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Summoning - Land of the Dead

Dedicated to our Oath Bound :)

Best days of my life

Band: Summoning
Album: Oath Bound
Genre: Epic / Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 2006

In my opinion one of the greatest existing masterpieces!


Where forest stream went through the wood
and silent all the stens there stood
of tall trees, moveless, hanging dark
with mottled shadows on their bark
I just upped the complete Version of LotD, cause the Videolimit was set up to 15 Minutes. Also uses some other pictures in the video.

One of the best Songs ever made. And simply the best Song on Oath Bound. To my regret i had to shorten it.


Enjoy the music! :D

Band: Summoning
Members: Silenius (Michael Gregor) and Protector (Richar Lederer)
Year: 2006
Album: Oath Bound
Genre: Epic Black Metal / Atmospheric Black Metal


Happy Birthday Maria

There's no soul and smile like yours, hope you have a great time and a wonderful day :)

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Band: Summoning
Album: Oath Bound
Genre: Epic / Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 2006
Band: Summoning
Album: Oath Bound
Genre: Epic / Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 2006

For promotional purposes only, I do not own this song. I want to promote Symphonic/Melodic/Gothic Black metal by showing great bands. If the record label or band wish for me to delete this video then please send me a message and I will remove it straight away.
Файл аудио. Размер большой, а качество превосходное. Жаль было сжимать
Препогано нарезанное видео на одну из лучших песен Summoning.
A project I undertook to keep my mind at ease during a stressful time.
To my knowledge, this is the only true cover of this song on youtube.

Everything by me.
Original song by Summoning.
Summoning - Land of the Dead - From the album Oath Bound
Where Forest stream went through the wood
And Silent all the stens there stood
Of tall Trees, moveless, hanging Dark
With mottled shadows on their bark

As faint as deepest sleeper's breath
An echo came as cold as death
Long are the paths, of Shadow made
Where no foot's print is ever laid

No Moon is there, no voice, no sound
Of beating heart; a sigh profound

Once in each age as each age
Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia

From the "Покров" album released in 2014

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Band: Nox Anima
Album: Покров
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Russia
Year: 2014
Album - Oath Bound (2006)
Song: 'Land Of The Dead'
Original artist: Summoning (
Album: Oath Bound


I finally decided that I wanted to commit myself and start making my own music, so obtained the programs Mixcraft 5 (basically a Windows equivalent of Garage Band) and Synthesia (an on-screen keyboard tutorial program that can play MIDI files and display the notes being played for you to follow).

As a test of both programs' capabilities (and my own), I chose to recreate Summoning
Updated version of my piano version of Land of the Dead
Original Song by Summoning

Song taken from "In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning" 3CD Box by Wolfspell Records.
Another full band cover. This one has apparently been highly anticipated. No vocals for this one. It's a variation of the original, so vocals would be a bit challenging to fit in.
Original Song by Summoning.
Every instrument in this cover played by me.
Had some big troubles with the Midi-keyboard, so there are some small mistakes. No Midis have been used. Recorded with Audacity so shifting notes to be perfectly in time wasn't possible.
And in the Darkness Bind Them a Summoning Tribute

From "Memories Of The Middle Earth - A Tribute To Summoning"

Improvisando una canción de la banda Summoning. Me disculpo por la calidad del audio y por los errores. xD
Может немного затянуто, но это же Summonig. Атмосфера, клавиши, гитары все по теме.
х\ф - "Lord Of The Rings"
summoning - land of the dead (8 bit cover)
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My cover of the song ''Land of The Dead'' by Summoning from album "Oath Bound". There are no sheets for this one.
Played on Fatar VMK-88 Plus MIDI keyboard.
Sorry for the little mistakes, I play only for a few months, will put a better version soon.