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Storm Seekers

Стиль: Folk Metal
Группа: Storm Seeker
Видео: Destined Course (Клип)
Альбом: Pirate Scum (EP) (2016)
Год: 2016
Страна: Германия
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Artist : ICS Vortex
Released : 22 August 2011
Genre : Progressive metal

00:00 - The Blackmobile
03:19 - Odin's Tree
08:03 - Skoal!
10:13 - Dogsmacked
15:01 - Aces
18:44 - Windward
22:31 - When Shuffled Off
26:29 - Oil in Water
31:25 - Storm Seeker
37:58 - Flaskeskipper
40:47 - The Sub Mariner

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ICS Vortex - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, mouth harp on "Skoal!"
Cyrus - lead guitars on tracks 1, 2 & 7
Arne Martinussen - hammond or
Official live video for 'Side By Side' from STORM SEEKER's EP 'Pirate Scum'.

Recorded on the 22th of April 2016 in Neuss, Germany (Pirate Scum Release Party)

Max Bier
Ronan Stäudle
Andrea Sigrist
Georg Schmitt
Jacob Nachtwey

Cut: Patricia Büchler
Sound: Patrick Stäudle

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Pirate Scum is availabl

Restless I stare as the sea
The ocean is clam, inviting and free
Time has passed. Yes, another I was
For days in thundering storms I could blast

Saltwater summons the dried
A leatherback watching the tide, starry-eyed
Vessel in harbour now what to decide
Should I go for a ride?

The die has been cast
I link up the past and tie myself t the mast

Weigh the anchor junker tanker
Flee to open ocean, wind in motion
Be the