Strawberries breathing: Unquote - We Breathe Yoghurt Lying On a Strawberry Bed, Strawberry Fields/Bloody Spider's Breath, Shizuma is learning to breathe

Strawberries breathing

by Alisa Bloch
I dedicate this to my fiance and lover, zKittyRawr !! :) I love you !!

I hope you like it.

I decided to put Shizuma with Nagisa after putting some romantic tension between Tamao-chan and Nagisa, since it seems in the anime Nagisa likes them both, up until the point of Shizuma's underwater kiss with her. I stuck Hikari with Yaya, since I found that to be the most striking emotional couple, mainly because of Yaya, Amane was a bit lacking in emotion to my taste, sorry if this is offensi