Summer Breeze (Original): [MP4 720p] SoundLift - Summer Breeze (Original Live Guitar Mix), SoundLift - Summer Breeze (Original Mix)., SoundLift - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze (Original)

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The Ocean performs "The Origin of God" from the album "Heliocentric" at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany in 2011.

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The Ocean performs "The Origin of God" from the album "Heliocentric" at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany in 2011.
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Blue Soho Recordings [122] / Sunset & Myk Bee - Summer Breeze (incl. Manuel Rocca Remix)

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Markus Hakala - Summer Breeze (Original Mix)
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Markus Hakala


Label: Maracaido Records Release date: 07/03/16 →

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Let's welcome this Summer with Fractal Geometry - Summer Breeze (Original Mix), Uplifting Trance Music, soon out @ SJE Records, Australia
Hello beautiful Youtubers!

I would like to share my brand new song called "It's You I See". This song is about those who have been holding in their feelings for so long that they knew that it was time to let those feelings show. I know many of you go through this and sometimes it is difficult to express your feelings towards your "What If" girl (watch "What If" - Summer Breeze music video to know what I'm talking about). But it's better to let them know when you feel it's time rather than to keep the feelings inside.

But just remember, whatever he or she says...God planned that to happen. Everything happens for a reason and i strongly believe in that. And whatever that reason is, be blessed that they're in your life. :) So tell that special someone how you feel or...forever hold your peace.

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to my good friend Ken Lauguico and Hi Bye Productions for helping me soo much with this video! Ken did a

Bram - Summer Breeze // Magic Room [MR005]
Genre: Prog-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Jun 25 2012
Label: Magic Room

1 Bram - Summer Breeze (Original Mix)
2 Bram - Summer Breeze (Bram Agvan-T Remix)

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Directed,, Designed,, A R by Dave Shtorn, ,, , Magic Room on Beatport , Magic Room on Facebook , Magic Room on Soundcloud

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Sunbeam Project, the same as Little Apricot and Santéz, signed by WeRecomedRecords, deserved again another place here in Exclusive Good Music, hope you can enjoy this!

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SoundLift - Summer Breeze (Original Live Guitar Mix), world premiere! ripped from its exclusive world premiere on Uplifting Only with Ori Uplift episode #076.

© 2014 Abora Recordings
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AVIIS QURE - Summer Breeze ( Original Mix)

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And here's the other half of SoundLift's summer guitar EP! This time we have him playing an acoustic guitar instead of an electric one.

Ibiza is a wonderful 128 bpm Balearic progressive track. It has a fantastic Balearic bass & a very nice groove. The star of the show is the acoustic guitar, playe