Suverana: TSIDMZ feat.Suverana-I Cancelli di Agrattha, TSIDMZ & Suverana - I Cancelli di Agarttha (Official 3D Video by Ro So Matix)


Наш друг Солимано Мутти(TSIDMZ)вместе с испанцами Suverana прдолжает битву с пост-модерн уорлд.Что ж,барон Унгерн ему в помощь)))
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The definitive eurasian music!!!

The song and the videoclip are taken from:

TSIDMZ (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) - Ungern Von Sternberg Khan

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"Ungern Von Sternberg Khan" is the soundtrack for a tribute to Ungern Khan, to his fight against the world born from the French Revolution and to his attempt to establish a Traditional order in the whole of Eurasia.

A great mix of electronic, boombastic martial, neofolk, post-industrial and post-atomic music.