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Swedish Christmas

Everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas because it's Swedish style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
а что вы приготовили на НГ?)
http://www.MissouriQuiltCo.com - Jenny shows how to make cute Swedish Hearts. We use them to put candy in and set on the Christmas Tree. They also make great ornaments, gift bags, and so on. Make them as small or big as you'd like!

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“How to celebrate Christmas. The true Swedish way.”
Peter Jöback - O, Helga Natt ( O Holy Night ) - O, Helga Natt ( Swedish Christmas Show ) Örebro
ABBA Swedish Christmas Song

Swedish Chef trying to cook Big Bird for Christmas dinner.
Christmas is such a special time of year. Discover the inspiration behind kikki.K's Christmas this year with our beautiful film and explore our gorgeous gifts online http://www.kikki-k.com/

Nordstjernan asked a group of people for their favorite on the Swedish Christmas table. It's Yuletide Christmas Fair in Boston, Mass., organized by SWEA Boston.

More information on SWEA Boston, see http://sweaboston.org/index_eng.html and to find more news from Swedish America: http://www.nordstjernan.com (America's Swedish newspaper, founded in New York City in 1872.)
Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul - One Man Choir - Trudbol A Cappella
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--- LYRICS (Swedish / English)
- Jul, jul, strålande jul, glans över vita skogar.
Christmas, Christmas, shining Christmas, light above white forests.
- Himmelens kronor, med gnistrande ljus.
The crowns of h

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A glimpse of what the Holiday Season in Sweden looks like. All photos taken by me (2005-2009). I do most of the decorating every year and yes, we really do light that many candles!

Julsång för barn (tecknad serie) - We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Trailer for a new app and dvd with Swedish Christmas songs and traditions.
Will be available on App Store and Android Market in mid-November.
Visit http://www.traditionalsweden.com/swedish-christmas-app for links where to download the app.

Biathletes sometimes like to be tourists; the Swedish team took a detour on the way to Obertilliach to spend the afternoon soaking up a little holi...
Song: Staffansvisan
Vocals: Tomas Blank
Album: Julsånger och Julvisor
Tracknr: 14

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I only take credit for the ...

Printar ut julgransprydnad i röd transparant PLA.
Приветствие шведских исполнитлей к IX Международному Рождественскому фестивалю...

Title - Swedish Christmas
Album - An Aya Christmas
Arranger - DJ Koishi
Artist - Loli-chan
Original - Beloved Tomboyish Girl

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In this video I do 10 Swedish words that has to do with christmas and new years.

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God Jul till alla! I år har vi skapat en speciell blandning av de bästa julsånger på svenska! Hela familjen kan njuta av den vackra julmusik, särskilt barn! Nedan hittar du en lista med låtar som ingår i mixen och navigera genom videon.

1.Bjällerklang 00:00:14
2.Nu är det jul igen 00:01:29
3.Stilla natt 00:02:30
4.Rudolf med röda mullen 00:04:58
5.Jag såg mamma kyssa Tomten 00:05:56
6.Nej se det snöar 00:06:56
7.Lusse lelle 00:08:23
8.Staffansvisa 00:09:20
9.Hej, Tomtegubbar 00:10:46

Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful christmas!