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Suspectes - информация об исполнителе
Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects - Official Music Video 2015 - информация об исполнителе
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Свежая музыка к 23 февраля.
MADISONVILLE, KY — Police in Kentucky are looking for a man who attempted to burn down a building, and managed to catch himself on fire in the process. The Madisonville Police Department released the video which shows a man emerge from a van with what appears to be a Molotov cocktail.
When the man tosses it on the ground the flames spread quickly and onto his shorts and shoes.
Victim and suspect exchange gunfire in the area of 80th and Green Tree road in Milwaukee. Subscribe to WISN on YouTube for more:

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CINCINNATI, OH -A man arrested on a murder charge Tuesday tried to grab a Cincinnati Police officer’s gun from its holster while being processed at the Criminal Investigation Section.

Thomas Robinson, 23, is accused of shooting 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong Jr. on June 17.

In surveillance footage from inside an interview room, an officer is working to change Robinson’s handcuffs when the suspect glances at the gun then makes his move, briefly getting his hands on the weapon.

As officers work to res
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directed by: TS&R
produced by: Pier Pictures
starring: Marina Kazankova
production designer: Rudie Schaefer
underwater camera operator: Pascal Combes-Knoke
underwater coordinator: Robert Trussell
lead safety diver: Grant Graves
grip and safety divers: Bobby Settlemire, Jeff Kincheloe
makeup artist: Christina Cofran
camera tech: Tom Jordan
production assistant: Ben Hausdorff
filmed at: Acton Scuba Services
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The Usual Suspects / 720pHdFilmSitem
Mableton Gun Store Owner Fatally Shot Robbery Suspect
The "disgruntled employee" believed to have shot and killed two media members and wounded a third person on live television Wednesday morning has reportedly killed himself after being confronted by police along a Virginia highway.

Reports: Suspect in 2 murders on live TV has killed himself
Reporter and Photog Killing -- Shooter Kills Himself ...
Virginia shooting suspect Vester Lee Flanagan 'kills himself ...
Virginia shooting suspect kills himself, police confirm -
Update: News sources say s
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Dave Meltzer suspects Jinder Mahal is on something.
Surveillance footage released Wednesday night shows two sexy women who allegedly robbed $750,000 worth of jewelry from Knicks forward Derrick Williams.
In Turkey, more than 35,000 people have been arrested over alleged links to Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric who is being blamed for masterminding a failed coup in July. Turkey's Justice Minister says the suspects have been placed under arrest, and another 4,000 are still being sought after.

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И тогда он показал этим "людям воли", что есть воля на самом деле...
Один из концертов Hollywood Undead с песней Usual Suspets(Типичные подозреваемые) на переднем фоне которого вставлен русский перевод данной песни
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Fine, only one cop got thrashed, but the other two are useless anyway. See how none of them carry any guns, tasers, or batons.
Короче, это в Сакраменто, штат Калифорния, 10.02.2014, этот 19-летний чувак что-то натворил на станции неподалеку и убежал от копов, но они его выследили и оцепили район, уже даже приехали репортеры, ну вот он и разработал такой план побега
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directed by: TS&R
produced by: Pier Pictures
starring: Monica Flores as “Bloodfeather”, Terrible Johnny as "Billy", John Gigliotti as “H.W.”
featuring: Judge Geraldo, Tim Murphy, Ryan Meyer, Rich Meyer, Southern Jack Cross, T Bone McNasty, Ernie "Curly Bill" Ventry, James Stands by Eagle, Jeff "Sherman McMasters" Dean
extras: “Miss Petra” Van de Hey, Tom "Snakedancer" Troutman, Lobo, Janet "Lizzie Sullivan" Dean, Derby Dan Flanders, Wolfgang, Renegade Rick, Jessica Phelps, Constance Montgomery
introducing: Marcus "Boogie" Troutman
cinematographer: Pascal Combes-Knoke
1st AC: Deangelo Harding
2nd AC: Darrell Nash jr
Gaffer: Luka Pascalicchio
Key Grip: Paul Montoya
production assistant: Federico Jimenez
makeup artist: Christina Cofran
assistant makeup artist: Jeff Alexander
stunt coordinator: Will Leong
filmed on location at: Whitehorse Ranch, Landers, CA
wardrobe: Maureen Menyhart
armorer: Peter Menyhart
wrangler: Coyote Pines "Hawk" Noel, Gambler the Horse
colorist: Kath Rasch
visual fx: Gloria FX
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Take a closer look behind the scenes at the making of Hollywood Undead's "Usual Suspects" music video! Directed by Brian Cox. Produced by Brian Cox and Marcelo Palomino.

Hollywood Undead is on tour in Europe with Attila NOW. Get tickets + VIP here:

Day Of The Dead:
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piątek 26.08.2016, dzień 2
Arena Park, Straszęcin k/Dębicy
Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects Live Show Performance Festival Concert 17 June 2015
Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects (Live at Budapest Park Hungary 2015)
Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects (Live at Budapest Park Hungary 2015)
Сет-сюрприз в маске на Unusual Suspects Ibiza афтерпати!
**Exclusive YouTube/wwwy2000 video** | Associated Press -
Police in a Phoenix suburb fatally shot a machete-wielding man Thursday after he rammed a patrol car in a stolen truck, injuring an officer.

Avondale police said the man was shot after he refused to drop the machete and a pocket knife.

Authorities identified the man as Jeremy Bustos, 43, and said he was rushed to a hospital along with an Avondale police officer who was injured in the collision.

The officer's name hasn't been released, but Avondal
They're out ta get you, but will they catch you? Put the pedal to the metal and escape the cops at all cost! Avoid traffic, evade police blockades, collect bonuses and coins, unlock new cars and upgrades! Drive recklessly and become the king of the road in this new, addicting and FREE arcade game by Jujubee!

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Directed by Toxic @tvtoxic
Produced by Nyge (New Gen)

Two guys fleeing cops in Britain had to contend with more than just the officers and helicopter on their tail: A bunch of kids on an Easter egg hun...
BREAKING NEWS!! On the 600th block of 9th street there has been a suspected murder! ------------------------------------------------Make Sure To Check Out My Website:
Hollywood Undead - Intro + Usual Suspects, az első dal Zamárdiban, a Strand Fesztivál nagy színpadán a bandától.
Stop, search, spin and shake! Brazil police search suspects
Humorous video shows a police officer in Brazil demonstrating their new way of body searching suspects. The officer can be seen lifting a 'suspect' up, turning him upside down and gently shaking him to see if...
Песня Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects
Под игры Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 и под песней Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects.
Ищите очешуительные украшения с игр, аниме и книг, а также много геймерских интересностей в Мастерской Вишня: !
"Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker!"
Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS or for Spanish 1-888-57-PIST...
It has happened in Tanzania in 2015 and still happens .So sad.

The girl you see was accused of collaborating with the Bobaboda (Chinese Motorcycles) thieves. Earlier in the same day, her said two collaborators were killed. She was mob rapped for hours then paraded naked before she succumb the precious life as seen in the video.

As horrible as it is, it is now the time for Justice and humanity to prevail.
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This Round #16-606-84 eN was shot from Ukraine controlled area into Donetsk home. Home owner suspects it is a NATO round. Please comment on what you think
The Mentalist Seven Suspects - CBS Video

highly suspect - lydia

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Peruvian anti-drug units dressed as Santa Claus at the w...

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One of the undisputed masters of the New Orleans Second Line clave groove, "Mean" Willie Green was the driving force behind the Neville Brothers Band for over 30 years. Playing left-handed on a right-handed kit, Willie developed a unique ambidextrous technique. Most right-handed drummers would find it almost impossible to replicate his grooves and sticking patterns precisely. Willie is playing my white marine DW kit, with the Pearl Steve Ferrone signature snare and Sabian cymbals.
One of my new favorite rock bands. I hope you all enjoy!
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Highly Suspect in Detroit, MI at St Andrews 9/10/16 - Бразильское Джиу-Джитсу и Грепплинг!
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original video: hælos - pray
Music by: West Junior - suspect
Horrifying moment suspected mistress is beaten in the street by the husband's wife and her mother

Horrifying moment suspected mistress is beaten...
Два увлеченных социолога, афроамериканцы по происхождению, придумывают смелый эксперимент. Его целью является доказательство наличия расовой дискриминации в судопроизводстве городка, где они живут. В назначенный день они отправляются в местный банк, изображая грабителей. Однако их с точностью до мельчайших деталей распланированный эксперимент принимает совершенно другой оборот. Во что же может вылиться затея двух молодых ученых – смотрите онлайн на Rutube в триллере Стюарта Коннелли «Подозреваемый» /The Sus
Музыка: Haterade x Skellism - Taliban (Original Mix)
Vanic x K.Flay - Make Me Fade
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15-year-old Lolita unleashes a witch hunt against her stepfather
Стражи порядка проводили расследование обстоятельств гибели пожилой женщины, найденной в сгоревшем доме в одном из населенных пунктов в округе Мидленд (штат Мичиган). Ими было установлено, что она была убита, а дом, возможно, был подожжен, чтобы замести следы. Полицейские выяснили, что к преступлению мог быть причастен 46-летний Грегори Аллен Роуз, ранее отбывавший наказание за совершение вооруженного ограбления и ряда других правонарушений. В тот момент он находился на испытательном сроке в связи с досрочным освобождением из тюрьмы.
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode #1.2 (Mar 9, 2017)
"Prime Suspect 1973" Episode #1.2 (original title)
TV Episode | 46 min | Drama

Season 1, Episode 1  -
Season 1, Episode 3 -
Season 1, Episode 4 -
Carjacking Suspect Shot Before Stealing Police Car
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode #1.3 (Mar 16, 2017)
"Prime Suspect 1973" Episode #1.3 (original title)
TV Episode | 45 min | Drama

Season 1, Episode 1 -
Season 1, Episode 2 -
Season 1, Episode 4 -
Unusual Suspects | Open Air | Benimussa Park | Ibiza'2017
Подозрительные лица / The Usual Suspects
Год выхода: 1995
Жанр: Триллер
Студия/Страна: Gramercy / Германия, США
Режиссер: Брайан Сингер
В ролях: Гэбриел Бирн, Кевин Спейси, Чазз Пальминтери, Стивен Болдуин, Кевин Поллак, Бенисио Дель Торо, Пит Постлетуэйт, Сьюзи Эймис, Джанкарло Эспозито, Дэн Хедайя
Длительность: 106 мин.
Перевод: Профессиональный (Многоголосый)
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode #1.1 (Mar 2, 2017)
"Prime Suspect 1973" Episode #1.1 (original title)
TV Episode | 45 min | Drama

Season 1, Episode 2 -
Season 1, Episode 3 -
Season 1, Episode 4 -
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Seven alleged members of the so-called Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) accused of planning attacks were detained in Yekaterinburg as shown by footage released on Monday.

Video ID: 20160208-023
Video on Demand:

Самые крутые видео: VK.COM/BESTVINES
2 men tried to outgun the owner of a gun store in Mableton, but it did not work out as planned.

It happened on Monday morning December 26th 2016 ...
Music video by Hollywood Undead performing Usual Suspects. (C) 2015 Interscope Records
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode #1.4 (Mar 23, 2017)
"Prime Suspect 1973" Episode #1.4 (original title)
TV Episode | 46 min | Drama

Season 1, Episode 1 -
Season 1, Episode 2 -
Season 1, Episode 3 -

Вечером вторника 28-ого июня, полиция Техаса (Хьюстон, США) прознала о краже со взломом на севере города. Воры скрылись на автомобиле, но их вычислили. Один из преступников решил скрыться, но если в погоне участвует вертолёт, дело тщетно.

Тем более, если в вертушке сидит вот этот пилот. Мужик не только преследовал, выполняя работу, но также задолбался ждать тупящих наземных полицейских, посему приземлился и в одиночку скрутил уже запыхавшегося преступника. Красава.
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05/08/1962, décès de Marilyn Monroe : est-ce réellement un suicide... ou un assassinat ?

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• Editor: Pip
• Title:usual suspects
• Thumb: mine
• Song: Usual Suspects by Hollywod Undead

Обычно, если есть преступление, есть мотив. Обычно, если проводится опознание, по крайней мере есть один подозреваемый. Но это не было обычным преступлением… Пятеро преступников столкнулись в одном необычном месте и решили прокрутить одно дельце. Но кто-то более сильный и могущественный, кто-то, чье имя пугает всех преступников мира, хочет, чтобы они поработали на него… Это не было обычным преступлением, и они — не просто подозрительные лица…

Рейтинг ИМДБ - 8.6 (686 355 голосов)
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Рейтинг кинокритиков - 88%
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Южная Корея, 2013 г.,триллер
Северокорейский шпион, оказавшись покинутым своей страной, оседает в Южной Корее. Вскоре он становится главным подозреваемым в деле об убийстве генерального директора крупной корпорации. Теперь подозреваемому нужно докопаться до правды.
Мультфильм «Чип и Дейл: Спешат на помощь» - 18 серия.
Название 18 серии: «А слон и не подозревал / An Elephant Never Suspects»
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Краткое описание: Навещая Элиота, слонёнка из местного зоопарка, спасатели узнают, что кто-то ворует у зверей орехи. Небольшое расследование проливает свет на эту тайну: парочка панд роет подземный ход для возвращения на родину — в Китай при помощи агрегата, работающего на ореховом масле.
an incredible performance by The Unusual Suspects of Celtic Colours
(Celtic Colours International Festival, October 2016)
при участии:
Brian Finnegan
Sarah Allen (Flook)
JYP | Jackson Wang | GOT7

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Fresh off the highly successful release of “Suicide Squad”, Styline is back once again with another Maskade gem - “Usual Suspects”.

Adding a proper Psy-Tech Dimension to his signature Power House sound, Styline creates a unique cross-over record completed with a seductive vocal from Dragonfly.

Drawing inspiration from Psy-Trance phenoms Vini Vici and striving to effectively honour the late Dragonfly, Styline masterfully slows the tempo creating a very special Psy-Tech/Power House Vibe.
Приятного просмотра!

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