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Stone Sour – Hesitate

Roadrunner Records
"Now, now and then,
You come around,
Like there is something left for me"
Замедленно-огненный клип группы Stone Sour на тему отношений вокалиста Кори Тэйлора с бывшей женой на медленную песню Hesitate с альбома Audio Secrecy (2010).

Группа о Rammstein,Slipknot,Stone Sour And SOAD -
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The official video for "Hesitate" taken from Stone Sour's latest album AUDIO SECRECY, available now! Co-directed by PR Brown and The Beta Movement
HQ Супер клип и песня !!!
Клип на песню из альбома "Audio Secrecy" (2010)
Stone Sour - Hesitate
Одна из самых шикарных песен,один из самых шикарных клипов.
Да-да,поет вокалист Slipknot-а :D
Просто отличный клип
Ты была для меня пожаром,
В котором я горел,
Пока от меня ничего не осталось.
Шикарный трек!
Корей как всегда снял Шикарный Клип!
Live Jimmy Kimmel (16-02-2011)
Кори прекрасен как никогда!
© 2011 WMG
The official video for "Hesitate" taken from Stone Sour's latest album AUDIO SECRECY, available now! Co-directed by PR Brown and The Beta Movement

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Stone sour - Hesitate en Jimmy Kimmel 2011 (Sub. Español)<br/><br/>
Stone Sour - Hesitate ao vivo legendado em português.

Stone Sour Performs "Hesitate" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Stone Sour recording the track "Hesitate" from their new record AUDIO SECRECY, available everywhere now!
Stone Sour In The Studio Recording Hesitate
NOTE: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Alex Bent playing "Hesitate" by Stone Sour at the Tommy Douglas Collegiate Spring Showcase on March 31, 2011 in Saskatoon, SK.

Here's the picture link for everyone requesting it :)
Stone Sour - Hesitate - Audio Secrecy - 2010 - Hard Rock.
♫ Artista: Stone Sour ►Titulo: Hesitate - ○ Album: Audio Secrecy

Hesitate subtitulado en español (((DarknezZ)))

Tunning: Eb

My band Stone Sour Cover:

Автор: GuadianWolfJilly2
Пары:InuYasha & Kagome,InuYasha & Kikyo
Песня:Stone Sour-Hesitate
Программа:Sony Vegas Pro 11
An Evening With Corey Taylor - covers + 'Hesitate' - Garage London, 12 July 2011 (Stone Sour)
The Relentless Garage, London

Me playing Hesitate by Stone Sour.

Note: I'm not playing it "live". I went over it with a video after prerecording a cover, so it's a bit out of sync. Watch in HQ!
-Ibanez RG2EX1
-Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
-Marshall MG15DFX :(
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By far the best song musically on the album. I recorded four tracks (of the many) for this song. The track I am playing will shift between the center and right speaker. I figured this song out by ear, so sorry, no tabs.

Gear used:
Peavey 6505+
Mesa Boogie 4x12
Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive
DBX 231 Graphic EQ
ISP Decimator
Boss NS-2
THD HotPlate
ESP EC-1000


I do not own the rights for this song. Rights are to Stone Sour and RoadRunner Records. No infringement intended.

Исполняет Alexandr Anisimov
Lyrics from Stone Sour's song 'Hesitate', from their 'Audio Secrecy' album, which (in my opinion) is one of the best songs ever produced.

Stone Sour- Hesitate Great Quality live in evansville Indiana. Sunday, January 30th 2011. Stone Sour's new single off there new album Audio Secrecy!
Stone Sour performs "Hesitate" acoustic for WAAF listeners at Wachusett Mountain.
Группа о Rammstein,Slipknot,Stone Sour And SOAD -
шикарная песня, шикарный текст, более чем шикарное исполнение Кори Тэйлора (Stone Sour)
Song: Hesistate (Stone Sour song)

Filmed: 11/15/11 at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ by Derrell Stanfield (I Sight Videography and Photography)

Guitar / Vocal: Leandro Valino
Guitar: Rafael Bonelli

Recorded at Estúdio 32, managed by Chileno:

Video and Edition: Leandro Valino from
This is the song Hesitate by Stone Sour, live at Melkweg in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Enjoy!