Super Steamy Cider Squeezy 9000 смотреть онлайн

Super Steamy Cider Squeezy 9000

I'm too kind to you all...
Swamped in University work and I still make time to do something like this...
Well, this wouldn't have been done until months later, if it weren't for Reedmace Star's MIDI version on Everypony Sings...that cut my creation time in half! (it still took about 10 hours though...)
Big thank you to him/her/it!

Anyway, lots of people asked for it, so Flim Flam Steampunk, enjoy! Laptop nearly fried making this (it's a tad hot in Aus at the mo)!

1) TLATopHat:
2) ZzvinniezZ:
3) br1headshot:
4) FoxinShadow:
(Note, I use way too many of Fox'