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Sweet And Low

Augustana - Sweet and Low
...прежде чем что либо делать,"желательно"думать...
...и, не повторяйте ошибок ...
...будущее,в ваших руках ...
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No Copyright Infringement Intended <br> <br>Warning: Watch at your own risk, huge spoilers. <br> <br>This is a fanmade video to the Japanese drama '81 diver&quot; ... I'm in love with these two, they are extremely cute together. I made a big mistake near the end ...ahem@@@
New Single, Sweet and Low!
Album: Can't Love, Can't Hurt...out May 6th, 2008
Hey, this is my 5th video, i tried to make the clips go with the lyrics as best i could :)
Hope you like it, please rate and leave comments :)
I do NOT own Smallville or any of the clips used in this video!
NO copyright infringment intended!

Song: Augustana - Sweet and Low

--- Lullaby for Kids With Parents Away---
Sweet And Low - Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, Music by Elizabeth Gribkova. Performed by Elizabeth.
Композитор и исполнитель Елизавета Грибкова.
Trozo del documental "Instrument"
Greg Zeller from Sabian is back, this time with the Sabian HH, or hand hammered cymbal. Greg explains why and how the hand hammering and low profil...

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First of all thank you all those guys who voted for a song! It really helped me because I love all of them so I couldn't choose.

Ok... I'm so okay. Stiles & Lydia kissed just a usually monday, yep...I can't handle my feelings for these two, they're just so adorable :') 3x11 was a perfect episode and not just because of Stydia. The whole story. I can't wai
Sweet And Low (Joseph Barnby)

itunes bonus track
studio acoustic version of sweet and low
Go to http://yourguitarsage.com/ to find out how to get a free guitar ebook that will have you playing guitar today!!! This guitar lesson vid shows you how to play Sweet and Low, by Augustana. It shows you the chords, strumming technique and style. For more guitar lessons, see my other free tutorials. For original and cover music by me, Erich, go to http://www.myspace.com/erichandreas. Since I'm so busy making new video tutorial lessons all the time and teaching guitar, I probably won't have time to an
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Music: Augustana - Sweet and low

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Remember that your eyes can be your enemies
I said hell is so close, and heavens out of reach,
But I ain't giving up quite yet,
I've got too much to lose,

Hold me down, sweet and low little girl
Hold me down, sweet and low and I will carry you home,
Hold me down, sweet and low little girl
Hold me down, and i'll carry you home,

The rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna
Augustana, "Sweet and Low" - KFOG Archives
Augustana comes down off the stage, down to the 8th row of Nokia Theater and performs an acoustic rendition of Sweet and Low. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows comes down and holds the mic to help out.
Warning: Gay guys. Don't like, don't watch.

So when I was reading about DRT's situation with her computer when it got viruses from the Russian site she went to it reminded me of the strip where Estonia's site got hijacked (although it wasn't really Russia who'd done it) and so I wanted to make a vid of this couple with this song. :D
I think it turned out quiet nicely, actually. I had more RussiaxEstonia pictures than I originally thought. xD
Fwah. Russia x Estonia is teh only Slavic x Balt
Sweet and low from the alum def, dumb, & blonde (1989)

Last song they played at 328 Performance Hall in Nashville, TN on April 6, 1993.

Greenskeepers - Low and Sweet. Chicago swing-house.
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Я не за этот пэйринг,но клип очень понравился
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In English.
Genres: Musical | Romance
Director: Archie Mayo
Benny Goodman ... Himself
Linda Darnell ... Trudy Wilson
Jack Oakie ... Popsy
Lynn Bari ... Pat Stirling
James Cardwell ... Johnny Birch
Allyn Joslyn ... Lester Barnes
John Campbell ... Dixie Zang
Roy Benson ... Skeets McCormick
Dickie Moore ... Military Cadet General 'Mogie' Cramichael
This is one of the first house songs I listened to when I first started to fall in love with house music and dance.The Inspiration for creating this piece was from a move called "The Triplets of Belleville" In the opening scene when they are singing Rendez-vous there is a Fred Astaire like character who is dancing. His feet go so fast that his shoes fly off turning into monsters and eating him.... I know it sounds crazy but that is basically what inspired me to create this.

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My rendition of Augustana's "Sweet and Low"...

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"Sweet And Low" by Augustana