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Summer Turf Snowboarding.

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3 Guys 1 rail. Sit back, relax and watch our shred session. Featuring: Clay Hatzenbuhler Alex Reagles.

Filmed Edited by Danny Kutnink.
This is an example of a summer snowboard set up you can have at home or at your local mountain. Powderpak is affordable, durable, and works really close to snow. Adding water helps but is not crucial to slide on the surface. Go to for more or email us at

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen's ! This is a video about Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau snowboarding his summer backyard set up !!

Hope you enjoy this video, ask us your questions and have fun this winter !!

Filmed by : Émile Trifiro-Riendeau
Apparition of : Anthony Drolet-Tremblay

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Here we are! The third year of summer turf snowboarding . We thank you all for watching our videos ! We hope to surprise you with this one, even if it's number 3!
Rider: Philippe Trifiro-Riendeau

Camera man: Émile Trifiro-Riendeau

Thanks to: Anthony Drolet-Tremblay and Jonathan Derosiers

Song: Fuzzy Duck- More than I Am
This is the 4 Turf boarding video ! We made this one because we love snowboarding and we want you guys to love snowboarding as much as we do. There's really good chance this is the last one so we hope you will be inspired by it and if you are making your own set up please use rain water for sliding! Your board doesn't need drinkable water. Also have a lot of fun riding all year long !

Filmed By : Emile Trifiro-Riendeau

Edited by : Trifiro Brothers