
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